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Référencement. Formation. IST cnrs. Développement web. Css. Drupal. Documentation. Web. Récupération. Photos. Web semantique. Marketing. Portail The Toolbox: a directory of useful single-page sites and apps.

Open Source Groupware Scripts. Collaborative software (also referred to as groupware or workgroup support systems) is software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals.

Open Source Groupware Scripts

Collaborative software is the basis for computer supported cooperative work. Collabtive 1.2 Main improvements in Collabtive 1.2 are security-related, so everyone should update! Achievo 1.4.5 Achievo is a flexible web-based free project management tool for small to medium businesses. WebCollab 3.10 WebCollab is a collaborative web-based system for projects and project management; WebCollab is easy to use, and encourages users to work together. phpCollab 2.5 Project management and collaboration over the internet. Feng Office 2.0.0 Feng Office is an Open Source Collaboration Platform that enables you to manage your projects and business services, collaborate with your team and your customers and organize and share documents and files. Tine 2.0 2009-11 SaltOS 3.1-4941 SaltOS is your Business Management solution.


Autoformation à l’animation de projets collaboratifs (Outils-réseaux) Parcours d’autoformation en 13 modules réalisé par l’association Outils-réseaux dans le cadre de l’appel à projets de la Délégation aux usages de l’Internet pour les animateurs des espaces publics numériques et toutes les personnes qui animent un projet collaboratif, une association, une communauté, un réseau… Licence : Creative Commons by-nc-saSource : Outils-réseaux Mots-clés : animation, outils collaboratifs, usages collaboratifs.

Autoformation à l’animation de projets collaboratifs (Outils-réseaux)



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