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5 Benefits of Micro-Loans. Not everyone is economically stable to apply for a loan in a bank and get it approved.

5 Benefits of Micro-Loans

Banks ask for personal assets that everyone does not have. Hence, the people who are from a lower economic background cannot take the right step to improve their financial condition and they are stuck in a loop behind a hurdle they cannot cross. This is why the service of micro-loans is available. As the name suggests, these are short loans, and they are targeted towards the underbanked/unbanked section of the society, people who cannot afford loans from a bank. They are so easy to get that one can apply for micro loans online. 1. The idea behind micro-loans is that no amount of loan is small. 2. 3 Benefits of Using Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) – IServeU. Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System (AEPS), as the name suggests, is a payment system based on the unique identification number of your Aadhaar card.

3 Benefits of Using Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) – IServeU

Importance of Financial Inclusion in India. For those living in urban regions of India, banking services are easily accessible.

Importance of Financial Inclusion in India

However, to a large portion of the Indian population, banking service is still inaccessible. And the reasons for this are many. As a result, they are not able to get benefits of the latest schemes. For a developing country like India, challenges of financial inclusion may hinder its economic development. With the help of several fintech companies, efforts are being made to reach out to the areas where people are underbanked or unbanked to promote and increase financial inclusion in the country. Benefits of Using Aadhaar Micro ATMs. An Overview of Hospital Cash Insurance Policy Plan by

Things to Know About Hospital Cash Insurance Plan. Nowadays, the treatment costs for any sickness or disease can easily go out of the budget due to the growing inflation in the healthcare field.

Things to Know About Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

Health insurance plans play a crucial part in such conditions. Many health insurance policies help people to take care of the medical costs after being hospitalized. But, incidental costs may not be included in the health insurance plans. Here, the hospital cash insurance policy can provide support for an everyday emergency by giving a fixed sum for every day until people are hospitalized. Here is why people should go for hospital cash insurance: Amount released on a daily basis It is not a cashless health insurance plan, and the sum that is given to the client is lump-sum or on daily basis. Double cash benefit The hospicash plan comes with an additional or double cash benefit for the client in case of ICU confirmation. Manage extra hospital bills Hospital Cash Insurance Plan – Key features · Easy claim process. All You Need to Know About Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) – IServeU. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System(AEPS) Explained. Key Benefits of Using Micro ATM.

Transfer Money to Another Bank Account Instantly With iServeU Bhubaneswar. Best AEPS Service Provider Company iServeU Bangalore. Transfer Money to Another Bank Account Instantly with With Online Bank Money Transfer Service. Fintech Solution Provider iServeU Reviews. ClearTax offers taxation & financial solutions to individuals, businesses, organizations & chartered accountants in India.

Fintech Solution Provider iServeU Reviews

ClearTax serves 1.5+ Million happy customers, 20000+ CAs & tax experts & 10000+ businesses across India. Efiling Income Tax Returns(ITR) is made easy with ClearTax platform. Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online. You can efile income tax return on your income from salary, house property, capital gains, business & profession and income from other sources. Further you can also file TDS returns, generate Form-16, use our Tax Calculator software, claim HRA, check refund status and generate rent receipts for Income Tax Filing.

CAs, experts and businesses can get GST ready with ClearTax GST software & certification course. Save taxes with ClearTax by investing in tax saving mutual funds (ELSS) online. Things you need to know about Micro ATMs. Everything You Need to Know About Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) Although the banking system has broadened over time, there are still some places where it has not reached.

Everything You Need to Know About Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

These places are mostly remote areas where setting up a bank branch or financial agency is, somewhat, difficult. Easy Cash Withdrawal From Aadhar Card By iServeU. Three Things To Consider While Choosing A Domestic Money Transfer Service Provider. Best AEPS Service Provider Company In India. Top 3 Advantages of Micro Lending – IServeU. In India, the lending system works on the CIBIL score or history of the borrower.

Top 3 Advantages of Micro Lending – IServeU

Micro lending is a way to provide small entrepreneurs and business owners access to funds on loan. Often, village-level entrepreneurs and small business owners with poor creditworthiness do not have access to conventional financial resources from banks and major institutions. Micro-lending platforms are an effective solution for this. These platforms are designed to offer capital support to people who are financially underserved. They serve as a substitute for the traditional loan system and are normally used by small companies and new businesses that would otherwise cannot easily get approval for a loan. Domestic Money Transfer Company in India. iServeU’s wallet system is linked with multiple bank’s IMPS switch to operate Domestic Money Transfer smoothly.

Domestic Money Transfer Company in India

Our Domestic Money Transfer or DMT is the most robust way to deposit cash within 15 seconds in any bank account across India through sender’s mobile number only. Retailer opens a wallet on behalf of sender through an OTP based verification of sender’s mobile number. Guide to Going Cashless with Micro ATM. Key Benefits of Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) Platforms. Things to Know About Domestic Money Remittance.