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Visa House is one of the most prominent names in visa consulting and immigration. Since it started its operations almost 15 years back, it has helped numerous clients go abroad either on immigration or non-immigration visas. You can also get the dreams of getting a US study visa fulfilled with us.

Immigration Consultants in Delhi -Visahouse. Security Check Required. Visa house (@visahousedelhi) I recommend Visa House service to every professional. Thanks so much….

I recommend Visa House service to every professional

I could never have done this admission process all by myself. I got admission into my University with your help. I am extremely thankful to you for believing in me. I really appreciate all your inputs and revisions to make my essays strong among all the other applicants. Great job!! Like this: Like Loading... Tagged: grateful, great job, recommend, service. Visa House Reviews,Complaints and Fraudulent Feedbacks. Visa House Reviews - Visa House Reviews-Immigration Consultancy with all the Knowledge. Australia student visa-Visa House Reviews. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Australia student visa-Visa House Reviews

Benjamin Franklin A student visa is absolutely essential for someone who wants to go abroad. It helps in launching your career amazingly if you are able to get overseas study exposure. A student visa allows the visa holders to get quality education and get the international experience also while working abroad. At Visa House we have the tie-ups with the most reputed of universities in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand through which the admission process for students is expedited.

Since we are connected with so many universities, students have options to choose those universities which cater to their needs and motivations. With us, the task of getting a student visa which seemed so daunting before becomes completely effortless. Get Residency Return Visa Before Going Away From Australia - VisaHouse Blog. Australia is a great country for permanent residence.

Get Residency Return Visa Before Going Away From Australia - VisaHouse Blog

Thinking about it, you just need an Australia PR to do that. But this status does not allow you a freedom to travel indefinitely in and out of the country. It only provides a freedom to do that for five years. So, a permanent resident has the freedom to move in and out of the country for just five years. Visa subclass 155 To get an extension of the freedom to move in and out of the country beyond a period of 5 years, you need the resident return visa(visa subclass 155). The resident return visa ensures that you continue to be a permanent resident of Australia on a certain date despite your long absence from the country in a period of 5 years. To get this visa, for a, duration of 5 years, you need to fulfill the condition of residence of 2 out of 5 years before the lodging of your application. The visa also requires that the applicant possesses a credible moral character. Visahouse -Study in Czech Republic. Czech Republic has gained popularity among students as a preferred destination for gaining education.

Visahouse -Study in Czech Republic

The students can get education at the coveted Czech College here. It offers students a lot of opportunities to get degrees in different educational sectors with its different schools like School of Technology, School of Business, and School of Languages and School of Health Care. The students can opt to pursue MBA from this institute at a nominal fee of €4,950 per year which is equivalent to Rs 3, 60,000. This is even lower than the fees in an average Indian college also. The college is located in the exotic location of Prague. Another international branch of this college is located in Sharjah. You can have the time of your life during your educational stay in Prague. Study Visa ,Internship, Immigration & Settle Abroad like US.

New Zealand Launches Scholarships - VisaHouse Blog. New Zealand has launched 35 scholarships for Indians to study undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the country.

New Zealand Launches Scholarships - VisaHouse Blog

The New Zealand Excellence Awards, each worth NZ$5,000, are joint scholarships offered by Education New Zealand (ENZ) and New Zealand universities. Awardees can take courses including science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), fashion and business-related fields at eight New Zealand universities, said Grant McPherson, chief executive, ENZ, a government agency for international education. The agency also announced a ‘Game on Sports’ initiative with Stephen Fleming, ENZ brand ambassador.

The two-week orientation programme targets Indian school and tertiary-level students to learn about golf, hockey, cricket and other sports. Meanwhile, 12 students from universities from both countries are working together to showcase a ‘think new’ collection using Indian sustainable fabrics to produce ‘next-generation’ garments. Get a Great Career with Overseas Education -Visa House. It’s a crucial to study abroad these days so that students can give a global edge to their careers.

Get a Great Career with Overseas Education -Visa House

Any student who decides to study abroad gets exposure in terms of living overseas which is quite important for working in MNCs which frequently send their employees to different countries. Apart from this exposure, students get to pick different languages also. Singapore has now become a great career choice for people because it has multiple opportunities and is a developing economy. It can now ensure that the students can get extraordinary study opportunities in terms of subjects like Business Administration, Arts and Design, Finance and Economics, Fashion and Textile and Engineering. Immigration to Italy. In Europe, Italy is the 4th most populated country.

Immigration to Italy

Italy is shaped like a boot due to which it is called lo Stivale in the Italian language. Italy is known for the invention of radio by Guglielmo Marconi. The university education in Italy is very economical. The student can get admission in college paying application fees of just 250 Euros. ESMI(European school of management and information technology) provides a very exciting opportunity for those who want to pursue Masters from an Italian university. Study Visa ,Internship, Immigration & Settle Abroad like US. Visa House Reviews - Visa House Reviews-Immigration Consultancy with all the Knowledge. Let Your Career Fly. Visa House-Smart Immigration, Study Visa and intership con…