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Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Pin Holder. Hi Everyone!!

Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Pin Holder

Space Guess what?? Automotive stores are for quilters too. This weeks edition of TTT is an easy one...nothing to sew. All you need to do is go out and buy one or, as usual, steal it from your hubby. This is a magnetic parts tray or dish. Well ladies, when was the last time you worked on a car...I don't ever remember seeing a tutorial on how to change the oil on any of our blogs.

Isn't she a shining beauty? Plenty big enough for all our goodies! Now this is a hunka not Sharon's Hunka...just one big strong magnetspace It will hold all your straight pins or not so straight pins. It will also hold all those bobbins that don't have a spool of thread to match anymore:( Poor things.

This will also hold the little bent safety pins for basting. And how about those super large basting pins. You could have one tray for each kind of pin. Stay-at-Home Artist: stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee)... Yes, I am a nerd.

Stay-at-Home Artist: stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee)...

I came up with a brilliant idea for a Harry Potter t-shirt and I couldn't resist. "Expecto Patronum! " However, you can make whatever kind of design you want with a freezer paper stencil. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter related. (Although it would be awesome if it was.) I learned about the joys of freezer paper back in my early college days. Basically, freezer paper is backed with a plastic coating that will stick to soft surfaces when ironed, but it peels off cleanly and easily. To make a sweet t-shirt you will need: paper & pencil a t-shirt an iron a piece of cardboard or poster board fabric paint & brush Start by drawing your design on some regular old paper. My design kept getting bigger, so I taped two sheets together.


Garden. Fun and Games. Knowledge. Creative. Shopping. Treasured Family Recipes. Food/Parties. Music. Home and property. The Chicken Chick: My PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions! Wasted chicken feed drives me nuts and I was determined to build a feeder that would put an end to chickens billing feed out onto the ground.

The Chicken Chick: My PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions!

After much research, contemplating dozens of designs and several iterations of my own, I am now happy with my PVC feeder. There are no longer piles of wasted grain on the floor, which makes me, my chickens and my feed budget happy. Mine cost approximately $12.00 to build and was finished in 20 minutes. This is the finished feeder in my "Little Deuce Coop. "  Side view of the feeder in the little run. A PVC pipe or irrigation tubing, cut to the length that will fit your chosen location.

A PVC pipe cap for the top. A piece of scrap wood extra long zip ties 3 screws 3 washers The high corner litter pan: Drill four holes in the pipe, two on each side where they will align with holes in stud. Drill two holes through the stud at measured increments that mirror the holes in the pipe. ( photo below) Mark where the "feed dish" will be mounted. The finished feeder: