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Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers. It’s not about being politically correct.

Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers

Limes are cheaper than lemons. A bag of 5 limes was $1, lemons were $2. Since we were sticking metal in them and then throwing them away, frugality wins. Besides, I have some leftovers that may become margaritas. Now, I ran out of time and didn’t create a lab sheet, so I had to wing this a bit. Science Lessons & Projects: Electricity & Magnetism. Search form Search Subject: Physics/Electricity & Magnetism Aluminum-Air Battery Construct a simple battery that can power a light.

Science Lessons & Projects: Electricity & Magnetism

Charge and Carry Store up an electric charge, then make sparks. Check the Balance of Your Gaming Dice with a Cup of Salt Water. Optics For Kids - The Optical Society: Exploring the Science of Light. Remote controls for devices like televisions, cable boxes, and DVD players typically operate in the infrared.

Optics For Kids - The Optical Society: Exploring the Science of Light

On the front of the remote is a light emitting diode (LED) that produces light in the infrared region. The light flashes quickly to produce a sequenced pattern, which the device being controlled then reads and interprets as a command. Required Materials TV/cable/DVD remote control Webcam or camera phone Activity Directions. Disappearing Glass Rods: Reflection, Refraction & Light Science Activity. Disappearing Glass Rods You can make glass objects disappear.

Disappearing Glass Rods: Reflection, Refraction & Light Science Activity

Glass objects are visible because they reflect some of the light that shines on them and bend or refract the light that shines through them. If you eliminate reflection from and refraction by a glass object, you can make that object disappear. Wesson™ oil. (Regular, not lite. . ) (1 minute or less) Pour some Wesson™ oil into the beaker. (15 minutes or more) Immerse a glass object in the oil. Experiment with a variety of glass objects, such as clear marbles, lenses, and odd glassware. Optics For Kids - The Optical Society: Exploring the Science of Light. CDspectrometer. Articles on "Electricity" WJ Beaty. Why three prongs?

Articles on "Electricity" WJ Beaty

Why do wall outlets have three holes? "Grounding" and safety. Right Angle CircuitryDo Lenz' Law and the Right Hand rule still work... after you've been turned INSIDE OUT by that greasy black Fog? "Static Electric" misconceptionsA list of things which gave me a warped view of Electrostatics. Once I recognized their existence, I was able to fight free of them. Speed of "Electricity"? Triboelectric Series If a cat gets trapped in a clothes dryer full of nylon pantyhose, which way do the electrons flow?

Where does EM energy flow in a circuit? How Scientists Define the word "Electricity" Quotes from J.C. Barriers to Understanding ElectricityTwenty misconceptions which prevented me from understanding simple electrical science as a student. "Static" Electricity is really just high voltage.Scuff on the rug, then measure your body voltage. Optics For Kids - The Optical Society: Exploring the Science of Light. Can you make a rainbow disappear? What you need: A colour print out of the colour wheel above Glue Cardboard Scissors Pencil How you do it: Print out the colour wheel above.

Can you make a rainbow disappear?

Glue the colour wheel to a sheet of cardboard. Wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry, pierce the the middle of the colour wheel with scissors (ask a parent or guardian for help here). Insert a pencil through the hole until the colour wheel is about a third of the way along the pencil. Spin the disc and watch what happens... Did you see the colours merge into white? Watch this video to see a different Newton's disc being made: Or go to YouTube. Fascinating Friction! Summary Students use wood, wax paper and oil to investigate the importance of lubrication between materials and to understand the concept of friction.

Fascinating Friction!

Using wax paper and oil placed between pieces of wood, the function of lubricants between materials is illustrated. Students extend their understanding of friction to bones and joints in the skeletal system and become aware of what engineers can do to help reduce friction in the human body as well as in machines. Engineering Connection Many machines that engineers design use joints similar to the ones found in our bodies. Educational Standards Each TeachEngineering lesson or activity is correlated to one or more K-12 science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) educational standards. All 100,000+ K-12 STEM standards covered in TeachEngineering are collected, maintained and packaged by the Achievement Standard Network (ASN), a project of JES & Co. Click on the standard groupings to explore this hierarchy as it applies to this document. U.S. Stuff for Teachers. We have many different classroom-tested activities on a variety of different topics that you can download and use.

Stuff for Teachers

All of these activities use easy-to-find (and inexpensive!) Pieces, as you'd expect from the Little Shop of Physics. Each document tells what equipment you need, the theory behind the activity, and suggestions for how to do this activity with your class. Feel free to download and use any and all of these! Our podcasts can be accessed either by the links below or downloaded free from iTunes! Most of the activities on this page were developed as part of our ongoing work with CMMAP, and presented during our summer and other workshops. Activities are organized by topics below. Conservation of Energy Kinesthetic Activities about Atmospheric Science Concepts. Krefter. Algodoo. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Science Experiment: Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 Ping Pong Balls, EXPLOSION!

Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook for Download. Jaar van het Licht – ESERO.