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Huawei-global-connectivity-index-2015-whitepaper-en. T1. The Internet of Things (IoT) aka Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Halifax, 31 Oct – 3 Nov 2011 ICT Accessibility For All The Internet of Things (IoT) aka Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Bilel Jamoussi Chief, Study Groups Department Telecommunications Standardization Bureau International Telecommunications Union Document No: Source: Contact: Bilel Jamoussi ( GSC Session: Agenda Item:

The Internet of Things (IoT) aka Machine 2 Machine (M2M)

RP_Journal_2245-800X_222. 00014-88253.pdf. Url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB0QFjAAahUKEwin3Pz06vDGAhVGfaYKHcStDI0&url= M2M-Platform-WhitePaper.pdf. M2M-PlatformBrochure.pdf. ITSA_Webinar_February_15_2012_Jeff_Smith_Numerex_GSCMSTF. S1P3_Marco_Carugi_V2.pdf. S1P3_Marco_Carugi_V2.pdf. Top 49 Tools For The Internet of Things. Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), but for a long time many weren’t quite sure how to define it.

Top 49 Tools For The Internet of Things

While the IoT is still taking shape, it’s already making incredible strides as a new frontier for the connected world in which people, devices, environments and virtual objects are all connected and capable of interaction. There’s a new wave of technology platforms targeting the need to bridge these sophisticated communications, as well as hardware manufacturers producing physical devices and sensors to power the IoT.

Some leading technology innovators have gone so far as to write off the Internet of Things, noting that it’s more aptly described as the “Internet of Everything.” The IoT, or the IoE if you prefer, doesn’t just center on enterprise applications and Big Data analytics capitalizing on data from millions of devices. We’ve rounded up 49 of the most innovative tools and technologies serving the IoT. 1. mnubo@mnubo Key Features: Cost: Contact for a quote. S1P3_Marco_Carugi_V2.pdf. 20120627120858Workshop ZigBee_Networks_and_Cloud_Based_Wireless_Solutions. 20120627120858Workshop ZigBee_Networks_and_Cloud_Based_Wireless_Solutions.

Fs-cm-m2m-essentials_en_xg.pdf. M2M_Cloud_Overview.pdf. 20120627120858Workshop ZigBee_Networks_and_Cloud_Based_Wireless_Solutions. Fulle77_263756.pdf. m2m_platform_en.pdf. Paper05.pdf. m2m_platform_en.pdf. The Anatomy of an M2M Solution. The Anatomy of an M2M Solution. M2M_Brochure_0.pdf. M2MIndustryForum_M2MAlliance_2014_02.pdf. Kalay cloud platform for IoT & M2M ThroughTek Co., Ltd. M2M_Conf_SD12_Session_2.pdf. Brl-oracle-designing-m2m-platform-1870735. The auto industry’s secret weapon to next generation customer service: the connected ecosystem. TrendReport_Internet_of_things. TrendReport_Internet_of_things. Internet of things could improve the public transportation experience. In many cities of the world the public transport isn’t as popular as it could be.

Internet of things could improve the public transportation experience

The main problems that people are complaining about are related to one common source: difficulties of navigation and high degree of complexity. In large cities the number of bus or tram routes can easily reach several hundred – for example, London has over 700 different bus routes and around 19000 bus stops, which makes it quite a challenge to pick the right route at the right time, especially when available time is very limited and decision to board a particular mean of transportation has to be made quickly.

The user interface of the developed micro- and macro-navigation system. Image courtesy of the researchers. Of course, the largest cities are the busiest as well, but if you travel to an unknown city for the first time you could certainly face similar navigation problems even when the number of routes is considerably lower than in London, New York or Madrid. Urban Bus Navigation system architecture. How To Deliver – Fleet Management and Vehicle, Routing and Scheduling Resources. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a buzzworthy topic that remains unclear to many.

How To Deliver – Fleet Management and Vehicle, Routing and Scheduling Resources

But the more IoT relates to our homes and everyday lives – including the industries in which we work – the more we need to pay attention to this phenomenon. provides one of the more simple explanations of the Internet of Things that we’ve seen. The tech website says that IoT is “an environment that gathers information from multiple devices (computers vehicles, smartphones, traffic lights, and almost anything with a sensor) and applications (anything from a social media app such as Twitter to an e-commerce platform, from a manufacturing system to a traffic control system).” In IoT, “Internet” refers to a network or the internet, and “Things” refers to any physical “thing” that exists in the world, from appliances to objects to people. When we talk about the Internet of Things in regards to fleet management, the “things” are vehicles and the people who drive them. How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains. By Udaya Shankar Tags: Inventory Management, Logistics I.T.

