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Virtual Tour of Katrina Kaif's Vanity Van - Vogue india. Topped off with a handful of vibrant printed cushions, Katrina Kaif's low ivory bed is the ideal spot for the star to unwind in after a long day of shooting.

Virtual Tour of Katrina Kaif's Vanity Van - Vogue india

Two long terracotta artworks frame either of the walls here, drawing the eye, while the white-washed back holds a sleek rack with books, plants, and more trinkets. Katrina's pastel-hued pantry features more animal motifs. Radhika Apte's Mumbai Home: 13 Inside Pictures & Videos at Vogue india.

Over the past few years, Radhika Apte has created a strong niche for herself in the world of cinema and OTT platforms.

Radhika Apte's Mumbai Home: 13 Inside Pictures & Videos at Vogue india

Working in Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and English language films, the multilingual star has garnered recognition from audiences across the country, and the world. From independent films like Phobia and Parched (2016) to popular Netflix series like Sacred Games and Lust Stories (2018), Apte’s versatility is evident, and proves that she's always open to explore with different formats and mediums.

Most recently, the star was seen in Disney+ Hotstar series OK Computer (2021), and is now all set to take over our screens once again in upcoming drama thriller television series, Shantaram. 8 Scalp Scrubs to Refresh, Balance and Reset Your Hair - Vogue india. This scrub shampoo includes Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals and honey, all of which work to stimulate blood flow and whisk away impurities like dust, smoke, sweat and the remnants of your dry shampoo and styling products. dpHUE ACV Scalp Scrub A mash-up of sea salt, apple cider vinegar, avocado oil and aloe vera work to give you the best possible deep clean.

8 Scalp Scrubs to Refresh, Balance and Reset Your Hair - Vogue india

It works to rebalance the pH of the scalp and gets rid of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Can Milk Products Cause Skin Problems? - Vogue india. It’s no secret that your diet impacts the quality of your skin, and loading up on antioxidant-rich foods and healthy fats is key to a good complexion.

Can Milk Products Cause Skin Problems? - Vogue india

However, the one food group that’s garnered a bad reputation over the past few years is dairy. Whether you consume it as part of a smoothie, your daily cup(s) of tea or coffee or in the form of butter or yoghurt, dairy-based products have been the first to be blamed for health concerns like indigestion and acne. It’s safe to say that milk is a huge part of Indian culture, along with our daily diet, but can it be responsible for your skin concerns?

We got the experts to weigh in. Dairy and your health. COVID-19 Vaccine: Myth vs Fact - Vogue india. Our collective battle against the novel coronavirus started over a year ago, but hope for the future shines in the form of the global rollout of vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Myth vs Fact - Vogue india

However, if we are to emerge safely through this crisis and on the other side, it is essential to confront the myths and rumours that can contribute to vaccination hesitancy. “Knowledge isn’t always the most effective antidote to anxiety, but it surely helps,” says Dr Rajesh Parikh, director of medical research at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and author of The Vaccine Book for COVID-19. Inside Luxurious Vanity Vans of Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt - Vogue India. Packed schedules and off-beat shoot locations are often part and parcel of being an actor.

Inside Luxurious Vanity Vans of Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt - Vogue India

Spending long periods of time filming in different places inevitably requires stars to be away from home. It comes as no surprise then, that celebrities make unique moving homes out of their vanity vans. Custom-made interiors, both cosy and luxurious, lend a sense of comfort to these mobile spaces. Designed to reflect their owner’s persona, these portable abodes are where your favourite celebrities like to unwind between shots. From Shah Rukh Khan’s luxe and futuristic van to Alia Bhatt’s millennial-friendly trailer, take a tour of all the lavish vanity vans owned by Bollywood celebrities below. 8 Best Coloured Eyeliner in India - Vogue India. You might have to upgrade your brush skills for this, but if you gently glide your brush along the lash line, you can layer it to create a thin or thick line according to the look you're trying to create.

8 Best Coloured Eyeliner in India - Vogue India

You can tightline with this too—pick an angled brush to get as close to the lash line as possible. Sephora Collection Colourful Shadow & Liner These eye pencils can be used as eyeliners or can be blended out as eyeshadows, and they're easy to use, easy to smudge, and won't play a disappearing act on you by lunchtime. Top Fitness Lessons by Ananya Panday - Vogue India. Ananya Panday may only be 22, but her approach to fitness and self-care belies her age.

