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Are We Really Evaluating the Use of iPads in Our Classroom. One of the things we need to be doing as educators is to critically evaluate the resources and learning experiences that we provide for our students.

Are We Really Evaluating the Use of iPads in Our Classroom

This is even more important when we are spending vast sums of public money to implement new or innovative hardware devices into our schools. At the moment only short term studies have been released showing the benefits or not of using 1:1 tablet programs. There are few that are easily accessible to teachers or that outline specific strategies for implementing tablet programs.

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  1. amsika Jan 13 2012
    You should find the embed code in the </> button. What happens exactly when you try like this ? Also, can you give me the URL of your blog please ?
  2. vivianamat Nov 15 2011
    :-) I'll share it on twitter too :-)
  3. amsika Nov 15 2011
    This is very cool, thanks ! I'll show it to Patrice :)
  4. vivianamat Nov 15 2011
    Hi amsika.. I have created a prezi for presenting pearltrees at a teachmeet in South West sydney. Tell me what you think:-) I wouldn't mind Patrice to check it out :-)
  5. amsika Nov 3 2011
    You can create sub pearltrees and move your pearltrees / pearls in these :)
  6. vivianamat Nov 3 2011
    Hi amsika... how do I start another base pearl tree? it seems it only allows me to add up pearls to my only base tree. I'd like to start another because it looks very populated!