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China's Tanka boat people's floating homes. Ancient fishing people in China have built a village on water home to thousands The Tanka people, named 'gypsies of the sea', live in floating homes and seafood farms By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 13:23 GMT, 9 October 2013 | Updated: 19:39 GMT, 9 October 2013 This community in southeast China is home to 7,000 fishermen refusing to conform to modern lives, remaining in their traditional floating homes on the sea.

China's Tanka boat people's floating homes

The Tanka people, also called boat people or 'gypsies of the sea' can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty where local fishermen settled on their vessels to avoid wartime chaos on the mainland. The floating fishermen's village is located in Ningde City in southeast China’s Fujian province. Curitiba, Brazil. MBA: Bus Rapid Transit. Are Streetcars Mostly for Tourists? Another day, another massive U.S. streetcar project cost overrun.

Are Streetcars Mostly for Tourists?

This time it's Arlington, Virginia's planned Columbia Pike line, which reports now say will cost as much as $100 million more than the latest county estimate. The news follows word from earlier this year that Atlanta's streetcar will cost "significantly more" to operate than anticipated, and from last fall that the proposed Los Angeles streetcar could double in cost. This is exactly what streetcar advocates don't want to hear, because it's exactly what streetcar opponents have vocally feared. To be fair, we should expect mega-transportation projects to come in way over budget.

Whether as a result of the "planning fallacy" (people like their own ideas too much) or "strategic misrepresentation" (officials lie about the cost), roads and rails routinely cost more to build than initial projections suggest. A Setback for Electric Cars. Now a federal investigation into the could make the pitch for the electric cars that much tougher. said on Monday that it would offer free loaner cars to Volt owners worried about the safety of their vehicles, a move that underscored the fragile reputation of automobiles powered primarily by batteries and the growing consternation set off by the federal action.

A Setback for Electric Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday opened a formal defect investigation into the Volt after two batteries caught fire as part of testing by regulators. “Our customers’ peace of mind is too important to us for there to be any concern or worry,” Mark L. Reuss, head of G.M.’s North American division, said in announcing the offer of loaner cars. “This technology should inspire confidence and pride, not raise any concern or doubt.” G.M. executives defended the safety of the Volt’s -ion batteries, and said the loaners were being offered as a gesture of good will — not because of safety concerns.

A Radical Approach to Adding Density in New York's Outer Boroughs. The urban planning community is constantly touting the benefits of building dense communities around public transportation.

A Radical Approach to Adding Density in New York's Outer Boroughs

But according to designers Chad Kellogg and Matt Bowles, few solutions have been ambitious enough to do the whole Transit-Oriented Development idea justice. So they came up with their own. Behold the Urban Alloy Towers, a proposal to take over spaces immediately surrounding transportation infrastructure like elevated train lines and highways. To develop their concept, the pair picked the intersection of the Long Island Railroad and MTA 7 Train in the New York City borough of Queens as their test site.

According to the project description, this intervention is an opportunity to "draw the energy of Manhattan out into the four other boroughs without disrupting existing land use. " A New Bike Lane That Could Save Lives and Make Cycling More Popular. Nick Falbo designed a new type of bike lane that takes dangerous intersections into consideration.

A New Bike Lane That Could Save Lives and Make Cycling More Popular

Nick Falbo His proposed plan has four main components: the corner refuge island, a forward stop bar, a setback bike crossing and better signal phasing. Falbo recently held a pop-up protected intersections in Minneapolis. The hope is that cities will implement the design at particularly busy intersections. <div class="slide" data-slide-id="1102281" ><img title="" alt="" width="650px" src=" data-image-width="1200" data-image-height="900" /><p class="caption">Nick Falbo designed a new type of bike lane that takes dangerous intersections into consideration. Biking through a city can feel like navigating a video game staked upon your life.

In the past few years, U.S. cities have come a long way to make sure bicyclists are safe on the road, but even protected bike lanes have an achilles heel: the intersection. Corner Refuge Island. ΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΠΟΛΗ ΜΟΥ. Το πολυκεντρικό πρότυπο οργάνωσης του αστικού και περιφερειακού χώρου αποτέλεσε μία ενδιαφέρουσα λειτουργική αναπροσαρμογή των προτύπων χωροταξικής δομής των αστικών κυρίως κέντρων.


Το πολυκεντρικό πρότυπο βασίζεται στην ύπαρξη υψηλού βαθμού κινητικότητας των ατόμων εντός του αστικού χώρου. Στο εν λόγω πρότυπο δεν υφίσταται ένα μόνο οικονομικό - επιχειρηματικό κέντρο, αλλά πολλαπλά περιφερειακά κέντρα, τα οποία, μάλιστα, χαρακτηρίζονται από εξειδίκευση όσον αφορά στις λειτουργίες τους (περιφερειακά κέντρα επιχειρήσεων, βιομηχανίας, πανεπιστημίων κ.τ.λ.). Urbanized: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit. Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email Urbanized: A Documentary Film.

Urbanized: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit