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8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses. Why You Should Not Kill Your Blog. Let’s be honest and cut to the chase – Social Media is not “free”.

Why You Should Not Kill Your Blog

If you disagree let me save you time and suggest you skip the remainder of this post. I’m about to discuss ways I believe Associations can invest their time for maximize value for their Members through blogs. A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post titled “Why are America’s fastest-growing companies killing their blogs?”. In his post (based on a study performed by the UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research), author Mark Schaefer, insightfully identifies variations in the sampling and other factors from the report which results in the inability to draw a concrete conclusion that Fortune 500 companies are in fact, killing their blogs. This post bothered me. It bothered me because we are seeing many of our Association clients experience great benefits from Social Media, the most successful of these use a blog as the primary mechanism to “feed” their networks.

I studied the post some more. The problem The opportunity. Branding 2.0 for NGOs. ImageSparkImagetaggedquotinfographicquotSemblance_4dc0f44661d6b_w587. Planning an Effective Twitter Strategy. When Bosch realised that the social marketing campaign for it's professional power tool range wasn't doing what it hoped it would, it commissioned Postable to work with it's marketing department to develop practical tools to better use Facebook and YouTube.

Planning an Effective Twitter Strategy

Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques. 4 Ways to Measure Social Media Success With Free Tools. Do you know if your social media promotions or campaigns were successful?

4 Ways to Measure Social Media Success With Free Tools

For many businesses, it can be easy to label a social campaign a huge hit or a blatant blunder, but which elements made the campaign successful? There are an array of powerful and free tools that can be used to help you understand the successes and failures of your social media promotion or campaign. Let’s dive into four easy ways you can use free products to break down the different elements of a social promotion. #1: Track Actions Visitors Take One way to better understand your social campaign as a whole is to understand how your users find out about it. Event Tracking, as mentioned in my previous post on integrating social media on your website, has the ability to report the behavior of website visitors by tracking certain actions they take. For example, Event Tracking can be used to track the number of times a video on your site is played, a file is downloaded or a certain link is clicked.

The Results The Better Tweet. Eight Principles of Social Media ROI by Beth Kanter. Share | I was honored to be a part the WomenWhoTech online summit. I did a panel titled “Social Media ROI” with Lauren Vargas from Radian 6 and moderated by Roz Lemieux from Fission Strategy . Here’s the description: Social Media ROI: The Metrics Muddle. For the last few years, the hottest debates in social media have centered around metrics, and how to prove the value of your activities.

Social Media ROI: The Metrics Muddle

Two years ago, we were debating whether or not we should even bother trying to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of our social media activities. Some people argued it was impossible, others that ROI wasn’t the point. We’ve come a long way in the last two years, and people like Katie Paine, Keith Burtis, Olivier Blanchard and Christopher S.

Blogging tools

Social_Media_Insight_Whitepaper. Big Data Analytics a Key Enabler for Social CRM - Airlines Case Study. Big Data Analytics is a hot topic of discussion these days.

Big Data Analytics a Key Enabler for Social CRM - Airlines Case Study

But many feel that it is more of a “hype” and less of substance. In my opinion, Big Data Analytics is the real deal and if used correctly, can deliver great business results at a fraction of cost compared to other alternatives. As you can see on slide no. 27, the twitter sentiment scores obtained for many of the airlines are “comparable” to results of The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Klout and PeerIndex Don’t Measure Influence. Brian Solis Explains What They Actually Do.

Whether you like it not, Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, and Radian6 are measuring your social capital — not your influence but your potential for it.

Klout and PeerIndex Don’t Measure Influence. Brian Solis Explains What They Actually Do

Altimeter Group’s principal analyst Brian Solis today releases a free report that explains why influence is largely misunderstood, and breaks down what 14 of the top measurement services are really good for. Metcalfe’s Law and Social Media. Metcalfe’s Law Metcalf’s law in its simplest form assigns a value for a network.

Metcalfe’s Law and Social Media

The value increases proportionally depending on the number of nodes the network contains. For a network with 5 nodes, or computers such as a simple office intranet, the computed value would be 5² or 25. In its simplest form Metcalf’s law states that the value of a network doubles with each additional person on the network, thus networks tend to grow exponentially.

In the original planning stages Metcalf’s law was based on the number of communication devices such as telephones, fax machines or computers, rather than the number of users on the system. As technology progressed, the formula had to be tweaked somewhat so that it could be applied to users. Facebook Innovation Briefing. InShare2121inShare Downloads Facebook Innovation Briefing (7.33 MB PDF) This 50+ slide presentation was delivered at an Econsultancy trends briefing during April 2011.

Facebook Innovation Briefing

Inside, it explores Facebook and the associated innovation, trends, strategies and future possibilities to help understand and leverage this popular, but complex, platform through 2011 and beyond. With more than half a billion regular active users, Facebook is an area digital marketers shouldn’t be ignoring. This presentation explores how companies are currently being active within the social network giant and where things are heading in the future, giving you inspiration and preparation to successfully engage with users in new and exciting ways. A Framework for Social Analytics. 128,168 views Featured in: Technology This report is intended primarily for business people who are tasked with understanding, ...

A Framework for Social Analytics

This report is intended primarily for business people who are tasked with understanding, interpreting, and acting on social data—executives, strategic planners, social strategists, and marketers. It will outline the key challenges of social data, propose a value-based framework for social analytics, and recommend clear and pragmatic steps that companies engaged in social media must follow to ensure they are gaining insights, measuring effectively, interpreting accurately, and taking appropriate action—both today and in the longer term.

Statistics. A framework for measuring social media activity. 61,078 views This is a new framework and methodology I've developed to help measure social media activity. It's been developed on behalf of the IAB Social Media Council to help practitioners measure their ... This is a new framework and methodology I've developed to help measure social media activity. It's been developed on behalf of the IAB Social Media Council to help practitioners measure their activity effectively but also bring greater consistency across the industry. This is likely to be an evolving document to interested to hear your thoughts! Statistics Views Total Views. 50 Free Social Media Tools You Can't Live Without.

Become a global media brand in 60 minutes. Become a global media brand in 60 minutes Details Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 August 2012 11:01 Published on Monday, 09 November 2009 15:25 Written by David Brewer Broadcasting and publishing the easy way.

Become a global media brand in 60 minutes

Social Business Intelligence: Positioning a Strategic Lens on Opportunity. Recently I’ve been tracking the growth of social analytics and the means of delivering well on it. Connecting analytics to the needs of the business is the next step beyond basics of collating, aggregating, and identifying patterns in what the world is doing that affects your organization. On ZDNet recently, I explored the rapidly growing trend of big data. Collectively, big data represents a set of highly innovative new ways that companies are developing to distill value from the sheer scale, richness, and complexity of today’s vast networks of people and their data, of which the Internet is just the biggest example. Pinterest / Home. Cool social business pictograms. Photos and videos directly from Celebrities and Influencers.