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How to Integrate Your Email and Social Media Marketing. Call email old school, but it works.

How to Integrate Your Email and Social Media Marketing

According to a study by technalysis research, “old-school” methods of communication and collaboration like email, phone calls, and text account for a whopping 75 percent of all communications. Besides utility, research also shows that email is a big driver of revenue when it comes to commerce: email was responsible for a whopping 24 percent of sales generated during the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday period. 4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing. Today I have some tools to help you improve your marketing strategy on Pinterest.

4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

If you need to build brand visibility and generate more sales then this social network is still one of the top places to turn to in order to take advantage of the latest visual marketing techniques. Businesses can gain exposure online with increased website traffic and cross promotion to other social networks. Would you like to improve your reach on Pinterest? Take advantage of these four resources, and let me know how these work for you! 1) Beautiful visuals to share – loop88 The best type of visual content is something that your followers will want to pin. loop88 helps your business develop a customized road map for content creation, improved profiles, and management of promoted content. 2) Find niche group boards – Pingroupie.

4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing. 5 Easy Content Optimization Tactics to Boost Your Traction & ROI. Your content is useless if nobody knows it exists.

5 Easy Content Optimization Tactics to Boost Your Traction & ROI

To work for you, your content needs an audience. To get that audience, you need optimized content. Content optimization is how you get your content seen and heard. It gets your best stuff in front of many audiences, including electronic ones that ease human discovery. By now, you know all about SEO and the top ways to rank on search engines. So, what do you need now? Cost-effective digital advertising methods that... 104 Facts You Don't Know About Mobile Marketing (A Monster Infographic) Just how big is mobile marketing?

104 Facts You Don't Know About Mobile Marketing (A Monster Infographic)

This monster infographic, from Website Builder, gives you a comprehensive look at everything mobile, from advertising to email, desktop comparison, shopping, search and much more. I don't normally publish the infographics sent to me from other companies, but this one has so much value and is so up-to-date I couldn't help myself. There's so much here, I couldn't help but be impressed. Check out these 104 Mobile Marketing Facts... Wrapping it Up Mobile marketing is key to the building of your business, especially in this era where people are conscious of their time.

What’s keeping you from taking action? Wishpond's list-building tools (popups, landing pages, welcome mats, opt-in bars and online giveaways) are all optimized for mobile. How Knowing Your “Why” Can Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy. The 5 Best Messaging Apps for Marketing in 2017. Content Marketing in 2016: Trends and Resources for Startups - MarketHub. This guest post was contributed by Nate M.

Content Marketing in 2016: Trends and Resources for Startups - MarketHub

Vickery. Nate is a business consultant and a blogger. He has a degree in marketing and almost a decade of experience in company management through latest technology trends. Nate is the editor-in-chief at Custom content is the future of marketing; it costs 31% to 41% less than paid search and, in most cases, generates more leads. However, investing time and effort into your content will show results. Us7.campaign-archive1. Curating content like a pro If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish thought-leadership in your industry, a way to get more followers and increase engagement, one of the best, rock-solid paths to online success is content curation.


People love a good content share. And in order to give the people what they want, sometimes you've got to dig a little deeper to find the best of the best content on the web. Since implementing a strategic content curation posting plan at Buffer, we’ve seen a huge increase in social media numbers across the board! Facebook: 112% (audience growth), 397% (increase in engagement)Instagram: 498% (audience growth), 313% (increase in engagement)Twitter: 571,000 people reached on 3 curated Tweets alone Discover Check your newsletters for interesting stories.

Our top 5 content curation tools Thanks for joining us, Brian & the Buffer Team. Old School Marketing – 5 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Work. It seems that online is the only form of marketing that anybody cares about anymore.

Old School Marketing – 5 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Work

There is no question that digital marketing is a powerful medium that represents a massive opportunity for most businesses. In developed countries retail is declining and many household name brands have fallen by the wayside or had to scramble to adapt to a changing economy. However, if you have come to the conclusion that traditional marketing techniques are no longer relevant, then think again. No matter how powerful the digital revolution becomes, there will always be some old-school methods that will remain a relevant and effective part of your marketing mix.

Here are a few: Promotional Products Everybody loves a bit of free swag. Networking Far too many people are under the misguided impression that Facebook likes and Instagram follows are a legitimate replacement for network building based on genuine connections, mutual benefit and creation of value. Cold Calling Conferences & Trade Shows. 7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017 - It's Infographics. With the new year comes new opportunity – or at least, a chance to re-fresh your thinking around your strategy and goals and better align them with the latest tools and trends to maximize your potential.

7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017 - It's Infographics

In line with this, the team at MDG Advertising have created this infographic which looks at seven key digital marketing resolutions that businesses should consider in 2017. The listing includes improved automation, re-targeting, video marketing – a collection of the key ideas you might have seen floating around elsewhere but co-ordinated into a single, easy to consume list, along with relevant data to back up each suggestion. And definitely, each of these considerations is worth your time – even if you don’t go all in on every one, it’s worth thinking about how you might be able to apply them, at least in some capacity. View Source Related.