How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains

When someone mentions the Internet of Things (IoT), most people think of electronics or wearables – the types of technologies that are driving adoption of a highly personalized “smart” consumer lifestyle. But there’s much more to the IoT story, and more specifically, its impact on the supply chain. Research firm Gartner recently released a write-up highlighting what many supply chain professionals have been weighing for some time: the IoT trend is going to impact businesses, and in particular, it will disrupt the way we think about logistics. In the piece, Gartner says a thirty-fold increase in Internet-connected physical devices by the year 2020 will “significantly alter how the supply chain operates.”

How To Deliver – Fleet Management and Vehicle, Routing and Scheduling Resources. Japani_japan-cross-industry-innovation-driven-by-cloud-and-iot-2013. Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing as the 5th utility. 1-s2.0-S0167739X13000241-main. 1501.07438v1.pdf. ThingWorx-ISNConference-05.11.2014. Twx-vtf.pdf. HRI_Innovator-Profile_ThingWorx_Aug-2013.pdf. SelectingtheRightIoTPlatformAylaWhitePaper.PDF. How K2 Platform Works. IoT is All about Platforms Now: LG CNS’s IoT Platform. The hottest keyword in the IT market this year is IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT is All about Platforms Now: LG CNS’s IoT Platform

Unlike last year where IoT was only mentioned in IT related journals and magazines, most IT companies, governments and even national institutes are now saying we should be ready for competition in the field of IoT. It truly has become the world of IoT. LG CNS has been working on IoT projects and platforms for a long time, and also announced their IoT Platform Strategy at Entrue World 2015 held in April. Let me introduce you to LG CNS’s IoT platform, then. IoT is All about Platforms Now: LG CNS’s IoT Platform. Usn_tid_futurenetworksummit_v6.pdf. Iot-with-axeda-and-java-wp-2214914.pdf. 1502.01181.pdf. IoT vs. M2M... There's a Difference. By Bill Zujewski The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is red hot… it stole the show at CES, the world’s largest Consumer Electronics event.

IoT vs. M2M... There's a Difference

It is grabbing the headlines with stories about Google, Nest and the connected home and “Wearables”, one of the poster children for the internet of things. The IoT buzz is hitting the blogosphere with new views on the future connected world we will live in. One observation… IoT has leap-frogged Machine-to-Machine (M2M) as the new buzzword. Is there a difference between IoT and M2M? IoT goes beyond M2M… beyond computers connecting to things. Things – Includes machines, devices, sensors, consumer products, vehicles, etc.Systems – Include business applications, ERP/CRM/PLM systems, analytics systems, data warehouses, and control systemsPeople – Includes workers and consumers; employees, partners and customers Axeda provides an IoT Platform for orchestrating data between things, systems and people. Open Platforms – OpenIoT – The Open Source Internet of Things. The OpenIoT architecture is comprised by seven main elements that belong to three different logical planes, as illustrated in the Figure below.

Open Platforms – OpenIoT – The Open Source Internet of Things

These planes are the Utility/Application Plane, the Virtualized Plane and the Physical Plane which include the following modules: Utility/Application Plane The Request Definition component enables on-the-fly specification of service requests to the OpenIoT platform by providing a Web 2.0 interface. It comprises a set of services for specifying and formulating such requests, while also submitting them to the Global Scheduler.The Request Presentation component selects mashups from an appropriate library in order to facilitate a service presentation in a Web 2.0 interface. Virtualized Plane The Scheduler processes all the requests for services from the Request Definition and ensures their proper access to the resources (e.g., data streams) that they require. An introduction to M2M / IoT technologies. SelectingtheRightIoTPlatformAylaWhitePaper.PDF.

Usn_tid_futurenetworksummit_v6.pdf. Iot-with-axeda-and-java-wp-2214914.pdf. 1502.01181.pdf. IoT vs. M2M... There's a Difference. An introduction to M2M / IoT technologies.