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Vadilal Today, the name Vadilal conjures images of lip-smacking ice cream in a whole gamut of flavours. Vadilal spells quality, availability, variety and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. It has, however, been a long journey for the group, which traces its origins way back to 1907, when a certain unassuming gentleman, by the name of Vadilal Gandhi, the great-grand father of Virendra R Gandhi, Rajesh R Gandhi and Devanshu L Gandhi, started a soda fountain. He passed on the business to his son, Ranchod Lal, who ran a one-man show, and, with a hand cranked machine, started a small retail outlet in 1926. Eventually, Ranchod Lal's sons, Ramchandra and Lakshman, inherited the business and they were instrumental in giving a new direction to the company. The duo imparted a new vision to the venture and infused a spirit of calculated risk-taking into the company. Vadilal
Dabur Rani Foods, LP (Texas) 12821 Duncan Road BLDG 8 SUITE Q Houston, TX 77066 Phone: 1 2812196400, EXT. 111E-mail: Chetak Sanfrancisco LLC Dabur
Facebook Réal runs for Right To Education on Children's Day On the occasion of Children’s Day, 5,000 kids -- including 1,000 children from the underprivileged sections of the society -- participated in a massive Kids’ Marathon today to build awaren...ess on Right to Education. The Réal Run for Children’ culminated with the participants preparing a massive wall of handprints as a petition to promote Right to Education. The children also signed 5,000 postcards addressed to the President of India demanding Right to Education for underprivileged children, thereby setting a new Limca Book Record. Bollywood actors Randeep Hooda and Adil Hussain, Singer Richa Sharma graced the occasion.See More Facebook
Facebook Globally, Butter has won the war against margarine. In US Market, while Butter consumption has grown by 65% since 2000, Margarine consumption has declined by 30% in the same period. As per attached article, Margarine is seen as Cheap, Artif...ical, Processed Food in US, which is the main reason for its decline. Please refer to the article URL link. Article written by Mr. Roberto Ferdman in Quartz…See More Facebook