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Teaching and Learning

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Assessment (NOT grading!)

Critical Thinking. Personality types. Differentiation. StudySkills. Time Management Tips (PDF) - Learn how to manage your time and create a personal schedule Study Schedule (PDF) - Print off your own blank study schedule Finding a Place to Study - Learn how to find the best place to get your homework done Study Guides and Study Tips - This site covers just about everything to do with study skills!


Design a Study Space - More tips on how to have a useful student work area Getting Organized - Help your child (or yourself) become more organized. Visual Thinking Strategies. A guide to using diagrams. Mind-map-assessment2.png (PNG Image, 964 × 564 pixels)

Common Core State Standards

Tools and Resources. Classroom Environment and Management. Words of Wisdom for Teachers. Student Websites. Grading. Technology. Inquiry. ELA.