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AlternativeTo - Crowdsourced software recommendations. Issp. Syllabus. Videos for kids. How to setup the IIT Kanpur mail account on my Android phone e-mail app. 13 – Prezi. Web-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.

13 – Prezi

Prezi lets you create non-linear, “zooming” presentations. Create a map of your ideas, images, videos, then show overview, zoom to details, amaze and convince. Website: www.prezi.comCost: Free and premium versionsAvailability: OnlineYEARLY RANKINGS 2014: 132013: 152012: 142011: 72010: 122009: 282008: –2007: – Comments from some who selected Prezi as one of their Top Tools “Prezi has become my defacto presentation medium for projects that do not absolutely require a boring PowerPoint presentation. List of free software web applications.

All web applications, both traditional and Web 2.0 are operated by software running somewhere.

List of free software web applications

This is a list of free software which can be used to run alternative web applications. Also listed are similar proprietary web applications that users may be familiar with. Most of this software is server-side software, often running on a web server. References[edit] NML. About Us - Regional Libraries NML has set up a network of health science libraries in India.


It has with the support from WHO, Identified followed 6 Regional (RML) and 8 Resource Medical Libraries (RL) in the country : SMS Medical Collage, Jaipur (North)Grant Medical College, Mumbai (West)Institute of Medical Science, BHU, Varanasi (Central)T.N. A Price Tracker for Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India. Online shoppers in India can monitor and compare prices on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal from a Google Sheet and get email alerts when the prices go down.

A Price Tracker for Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India

The festival season has kicked off in India and it is probably the best time to indulge yourself in online shopping. The biggest online retailers in the country – Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India – are battling it out with big discounts and rock-bottom prices to bring new customers and also to maximize their share of your pocket. The biggest online sale ever in India has recently concluded at Flipkart and, despite some technical hiccups, they sold over 2 million items in a single day to 1.5 million people. Impressive. Global Library. Root Zone Database. Library Services. The world's most popular open source database.

Koha Google News Lab. NIOS - Virtual Open School(VOS) NIOS. Support Ticket System. Resource Description & Access (RDA): Cataloger's Reference Directory. eCataloger [The eCataloger application provides cataloging utilities to create an eLibrary for an individual or small organization.

Resource Description & Access (RDA): Cataloger's Reference Directory

The research goal of eCataloger is on creating semantic services for artifacts. It uses the FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) framework to model the records using data elements and concepts from the MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema), MARC, and other current and developing cataloging and metadata standards. Untitled. Koha Geek: Install Koha on Ubuntu 14.04. Install Ubuntu 14.04 and updateKoha can install on Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu/Lubuntu/LinuxMinst 17.

Koha Geek: Install Koha on Ubuntu 14.04

Install the operating system first. Then update the system using following commands: apt-get updateapt-get upgrade Install lightweight text editor apt-get install leafpad Add Koha community repositoryAdd Koha software channel into Ubuntu. MarcEdit Development. Library Open-Source Software Registry. Submitted by Peter Murray on Thu, 2015-05-14 10:17 Binder is an open source digital repository management application, designed to meet the needs and complex digital preservation requirements of museum collections.

Library Open-Source Software Registry

Binder was created byArtefactual Systems and theMuseum of Modern Art. Submitted by Nicole Engard on Sun, 2012-07-08 14:54 CollectionSpace is an open-source collections management application that meets the needs of museums, historical societies, and other collection-holding organizations. CollectionSpace is designed to be configurable to each organization’s needs, serving as a gateway to digital and physical assets across an institution. ERP-MISSION.

The main functional modules of Library Management System (LibMS) are:- Online Public Access Catalog, Serial, Acquisition, Cataloging, Administration and Security, Utility and System SetUp and Web Admin Library Management System Login Page:- The ERP mission is to Implement, maintain, improve, and support the County's integrated financial, procurement, human resource and payroll information systems.


Responsibilities The ERP Department is responsible for: Ensure system functionality, operability, and security of the Lawson ERP System and Kronos Time Keeping System. Train and support County users of the enterprise applications. Welcome to the ERP National Mission Project under NME ICT, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. TalkToMePart1_2perpage. Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories. Karolinska Institutet Universitetsbiblioteket. Papers. MarcEdit Development. For Everyone Previous Versions I maintain a handful of previous versions of MarcEdit for archival purposes.

