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Microsoft SQL Certification Course - IgmGuru. IgmGuru's Microsoft SQL Server training online is an online classroom meant for developers to master the descriptive language to work for relational databases.

Microsoft SQL Certification Course - IgmGuru

You will get a handle on significant capability in the hypothesis of streamlining, ordering, exchanges, database organization, the establishment of SQL Server, grouping, structuring and executing database objects, actualizing programmability objects, overseeing database simultaneousness, and advancing database articles and the server framework. Microsoft SQL certification course is intended to help one with the following program and tricks: Ruby on Rails Training Certification Course Online. IgmGuru's Ruby on Rails training includes all topics of Ruby on Rails such as features, MVC, Router, Scaffolding, Views, Hello World example, bundlers, migrations, layout, CRUD Example, etc.

Ruby on Rails Training Certification Course Online

The agenda of this training is to teach you how to design custom web applications. What skills you will grasp from this training? Following skills will be scored by the candidates after this training: You will learn how to programYou will learn to install and configureDeep-understand the Model-View-Controller framework architectureYou will learn how to build database-driven applicationsRail Integration with PostgresYou will learn to work with templatesYou will learn to test applicationsAdvance Ruby/Rails Packages like Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara, Pry, etcAdvance Features of the same.

Why this training is in high demand? You will find the ruby training online’s high demand reason below: What are the prerequisites? Before learning Ruby on Rails, participants must have the basic knowledge of Ruby. Cloud Security Certification Course. The (ISC)² and also the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) developed the Certified Cloud Security skilled (CCSP) certification to confirm that cloud security professionals have the desired information and skills.

Cloud Security Certification Course

The skills that are covered include the range of skills in Cloud security styleImplementationDesignOperationsControls, andCompliance with regulative frameworks. A CCSP applies data security experience to a cloud computing atmosphere and demonstrates competency in cloud security design, design, operations, and repair orchestration. This skilled competency is measured against a globally recognized body of information. SAP OpenText VIM Training Online. Vendor Invoice Management is a bundled business essentially that basically solves business issues paying the impeccable amount of vendors in time.

SAP OpenText VIM Training Online

Vendor Invoice Management or VIM is an add-on to your system, the major of its processes and functions run inside the system, which handles only invoices that will be posted to ERP. Which accommodates standard Functions such as Financial Processing and invoices. This software applications manage the content or unstructured data for most types of governance, efficiency, and monetization requirements in large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms. Vendor Invoice Management(VIM) solutions are aimed at addressing information management requirements, including the management of large volumes of content compliance with regulatory requirements, and mobile and online experience management.

What are the Objectives of VIM online training? What are the prerequisites for VIM training? Applied Data Science with Python Certification Training Course Online. The demand and the supply gap for a data scientist are ever-increasing.

Applied Data Science with Python Certification Training Course Online

In fact, in one of its surveys, IBM predicts increment in data science jobs to be 364,000 to 2720,000 in 2020 which is only going upwards in the subsequent years. Python, as a programming language, is immensely popular for building data science-based applications owing to its simplicity, and large community support and ease of deployment. IgmGuru's Data Science with Python online course has been designed keeping in mind about learners who have zero to some level of exposure to Python. Any ideal session in this course would dedicate a good amount of time to understanding the theoretical part after which we will be moving on to the application of theoretical concepts by doing hands-on these statistical techniques.

The three main pillars of applied data science with python Application of mathematical and statistical conceptsExpressing them using a programming language or a tool/platformParticular business domain. RPA Automation Anywhere Training. To learn Robotic Process Automation, IgmGuru provides an all-inclusive preparatory tool for users to gauge the technical expertise in RPA Automation Anywhere.

RPA Automation Anywhere Training

The course offers a varied range of topics meticulously aligned in a specially designed RPA Learning path. The online RPA training course assists users from the installation of Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client and Automation Anywhere Enterprise (AAE) Control Room on machines to automating business processes by deploying bot for continuously operational infrastructure with high availability.

To optimize the process of RPA elearning, the course contains optimal information to adept users with case-based scenarios and real-time examples to assist users in experimental learning. The RPA automation anywhere online training by IgmGuru has been planned to keep user convenience in foresight using a concise video format that enhances the learning process and creates a mind map for faster information retrieval.

RPA offers to the world: