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Choosing a Breadboard Electronics Kit for Kids. Breadboard electronics kits are a great way for older kids and teens to learn about real electronics components and circuit design.

Choosing a Breadboard Electronics Kit for Kids

Breadboards and electronics components are reasonably affordable, but unless parents are reasonably expert or have a lot of time for research, getting a ready-made kit that allows a number of projects or experiments to be carried out makes a lot of sense. In this article we'll take a look at the kits that are available and also resources and books that will help you to get started with breadboard electronics. Why Breadboard Electronics for Kids? Breadboard electronics allow kids to work with real electronics components without needing to use a soldering iron. There are still safety issues - you could cause components to overheat - but if the idea of your child wielding a hot soldering iron terrifies you then breadboard is a safer option.

What Age Group? Exploring Circuits with ArtBots: A Classroom Success Story. Eighty sixth grade students put what they had learned about circuits into action when they worked in teams to build ArtBots in science class.

Exploring Circuits with ArtBots: A Classroom Success Story

After building their robots, these students had fun experimenting to see how changing the engineering design of an ArtBot changes the kind of art the robot creates. Above: Students in Nicole Johnson's class with a poster they made showing different pieces of "art" created by their ArtBot when testing and comparing the ArtBot with different design modifications. The Solar Spark. Newton Rocket Car. Summary The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate Newton's third law of motion — which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction — through a small wooden car.

Newton Rocket Car

The Newton cars show how action/reaction works and how the mass of a moving object affects the acceleration and force of the system. Subsequently, the Newton cars provide students with an excellent analogy for how rockets actually work. Engineering Connection. Articles on "Electricity" WJ Beaty. Why three prongs?

Articles on "Electricity" WJ Beaty

Why do wall outlets have three holes? "Grounding" and safety. Right Angle CircuitryDo Lenz' Law and the Right Hand rule still work... after you've been turned INSIDE OUT by that greasy black Fog? "Static Electric" misconceptionsA list of things which gave me a warped view of Electrostatics. Once I recognized their existence, I was able to fight free of them. Speed of "Electricity"? Triboelectric Series If a cat gets trapped in a clothes dryer full of nylon pantyhose, which way do the electrons flow? NAROM -Praktiske aktiviteter. NAROM har et bredt spekter av spennende praktiske lab-øvelser som tilbys ved ulike kurs og aktiviteter.

NAROM -Praktiske aktiviteter

I mange av øvelsene blir den unike infrastrukturen ved Andøya Space Center benyttet slik at kursdeltakerne får sjansen til å gjennomføre øvelser som ikke ville vært mulig å gjennomføre ved lærestedet de kommer fra. Her kommer en oversikt over noen av NAROMs mest sentrale øvelser. Rakettverksted Det er tre forskjellige slags raketter som kan bygges i rakettverkstedet: modellrakett, papirrakett og vannrakett. NAROM velger av disse alt etter behov i det respektive kurset. Det er standard at høyde og avstand av rakettskuddene måles. Make: electronics, crafts, DIY projects and how-tos for makers. Step #4: Use it!

Make: electronics, crafts, DIY projects and how-tos for makers

PrevNext Pressurize the compressed air launcher for 45psi–65psi, and launch. How to Build and Launch a Foam Rocket - JPL Education. In NASA's "Foam Rocket" activity, students build rubber-band-powered rockets and launch them at various angles to learn about rocket stability and trajectory.

How to Build and Launch a Foam Rocket - JPL Education

This lesson provides students with an excellent hands-on perspective on key mathematical concepts as well as data analysis and reasoning. Unifying Concepts and Processes Science as Inquiry Physical Science Science and Technology Number and Operations Algebra Geometry Measurement Data Analysis and Probability Reasoning and Proof Communication Connections -- A 30 centimeter-long piece of polyethylene foam pipe insulation (for 1/2-inch size pipe) -- Rubber band (size 64)-- Styrofoam food tray (or paper plate)-- Three 8-inch plastic cable wraps -- 75 centimeters of ordinary string -- Scissors -- Masking tape -- Meter stick -- Press tack -- Washer or nut -- Quadrant plans printed on card stock -- Experiment data sheet -- Launch record sheet. Great Ideas for Engineers Week. Science Fair Project: Make Heron’s Fountain. Science Fair Project Heron's fountain is a great project for a science fair, as it is simple to make and displays many of the basic principles of physics.

Science Fair Project: Make Heron’s Fountain

This project shows how potential energy can provide power, using water and gravity, and air and compression. These are fundamental aspects of pneumatics and hydraulics and Heron's fountain also lets you have a bit of fun during the process. The History of Heron's Fountain The great Greek inventor, Heron of Alexandria (sometimes called Hero) created this device as one of his wonderful ways of showing students how the underlying physical and mathematical principles worked.

You now have the chance to follow his example, by using this apparatus to show your classmates physics in action. Building Heron's Fountain Heron's fountain was probably cast from bronze, at great expense, but we are going to make one from much simpler materials, easily found around the home or in a local hardware store. Bridge Constructor. Til Mars med IKT. Mandag 6. august landet NASA vellykket med en moderne Rover på Mars.

Til Mars med IKT

I forbindelse med dette er det utviklet en rekke IKT-verktøy som vi syns er ganske så enestående. Derfor har vi i WOWfabrikken satt seg ned for å samle dette på et sted, og dele det med norske lærere. IKT-pedagogene på dette prosjektet er Eva Bratvold, Magnus Henrik Sandberg og Lage Thune Myrberget. Seks verktøy Det er seks ulike verktøy vi vil presentere: 1: NASA.GOV 2: XBOX 3: KODU 4: YOUTUBE/FILM 5: MUSIKK 6: APP´s 7: Ekstramateriell og linker :-) Rastløs? I tillegg kan du laste ned denne PDF-en som er fasitsvarene på oppgavene. NASA har laget egne nettsider og oppdaterer konktinuerlig med bilder og forskningsresultater fra ekspedisjonen på Mars. Her er link til en spilleliste med 7 filmer fra NASA.

Den mest kritiske fasen er de 7 minuttene med nedstigning. Microsoft har sammen med NASA utviklet et dataspill hvor du kan styre landingssekvensen av Curisosity. Her er fasitsvarene til oppgavene i heftet. Mars edition.