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Where in the world is ... (answers) Great detective work, everyone! As always, I am continually impressed by how much of the new data the user community has found with only a handful of hints. Here are the answers: 1) The large 'satellite dish' from Golden Eye is now visible in high res.-- Puerto Rico 2) Undergoing a name change in 1996, this city is was established in the 17th centry and rapidy grew into a major urban center.-- Chennai 3)Check out how construction is going on the giant palm tree island-- Dubai 4) Once a major maritime power, this former republic is now threatened by the rising tides.-- Venice 5) Now the second largest city in it's country, this city was a major port of emigration.-- Gothenburg 6) This city holds the Guiness World Record for most remote city from any sea.-- Urumqi 7) The western most city in Africa has gotten an update-- Dakar 8) This cosmopolitan and economic power house metropolis started out as a simple crown colony back in 1842.-- Hong Kong.

Chrome 11 : une version beta avec reconnaissance vocale HTML5. Après la sortie d’Internet Explorer 9 puis Firefox 4, c’est au tour de Google de proposer la nouvelle mise à jour de son navigateur.

Chrome 11 : une version beta avec reconnaissance vocale HTML5

Côté image Chrome change de logo, mais avec cette version bêta 11 quelques nouveautés techniques font leur apparition. En bon élève, Google suit les consignes du W3C consortium et utilise l’interface de programmation Speech Input (déjà connue des développeurs Android), ainsi son navigateur peut supporter la reconnaissance vocale dans le langage HTML5. Pour ce qui est du fonctionnement, la transcription du son envoyée après enregistrement se fait sur un serveur en charge de la conversion au format texte. La vitesse de reconnaissance vocale est a priori rapide, au même titre que l'outil pour les téléphones fonctionnant sous Android. Commande vocale Désormais des applications comme Voice Search peuvent être utilisée sous Chrome afin d’effectuer des requêtes sur le Web (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc.).

Autres nouveautés Téléchargez Chrome 11 pour Windows. Ajouter une vidéo YouTube dans Google Earth. ~$Dangerous Google - Searching For Secrets. Gooload - trouver facilement des fichiers MP3 sur le web. Google est délibérément Masquage Images Nibiru @ 5h 53m 27s -6 10 '58 - US Message Board - Forum de discussion politique. Robert Is Going To Make Sense Of This.

Google est délibérément Masquage Images Nibiru @ 5h 53m 27s -6 10 '58 - US Message Board - Forum de discussion politique

Watch And See ... Hi Robert: I am happy to see our resident DoD/State Dept Op has time to break from his propaganda campaign long enough to drop by and grace us with a few words on this topic. Quote: Originally Posted by Robert_Stephens Nibiru ....This hypothetical astral body is actually ... Baaa! Please correct me with your infinite wisdom of the heavens, but those coordinates point to the Leo Constellation that Google Sky says looks like this: My guess is that Robert's expert opinion is that the Google people had some very good reason for blacking out the same area of space that LEOnid ELEnin discovered his comet.

We know this picture is accurate, because this is the source of our coordinates above; which again is demonstrated in the video. So, the very same area of space is blocked out that the LEOnid ELEnin Russian guy supposedly discovered his comet that is on this path: NASA Orbit Diagram Okay hotshot: Make it all make sense ... Terral. Labs - découvrir les nouvelles idées de google.