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Origami & paper art

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Origami magazine box instructions. How to Make a Woven Paper Easter Basket. I have a fun Easter Craft for you today….. In this post I’m going to show you how to make a Woven Paper Easter Basket. This Easter Basket is made out of sheets of construction paper and ribbon and when put together correctly it makes for an awesome Easter decoration. You can fill it with plastic Easter Eggs or Paper Easter Eggs you made yourself and display it proudly in your house for all to see. So, grab the materials needed and let’s get this craft started. Check out our other Easter Crafts. Materials Needed 3 Sheets of Construction Paper Stapler Scissors Ribbon or Construction Paper Step 1 Fold 2 pieces of paper lengthwise. Step 2 Staple together. Step 3 Fold in half again. Step 4 Cut slits about an inch apart. Step 5 Unfold. Step 6 Staple ends together. Step 7 You can make a handle by cutting a strip of ribbon or construction paper and stapling it to the basket.

Step 8 Then take the 3rd sheet of construction paper and trace the circle of the basket onto the paper. Finished Basket. DIY Corner Bookmarks - Cute Monsters - Easy Peasy and Fun. Origami Monster Bookmarks — Craft Kiddies. Quick and Easy Minion Bookmark Craft for Kids. Living and Learning at Home: Cute Corner Bookmarks with Free Printable. Paper plants. All of my houseplants go through a sort of trial by fire. Or trial by neglect, to be more accurate. If they can withstand my general gardening ignorance and sporadic-at-best attention, they get to stay. If not… well in that case there isn’t much of them left anyway, is there? It’s not that I dislike plants (quite the opposite, in fact), it’s just that I’m not very good at caring for them.

I don’t want to push my luck too hard, though. So here’s the paper plant that you can’t kill and never have to water. *Those with faraway moms, take note – you can stuff these plants in boxes and mail them, even across international borders. What you’ll need: colourful and/or patterned cardstock for the planter and the planter insert (cardstock is basically just a thicker weight of paper that falls somewhere between the stuff you put in your printer and cardboard)green cardstock – or whatever other colour you want your plants to be – who says plants have to be green?

Putting it all together: Simple Trick To Make Your Own Origami Bookmarks. Your cat has started to doubt your loyalty what with the number of dog-eared pages in all your books; you’re sick of converting page numbers such as 141 and 3270 into mnemonics like “tired” and “mongoose.” Does this sound like you? Fret no more! Using this simple German paper folding technique, you can create an origami bookmark that has no trace of dogs. Not convinced? Listen to what this twitter user had to say: “My mom made this bookmark. It doesn’t stick out or slip, and I highly recommend it lol. More info: Twitter (h/t: rocketnews24) 1st method 2nd method Image credits: rukow994 / Etsuko no Manma Diary / RocketNews24. Pappersägg – Paper eggs. Nej, nu har det varit på tok för lite färg i bloggen på sistone! Det här duger inte. Idag tänkte jag tipsa om världens enklaste pappersägg. Det enda man behöver är mönstrade eller enfärgade papper, sax, häftapparat, nål & tråd. Jag använde Color bar papper (100 g) från Make & Create eftersom jag älskar prickar!

———We’ve had far too little color here at Craft & Creativity this past week! This will not do. Today I’m going to show you the world’s easiest paper eggs. Gör så här: 1. En riktig färginjektion, tycker ni inte? Vill man inte göra dem äggformade så gör man dem runda istället. If you don’t wish to make them egg-shaped, make them round instead. How to make a new Kawasaki rose origami flower (Angled Kawasaki Rose): page 1. Origami That's Fun And Easy. Origami Kawasaki Rose - Origami Flowers Folding Instructions. The Kawasaki Rose was invented by Toshikazu Kawasaki, an origami designer and math teacher in Japan. The Kawasaki rose is actually a family of origami rose designs, all based on a unique curling technique that creates the illusion of overlapping rose petals.

It's a challenging origami design, but well worth it to fold. Our step by step photos will guide you through. Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page! Also check out our Kawasaki Rose Video, which may help clarify some of the steps. Start with a square of origami paper, colored side up: Make a valley fold along the east-west axis as shown: Now make another valley fold along the north-south axis: Rotate the paper 90 degrees: Next fold in half again, and unfold: Fold the bottom edge of the paper one-third of the way to the centerline, then unfold the paper: Fold the paper left to right and rotate 90 degrees.

Then, make folds along each diagonal as shown: Robert Lang - Compositions. A Miura-ken Beauty Rose, opus 482.