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Convertisseur GPS

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Decimal Degrees. Decimal Degrees/Degrees Minutes Seconds <blockquote><p><span><b>You do not have JavaScript enabled.

Decimal Degrees

</b></span><br /><span>The conversions on this site require the use of JavaScript so please enable before continuing. GPS Latitude and Longitude Converter. This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers.

GPS Latitude and Longitude Converter

It is designed to convert the various distinct methods of co-ordinate nomenclature from one methodology to another. Due to the fact that GPS information is so readily available now for daily weather information, automotive use, aviation, marine and personal use, many companies have set their own standards as to how that information is displayed and disseminated. Convertisseur en ligne - Coordonnées GPS Latitude Longitude - Décimal – Sexagésimal. Outil de conversion de coordonnées GPS. Convert Latitude / Longitude in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds to/from Decimal (FCC) USA. Conversion de coordonnées gps / Daniel JOly. GPS | Outils | MAPS.