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MOS SEO Services is a leading SEO company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, providing white hat search engine optimization, social media optimization and Internet marketing services. We have extensive experience in providing online marketing services for large and small sized businesses - health care firms, real estate, plastic surgery practices and many other entities. Using advanced technology driven and plain old text book SEO with a lot of hard work, our experienced SEO staff delivers organic search engine optimization services that are specific to client requirements.

Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Search Engine Optimization Company. Mistakes to Avoid When Using Twitter for Your Business. Most people love to tweet everything that they do.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Twitter for Your Business

It’s not complicated at all once you start tweeting. You can tweet anything interesting you want to share with others within a word limit of 140 words and get amazing responses. People also try and re-tweet anything interesting that they find. Many celebrities, artists, politicians and even news anchors have a huge fan following on Twitter. Increasing Website Performance with Quality Back Links. New 'Call-To-Action' Button Can Bolster Facebook Marketing. Facebook made a significant announcement this December for businesses that utilize Facebook for marketing purposes that they are introducing ‘Call-To-Action’ buttons on Pages.

New 'Call-To-Action' Button Can Bolster Facebook Marketing

As per the popular social network, this addition is a new way for users to interact with businesses. The call-to-action buttons link the users to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with the most important objectives of businesses (for example, sign up for mailing list or shop at online store). In this way, the new feature can bolster the business marketing efforts to drive more audiences. According to the official blog post, Page admins can choose from a group of call-to-action buttons and add to the top of their Page. Increasing Website Performance with Quality Back links. SEO Companies Must Prepare for Mobile-Friendly Notification. Google has rolled out a mobile-friendly label in mobile search results.

SEO Companies Must Prepare for Mobile-Friendly Notification

With this notification, SEO companies could be extremely busy optimizing client sites for the mobile Internet user. Businesses Witness Rise in Mobile Search A significant percentage of Internet traffic is accounted for by mobile users. Implementing SEO on Seasonal Pages. Seasonal pages are pages that are in most use during a particular season.

Implementing SEO on Seasonal Pages

Like a page on Christmas would be used mostly in and around Christmas; but it doesn’t mean that people don’t visit these pages on other days, but the traffic may be limited. The pages however cannot be closed just because they are not in use. There are different strategies you can follow to ensure a steady traffic and good search results for these pages. New Study Reveals Factors that Improve Twitter Engagement. Increasing user engagement is critical for promoting your business on Twitter.

New Study Reveals Factors that Improve Twitter Engagement

A study published in November by Stone Temple Consulting, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, throws new light on Twitter engagement. As per the study, user engagement is primarily defined by Retweets (RTs) and Favorites. Around 36% of all tweets receive at least one RT and 43% of all tweets receive at least one Favorite, while only 0.7 of tweets receive a reply.

Shift Towards Facebook Videos - Create Better Video Content. An apparent shift towards videos on Facebook is encouraging many online marketers to boost their efforts to market videos on the popular social network.

Shift Towards Facebook Videos - Create Better Video Content

As per Facebook, the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally, and 94% in the U.S. within a year. On an average, more than 50% of people who log in to this social networking site every day in the U.S. watch at least one video daily and 76% of people in the U.S. who use this site say they tend to discover videos as they watch on Facebook. The statistics makes it clear that you need to create better videos to gain consumers’ attention in the form of likes and shares. According to the official Facebook blog post, the composition of News Feed is changing with people creating, posting and interacting with more videos on this popular social networking site.

The amount of video posted on News Feed by people and brands globally has increased 3.6x year-over-year. Time Management and Social Media for Small Businesses. Facebook’s Manipulation of Users’ Posts - Was It Ethical? Facebook is watching us, but once in early 2012 they were doing more than just that.

Facebook’s Manipulation of Users’ Posts - Was It Ethical?

Brushing Up Your Knowledge on 'Do Follow' and 'No Follow' Links. If you own an SEO company or a website selling a product or featuring an article, it is important for you to understand everything about link building.

Brushing Up Your Knowledge on 'Do Follow' and 'No Follow' Links

Brushing Up Your Knowledge on 'Do Follow' and 'No Follow' Links. Professional Search Engine Optimization. When you want to be found online and stay ahead of competition, you need professional search engine optimization services.

Professional Search Engine Optimization

A reputable professional SEO company, MOS SEO Services focuses on staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of online marketing to deliver professional SEO service using the right strategies. Understanding Press Release Submissions for 2015. Press release submission and creation is one of the services that come under the arsenal of a professional SEO company.

Understanding Press Release Submissions for 2015

It does play its part in a business’s online publicity, but things have changed in SEO since the past decade. Press releases have significantly evolved in terms of their importance in SEO and online brand building. PR distribution does have its benefits as well as drawbacks, and only businesses managing to cover the disadvantages can benefit from the advantages. What Makes PR Submissions Beneficial. Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs Good SEO by MOS SEO Services.

Back Links and Current SEO - An Evaluation. Anyone involved in online marketing is aware that search rankings, visibility and other factors are critical for a business to succeed. Link building is a major part of Google’s algorithm, as it can be the deciding factor that pushes a website to the top of the search results. Links create an online roadmap that connects one source with another, making it easier for the reader to find information and increasing search engine rankings. The more quality backlinks you can acquire, the more importance or popularity your site gains in the search engines. Google has rolled out several updates in the last few years, targeting websites with low quality and spammy backlinks. Mobile Usability Feature Added to Google Webmaster Tools. Finding and Removing Negative SEO. What is negative SEO? This comes into play when someone attempts to lower your website’s rankings in leading search engines through some unethical ploys. Most commonly, mischief makers adopt link based negative SEO though there are many other techniques as well.

Your site could be hacked, which could result in the hacker employing negative SEO techniques that could hurt you. When someone is attempting to harm your website ranking, some sure signs are links from foreign forums, links from worthless and nonsensical blog posts, a large number of links from gambling sites, payday loan sites, porn sites and so on. Negative SEO can be identified and removed. Running Link audits: When running link audits, you can check the links coming into your website and identify those that could cause harm to the site. How Google Changed the Face of Content Marketing. Safer Internet Day and Mobile Application Development. Mobile application development is a very lucrative field since the smartphone experience is gradually replacing the laptop or desktop experience. Mobile apps enrich the user experience further, and businesses looking to gain traffic and higher search engine rankings need to ensure they have a mobile friendly website and also offer apps to improve the experience of users browsing the mobile site.

Your application needs to be safe for the user, since it is through apps that cyber criminals cause havoc. Why Mobile Application Development Must Be Safe The Safer Internet Day on February 10 was observed with a sense of anxiety, since the news of hacking from various parts of the globe is keeping on pouring in. The breach of health insurance major Anthem’s consumer and employee medical records also serve as a grim reminder of the enormity of the task ahead. It’s time to face the facts regarding cyber crime: How WordPress 4.1 Dinah Enhances Business Blogging. Business blogging can be enhanced with the latest version of the popular WordPress blog platform.

On December 18, 2014, WordPress 4.1 Dinah was launched and made available for download after four months of intense development. Curiously, it was named after Dinah Washington, the late jazz singer. John Blackbourn was in charge of this latest update which features many improvements including the most noticeable change, an updated default theme, which is blog-focused and designed for clarity. New plugin recommendations plus a better writing experience free from distractions are the other highlights.

Backlinks and Small Businesses. Small businesses are generally not properly equipped to maintain and manage back links, with many of them not even aware that they should review their links. Businesses that have borne the brunt of Google’s Penguin update may wonder whether links are required to obtain good rankings in leading search engines. The fact is that links do matter. Pinterest Promoted Pins Now Available for All.