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Virtual-Augmented is an interactive virtual & augmented reality studio based in India that specialize in creating amazing immersive experiences using virtual reality. We create outstanding experiences to new technology platforms including virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 Virtual Reality.

How Real Estate Integrating with Virtual Reality Development. Get in Touch with Professional Augmented Reality Developers. Whilst both the augmented reality and virtual reality are garnering huge media attention, there are some who are still confused between these two realms.

Get in Touch with Professional Augmented Reality Developers

So what actually is the difference between the both? Let's have a look and understand it in a better way. We will also discuss some Augmented Reality companies in India. Virtual Augmented - Best Virtual Reality Developers in India. Contact the Best Virtual Reality Development Company in India. After the euphoria of an internet and mobile apps is over, the next big thing on the platter is virtual reality.

Contact the Best Virtual Reality Development Company in India

Although it has been in the picture for a couple of decades now, the world is gradually shifting its focus more towards virtual reality. In such a scenario, a career as a virtual reality developer is not only a promising but a rewarding one as well. There is no dearth of jobs for good virtual reality developers in a virtual reality development company in India and other parts of the world. VR is in demand: Virtual reality is being used in so many fields these days. Real Estate Virtual Reality Tour Creator - The New Way of Business Presentation. The real estate industry is one of the most dynamic industries both in terms of business fluidity and market trends.

Real Estate Virtual Reality Tour Creator - The New Way of Business Presentation

Over the last decade the industry has transformed into an active ground for massive investment and in turn, has explored a multitude of avenues to market itself better. From social media campaigns to engaging out of home advertising campaigns, they've done it all. In the recent years, the advent of virtual reality based technologies has helped add a new dimension to marketing campaigns across all sectors.

The real estate sector too has embraced this concept and tapped into its true potential to engage audiences spread across various demographics across the globe. The best part about these campaigns is the fact that they are engaging enough to promote real estate projects and help audiences understand them in the better manner to make a good investment. Augmented Reality in India - Powerful Marketing Tool For The Product Based Industry. When it comes to engaging audiences nothing beats innovation.

Augmented Reality in India - Powerful Marketing Tool For The Product Based Industry

The more you innovate and introduce your audiences to newer experiences the better it gets. We are always on the lookout for something new, that’s what we as human beings are programmed to do. Get Ready For Virtual Reality In Real Estate. The world of real estate is changing; it’s evolving and embracing the latest trends and strategies with open arms.

Get Ready For Virtual Reality In Real Estate

This one sector is the one where everything is as dynamic as it could ever get. It’s all about showcasing your product and enabling the customer to realize the dreams they have associated with the property they plan on investing in. Helping people understand each and every aspect of a certain real estate investment takes much more than explaining features. It’s about creating a dream for them to live in and putting the property in perspective with that dream such that it aligns with the future you paint for them.

Over the years a multitude of marketing strategies and deliverables have been used by real estate developers to achieve this and boost sales. In the recent years, virtual reality has ushered in a new era for us and real estate developers have leverages this amazing technology to offer fresh and exciting experiences to their clients. About Lisa S. 4 Amazing Benefits of Hiring Leading Virtual Reality Company in India. New age technology has certainly changed the way we look at things.

4 Amazing Benefits of Hiring Leading Virtual Reality Company in India

Different sectors are accepting and earning benefits through the use of technology. The biggest beneficiary of the technology is the real estate. Whether you're looking to purchase a residential property or commercial space, using modern technology like Virtual Reality (VR) has become the next step. Top Virtual Reality Trends to Watch in This New Year.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the most innovative technological and futuristic idea that has seen wider acceptance in different sectors, especially in real estate and entertainment industry.

Top Virtual Reality Trends to Watch in This New Year

In 2016, we saw its augmentation, but in 2017 we would witness the extensive use of this coming-of-age tool used by mature customers and established industries. A virtual reality developer will also witness sharp increase in job demand. Let us check what 2017 has in its store for Virtual Reality: Brands will Market more through VR: According to the industry experts, VR content creation will be of gold rush much like mobile app development.

This growth will be seen in the gaming industry. Mobile VR- The Next Step: There are certain sections of the crowd which use VR, thanks to the Google Cardboard's for cheap peripherals. Investment from Large Companies: With the promising future and acceptance from gadget geeks, in 2017 we'll witness some major companies investing and bringing VR creation to the masses. VR Development and its Benefits in Real Estate. Know about AR ant its Specialization in Modern World. Virtual Augmented – An Interactive Virtual Reality Developer. A project starts with the inception of an idea, an idea that offers all the possibilities of success while beating all the odds.

Virtual Augmented – An Interactive Virtual Reality Developer

Every project is different in one way or another, even projects that lie in the same sphere and are in direct competition with each other are different in some ways. The needs of a certain venture are defined by the vision that is behind that venture. It is this vision that drives the venture and decides all the efforts that go into making the venture a success.

Over the years we have evolved as a race and our craving for something different and out of the box has increased exponentially. Achieving success is not just a figure on a balance sheet; it is much more than growing into one of the biggest players in your sphere. Virtual reality can help you in enhancing brand engagement in a massive way. Virtual reality developers can help your venture increase visibility by offering something new at all times. For a venture, this is a dream come true. How Virtual Tour helps in a Real Estate Project? Skilled Virtual Reality Developers at Virtual-Augmented. Augmented Reality – An Integral Part of Daily Life. Augmented reality is not something new for the tech world.

Augmented Reality – An Integral Part of Daily Life

The developers are discussing it and its applications from last many years. However, the lack of hardware and processing power of affordable devices was making it hard to work on it further. The technology basically binds together the real world with the virtual world. If you think that it will be hard to find devices and developers in this field, then you are completely wrong. There are a number of augmented reality solution providers who can develop applications for you. Applications of augmented reality in today’s world Augmented reality has a number of applications in public as well as military sector.

Military: Heads-Up Display (HUD) or Head-mounted display (HMD) can change the whole scenario for ground troops. Medical: There is a lot that is happening in the world of medicine with AR. Maintenance and Repair: It can be really helpful for those who want to repair plumbing, electric circuits, cars or bikes at home. Conclusion. Benefits of Virtual Reality in Real Estate. How Augmented Reality Developers offer Dependable Solutions? Bringing Your Dreams into Virtual Reality Visualization and conceptualizing any project before bringing it to reality is the most way to proceed.

How Augmented Reality Developers offer Dependable Solutions?

There is a need for a sort of like a rough layout, or a blueprint before you can bring things to reality. There are many virtual reality options that can be used for the same. There are a number of augmented reality developers in India; that work for bringing your dreams into virtual reality and helping you take the first few steps towards creating your dream project.

Be it a commercial or a personal property that you plan to build it is always easier for you to visualize things when you have them in front of your eyes. Explore the World of Virtual Reality and the Possibilities Offered by it. We have been exploring the world of virtual reality for decades now. Over the years we have been able to imagine a multitude of scenarios built around the same idea. Experiencing the whole world and beyond within a controlled, realistic environment. Attract Your Customers with Best Virtual Reality Tours. The world is going digital, with every passing minute technology is taking leaps into the future. We are always trying to find better ways of doing the things we do and invent newer and exciting ways of enhancing everyday activities. In the recent years, virtual reality and technology surrounding it have become accessible to the consumers. We have embraced this amazing technology and the experiences it offers.

This revolutionary tech is not just limited to the entertainment sector and has found applications in orthodox segments like real estate.