Top Fitness Lessons by Ananya Panday - Vogue India

“That’s how you attain self-love—when you listen to your body and respect it, because it does so much for you. It’s there for you more than anything else in the world,” she told Vogue India. Here's how she does it. Expert Advice on Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis - Vogue India. “Zinc, Vitamin C and D are a good addition to your repertoire.

Expert Advice on Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis - Vogue India

None of them can prevent you from getting COVID but what they can do is expedite recovery and prevent you from getting complications. Vitamin D is the superstar of COVID as it improves immunity,” Dr Shivdasani adds. 3) Stay active (but stay compassionate with yourself too) During the first lockdown, most people began setting goals, making changes and pushing themselves to get their fitness routines on track. Benefits of At-Home Face Massage - Vogue India. Blame it on the pandemic and the need to do everything at home, or the surge of celebrities posting on social media, but it’s apparent that a DIY face massage is becoming an integral part of people’s skincare routines around the world.

Benefits of At-Home Face Massage - Vogue India

Whether it’s using a gua sha tool, kansa wand or just your fingers, massaging your skin once a day definitely comes with its benefits. The question is how far those benefits actually stretch—can it lift your skin or make you appear younger? Can it really lend a lasting glow to your skin? We got two skin experts to help us separate the facts from the myths—here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of an at-home face massage and the things it won’t do for your skin. 12 Upcoming Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & More - Vogue India. Streaming on Netflix The Mitchells vs. The Machines (April 30) When the dysfunctional Mitchell family decides to go on a road trip as they drop little Katie off at film school, little do they know that an apocalypse awaits them. The journey aimed at bonding as a family soon turns chaotic when a robot uprising interferes, forcing every electronic device to aid in the capture of humans.

The Mitchells, along with their dog and two friendly robots, find themselves to be the only hope for humanity's survival. 10 Makeup Tips for Natural Look - Vogue India. There are days that call for vivid makeup looks and a full face of colour, and there are days when you want to subtly play up your features with a low-key look. And with the country facing varying levels of lockdown, the latter is likely to be more in demand. If you’re looking to nail a natural, glowing finish for those last-minute Zoom meetings, the answer lies in your makeup bag.

In search of further tips, tricks and insider-only hacks, we found our way to celebrity makeup artists Arti Nayar—Sonam Kapoor’s go-to name—and Mitali Vakil, whose brushes have worked on the faces of Ananya Panday, Parineeti Chopra and more. Here’s what we learned. 1) Prep and prime. Virtual Tour of Suhana Khan's Apartment in Manhattan, New York - Vogue India. While we've gotten plenty of glimpses into the lives of her girlfriends Ananya Panday and Shanaya Kapoor, Suhana Khan prefers to keep her private life under wraps. So when the 20-year-old began taking to Instagram to share glimpses of her life in Manhattan, it didn't go unnoticed. Khan, who's currently pursuing a film studies course in New York University's Tisch School of Arts, has also been sharing sneak peeks of her elegantly done-up apartment in NYC over the past few weeks. Most recently, she took things up a notch and shared a first glimpse of her pristine bedroom, which may just make it to your personal Pinterest board.

And if you needed more decor tips, we're taking you on a tour through her home below. Sara Ali Khan & Janhvi Kapoor Workout Session - Vogue India. Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor might be on vacation, but they're not giving up on their consistent workout routine anytime soon. ICYMI, Khan took to Instagram yesterday and shared an action-packed video in which she was seen sweating it out with Kapoor by the poolside, while their trainer Namrata Purohit overlooked their session and kept them going.

If you're a true fan, you may already know that Khan and Kapoor have been practising Pilates for years. “Pilates is definitely the backbone of my fitness,” says Khan, who considers it the best to build a strong core. “It strengthens body balance and works on your core, which is the powerhouse of your entire body. Doing Pilates has enabled me to gain strength that's not only helpful in looking good, but also in boosting physical stamina," she confirmed. Eyeline Makeup Tips from Janhvi Kapoor - Vogue India. The best wide-awake trick takes the form of a barely-there, abbreviated cat-eye that included a simple swoosh that acts as an instant eye-opener.