MarcEdit Development

These should not be downloaded for production work as each has been superseded. However, if you have technical limitations that require and older build, feel free to contact me. Cataloging Electronic Books-OLAC-2010.pdf. CyberTools for Libraries Solutions by Functional Area. Overview A-Z Lists ERM / Electronic Resource Management Cataloging & Authorities Circulation & Patron Self Loan OPAC OpenURL Link Resolver Reporting, Report to Excel, Ad Hoc Reporting Reserves Serials Scheduling & Booking Z39.50 Server Acquisitions Overview Promote More of Your Resources in a Single Search Portal.

CyberTools for Libraries Solutions by Functional Area

Customize your online catalog to incorporate online databases, subscriptions, images, and print. All-Inclusive, Low Pricing. More features and services, lower fees, unsurpassed value. ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science. In classification, one of the distinguishing characteristics of a class, identified as a means of differentiating it from other classes. As defined in FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), one of a set of characteristics enabling users of information to formulate queries and evaluate responses when searching for information about a specific entity. Attributes can be inherent in the entity (physical characteristics, labeling information, etc.) or supplied by an external agent (assigned identifiers, contextual information, etc.).

For example, the logical attributes of a creative work include its title, form, date of creation, intended audience, etc. Library Information Science Gateway, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. List of video hosting services. Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips.

Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here. ATechnos (Abhay Techno Services) » SYSMaster-IPTV. Video/IPTV Products Recent enhancements in technologies for delivery of high quality video streams open up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers. With the introduction of MPEG-4 compression and proliferation of broadband last mile infrastructure, it becomes feasible and cost effective to offer real-time video content to subscribers delivered over broadband lines. Because video content has a high perceived value by consumers, it offers higher margins to service providers and as a result many providers today are looking for a technological solution that would allow them to get into that lucrative market segment. List of libraries by country. List of libraries.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is an alphabetical list of notable libraries around the world. It includes both notable public lending libraries and research libraries. Alphabetical[edit] A[edit] American Memorial Library B[edit] List of academic databases and search engines. The general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesbibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles. Note that "free" or "subscription" can refer both to the availability of the database or of the journal articles included.

This has been indicated as precisely as possible in the lists below. See also[edit] References[edit] British Newspaper Archive. CMS Listing. Top 12 Free Content Management Systems (CMS) Building websites by hand with all html/css pages was fine a couple years ago, but these days there are a ton of awesome Content Management System options out there that make our jobs as developers and website publishers SO much easier! So, What Exactly Is A Content Management System? Open Source Scripts - OpenSourceCMS. Hypertext Preprocessor. KVS RO Ernakulam Digital Repository. Personal Learning Environment.

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Accredited Registrars. INRegistry. INRegistry is the organisation responsible for the .in TLD and the native language internationalised domain name TLDs for the country. It was appointed by the government of India, and operates under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet eXchange of India. History[edit] Most countries have their own Top Level Domain. The INRegistry has been created by NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India. NIXI is a Not-for-Profit Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, with the objective of facilitating improved Internet services in the country. Under NIXI, the INRegistry functions as an autonomous body with primary responsibility for maintaining the .in ccTLD and ensuring its operational stability, reliability, and security. The Government decided to revamp the administration of the .in TLD in late 2004. INRegistry. Internet backbone. Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses.

This is a small look at the backbone of the Internet. The Internet backbone may be defined by the principal data routes between large, strategically interconnected computer networks and core routers on the Internet. Category:Internet in India. AnonWWW Many mice surf the web under the illusion that their actions are private and anonymous. Unfortunately, this is not the way it is. Anonymizer - Online Privacy and Personal VPN Software. Beating Obamacare your handbook for surviving the new health care law - Louisiana SBPH. RealWorldJsfLinks - GlassFish Wiki. People still sometimes question the pervasiveness of JavaServer Faces Technology. That's a good thing because it indicates the IT decison makers of the world are thinking for themselves and not merely following some kind of herd mentality.

Trends. Online education. Online education. Webfinder. Experiment with technology-enhanced learning (TEL) Online College Courses - Explore 50+ Subjects. Join the increasing number of students enrolling in online college courses and start earning credits towards your degree. One in every four students now take at least one class online, and during the fall 2014 term, 5.8 million college students were taking some of their classes — if not all of them — through distance learning.

Free Online Course Materials. Take Open Courses From Top Universities. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Advance Your Career Through Project-Based Online Classes - Udacity.

SkilledUp: Search the World’s Online Courses. Online Classes, Tutorials and Training for Designers and Developers. Learnable. Watch the Online Video Course Improving Your Memory. Watch the Online Video Course Improving Your Memory. Udemy - Online Courses from the World's Experts. MY CHOICES Best Content.