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Welcome to vivek krishnan photography. We are a team of international destination wedding photography and cinematography professionals available to cover prestigious weddings and events worldwide.Our Website :-

Book Your Candid Photographers in Hyderabad. Can You Ask Your Candid Wedding Photographer To Not Share Your Wedding Day Images Online? A candid wedding photographer gets a number of questions a day about equipment, bridal enquiries or even sometimes about the technology. In the world of Instagram stories and Facebook lives, the world is getting smaller and people are connecting with people across the world through their work. But what if a bridal couple doesn’t want their candid wedding photographer to share their wedding images online? As a one of the best candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad, the simple answer to this question is that your candid wedding photographer or the company owns all copyright to the images clicked by them, unless you have bought the copyright from them. But it’s not as simple as it seems. There are two sides to every story and here are my two cents!

Photographer’s angle – This is ‘work’ for a candid wedding photographer which helps in building her or his portfolio. But what if you don’t want to pay extra and yet have a few images not posted? Like this: Like Loading... Are you looking for the best candid wedding photographers. Photography Trends That Will Be Big In 2018 Weddings! By Vivek Krishnan In News Posted On January 08,2018 0 Comments Tying the knot next year? Wedding photography has come a long way from its posed, stiff portrait-style roots. Now, you can find a candid wedding photographer whose style suits yours flawlessly, so that not only are your memories beautifully captured, they’re also caught in a way that fits with your aesthetic as a couple. As one of the top candid wedding photographers in Bangalore we decided to share the top photography trends that we predict will be huge for 2018.

Next Day Teasers – Candid wedding photography and wedding films are all about now! Wedding Albums – Like we mentioned here, wedding albums are going to make a huge comeback in 2018. Moody & Dramatic – We believe that images that will be striking, powerful and have a strong sense of grandeur will rule the roost in 2018. Mixed Media - Video continues to dominate and 2018 is going to be full of slow motion portraits, cinema graphs and even interactive video games. Photographers for your wedding‎ in Hyderabad. Best Candid Wedding Photography. Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore. Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Bangalore. Vivek Krishnan | Six Crazy And Amazing Props That You Can Use At A Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Six Crazy And Amazing Props That You Can Use At A Pre-Wedding Shoot! Your pre-wedding shoot doesn’t need a full styling makeover to be unique and fun. You can bring one of these props to your shoot by one of the top wedding photographers in Kerala and you can be rest assured that no one will even remember the background. Props are a great way to help you loosen up for what is possibly your first time for a candid photography shoot. Having something to hold or do makes you forget about feeling awkward or camera-shy and allows you to have fun.

Don’t worry, we have a list of what NOT to do in a pre-wedding shoot too ( Bubbles – It’s so much fun to play with bubbles. Where to get: Any local stationary or party stores. Scrabble Letters – If chalkboards are too done and over with, you can opt for scrabble letters. Where to get: You can borrow a set from a friend or buy at any games store. Where to Get: Home Sweet Home!