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Golden Ratio Design Composition Cropping

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PhiMatrix. PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Software Updates. Licensed owners of PhiMatrix 1.618 can update now to the most recent version for free within a year of purchase.

PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Software Updates

See the list of new features below. Download the latest version of the software for your PC or Mac on the Download page. 07-15-2014 PhiMatrix Update Converted PhiMatrix 1.618 Professional to a new third party licensing provider to eliminate issues with activation with the previous one.Added the “Silver Ratio” to the standard set of ratios in PhiMatrix 1.618 Pro.Changed the default grids available from the Grid icon in PhiMatrix Golden Ratio Design to make it more useful.Added a new grid function in PhiMatrix Golden Ratio design that radiates grids out from the center to the sides.

Golden Ratio Overlays from Parks Photos. PhiMatrix - Golden Ratio Design and Analysis Software. Golden Ratio Design Composition Cropping with PhiMatrix. Golden Ratio Overlays. Photo cropping and composition using the golden ratio and PhiMatrix. PhiMatrix can be used to crop a photo to highlight key elements with golden ratio proportions to give a better sense of balance and composition.

Photo cropping and composition using the golden ratio and PhiMatrix

This is illustrated in the two tutorials below. Cropping using the Phi grid Start with the original photo sailboat.jpg below: If the Border Size is greater than zero, reduce it to zero so that your final photo will be the same size as the grid. PhiMatrix User Guide - Golden Ratio Design - PhiMatrix. Easy and intuitive, yet vastly customizable to create you own unique design applications The PhiMatrix transparent grid overlays any other program, allowing you to unveil and apply phi, 1.618, the golden ratio in any type of design or composition work.

PhiMatrix User Guide - Golden Ratio Design - PhiMatrix

The function and options of each of the controls is displayed below. Tips and Tricks Keep it Simple – PhiMatrix offers lots of options but to keep it simple.