For a recent red carpet event, Janhvi Kapoor balanced her simple kitten-eye flick with a slick of glossy pink pigment with shaded features, defines lashes and a supercharged glow, making hers a beauty look that you'll want to cop when you have a date night—virtual or otherwise. Get the look: Janhvi Kapoor's kitten-eye and glossy pink lips Start by strategically mattifying your skin and smooth on a matte primer on your forehead, nose and chin.

This will help minimise shine and the appearance of pores. Then, apply a liquid mousse foundation with your fingers, and start in the centre of your face where there is discolouration and redness. 6 Unknown Facts About Amitabh Bachchan's Mumbai home, Jalsa - Vogue India. Verified Healthy Tiffin Services in Mumbai for COVID-19 Patients - Vogue India. Verified Mental Health Helplines & Services for Mental Support - Vogue India. Makeup Tips from Katrina Kaif - Vogue India. 8 Scalp Balancing Shampoo: Scalp Benefits Products - Vogue India. List of 6 Bollywood Stars to Debut in South Film Industry in 2021 at Vogue India. Best Kurta Sets for Indian Summers You Can Shop Now at Vogue India. List of 8 Best K-beauty Products to Get Rid of Acne and Soothe - Vogue India. List of Bollywood Sports Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar at Vogue India.

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Best Skin Care Ingredients From Around The World - Vogue India. Tara Sutaria's Lavish Home in Mumbai: Inside Pictures & Videos - Vogue India. List of Movies & Shows Based on Novels on Netflix & Amazon Prime at Vogue India. Yoga Poses to Practise Before Sleeping - Vogue India. Apps for Beauty Tips - Vogue India. Tips to Make Your Curly Hair Smoother & Frizz-free - Vogue India. How to Style Your Hair Using a Straightener? - Vogue India. Pics of Food Served at Priyanka Chopra's New Restaurant in NYC - Vogue India. Inside Pictures of Shah Rukh Khan's Renovated Office in Mumbai By Gauri Khan - Vogue India. New Restaurants to Visit in Goa in 2021 - Vogue India. Makeup Tips from Alia Bhatt - Vogue India. List of New Movies & Shows to Watch This Week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video at Vogue India. Solar-Powered Beauty Store in India - Vogue India.

Dark Circles Causes & Treatment: At-Home Remedies for Dark Circles - Vogue India. List of Youngest Academy Award Nominees in Oscar History at Vogue India. Best Celebrity Bathroom Interiors Pictures - Vogue India. Fitness Tips from Anushka Sharma - Vogue India. Must-Have Diamond Earrings That Will Last a Lifetime - Vogue India. New Movies & Shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar - Vogue India. 21 Inside Pictures & Videos of Hrithik Roshan's House in Juhu - Vogue India. Ways to Add Volume to Hair with Dry Shampoo - Vogue India. Best Facial Cleansing Brushes for Glowing Skin - Vogue India. 8 Refreshing Face Mists You Can Add to Your Summer Essentials - Vogue India. 7 Strongest Liquors in the World With 90% Alcohol Content - GQ India. Celebrity best home garden pictures - Vogue India.

5 steps to stop your skin from looking dull and reddish - Vogue India. 8 dark spot treatments to bright and eventone the skin - Vogue India. 8 entertaining movies and tv shows on dysfunctional families on Netflix - Vogue India. 7 Thrilling mystery movies to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video - Vogue India. Tips to use accupressure to reduce stress and pain at home - Vogue India.

Watch live action movies on Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar. Everything you need to know before buying protein powder - Vogue India. Tips to avoid mistakes while using conditioner - Vogue India. 12 women leaders on gender equality actives in 2021 - Vogue India. Best oil control makeup products that help - Vogue India. Choose the right color for your skin before LED therapy - Vogue India. 5 Best Herbs for Respiratory Health - Vogue India. How to Apply Makeup on Acne Skin? - Vogue India. 8 Best Hotels & Resorts with Unique Experiences for Your Next Vacation - Vogue India. Sonakshi Sinha's Wedding Guest Style - Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra's Favourite Dry Shampoo for Shiny Hair - Vogue India. Lesser-Known Children's Book That Teaches About Gender Equality - Vogue India. Beauty, & Skincare Tips from Parineeti Chopra - Vogue India.