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Check Quick Service Professionals Instantly - TrustID. Quick Service Professional Verification Under this service, users can authenticate the Aadhaar ID of anyone especially drivers, plumber, maids or any other quick service professional in less than a minute. The instant verification requires the Aadhaar details of an individual like Aadhaar ID + Name & Gender that is checked by the Aadhaar database to provide a matched / not matched outcome.

Identity/Document check – TrustID offers instant ID verification that is based on Aadhaar ID. TrustID is a brand owned by Swabhimaanya, which is a registered Authentication User Agency with UIDAI. Social Media Profiling – TrustID also lets you evaluate the social media profile of an individual based on the email id provided by that person. Digital Court Records Scan – TrustID is electronically linked into the Government’s e-court records database that allows us to scan any and all court cases registered by/against a person in any court across India, using their name and address. Biometric Based Aadhaar Authentication | TrustID. ID Authentication & eKYC TrustID – India’s first mobile based platform to authenticate Aadhaar ID, demographically and through Thumb Biometrics.

TrustID Aadhaar Authentication gives a unique advantage of instantly authenticating anyone’s Aadhaar ID either through demographic details like Name, Gender and Date of Birth or via Thumb Biometrics. Aadhaar based authentication is extremely helpful in cases of ID Verification, Customer On-boarding, Vendor engagement and other similar cases where ID Verification plays a crucial role. TrustID is also capable to providing Aadhaar based eKYC (Electronic KYC) over its platform. eKYC not just reduces paperwork, but also improves the overall level of authenticity when it comes to allocating or selling products or services, that are based on successful KYC like issuing Insurance Policies, Telecom Services, etc.

One of the many success stories of TrustID Aadhaar Authentication Platform is Insurance Sector. Social Media Profiling | trustID. Social Media Profiling/Previous Employment verification TrustID is a creatively disruptive technology platform using state-of-the-art technology, including biometrics, for greater efficiency and improved risk management in HR processes. TrustID enables a review of public profile across multiple social media channels like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Wordpress, etc; of any individual based on an intelligent search based on personal email id. A specialized feature within this service of TrustID also allows secure login to specific social media accounts including Facebook & LinkedIn, to generate a profile summary on those specific social media channels. This service of TrustID Platform scans an individual’s public data across profiles on various social media channels linked with a single email id.

This data is then intelligently processed and presented in a professional report format for profiling purpose and easier decision making based on social media presence. Pre Employment Verification Service Company | TrustID. Pre-Employment Verification In a rapidly developing economy like ours, organizations are often seen in a mad haste to hire in large numbers. During this time a large number of candidates also resort to fake document submission since proper verification is not carried out before hiring. It is also supplemented by the fact that there are nearly 7500 agencies that operate across the country for providing fake educational and employment documents.

For any growing organization, it is imperative to hire the right talent. However, in order to avert fraudulent practices related to hiring, companies have become cautious and conduct an employee screening procedure before finalizing a candidate. The TrustID verification app has also introduced a host of pre-employment verification services that can be availed instantly as well as detailed ones: Identity/Document check – TrustID offers instant ID verification that is based on Aadhaar ID.

Pre-employment Check - Download TrustID App. TrustID. Biometric Attendance Management (BAM) TrustID’s BAM application simplifies attendance tracking at work places for employees stationed within the office as well as employees on the move such as sales / servicing staff, housekeeping staff and drivers. It’s an effective tool to manage and track attendance as well as moment across multiple office premises through different work shifts.

The application initially requires for all employees to be enrolled through an Aadhaar based or simple biometric thumb print registration. Basic details such as Name, Contact number etc. must be entered while registration along with an employee photo to create an employee profile. Once the employee profile is created, they can mark their attendance each time it is required through thumb biometrics. This attendance marking goes with date/time stamping as well as geo-location mapping. Organizations tremendously benefit from this web-based application since it is automated and easily accessible. Aadhaar Based Biometric Authentication | TrustID.