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Vira International is top leading international Recruitment agency

Student Internships in UK. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to train in Great Britain, and gain skills and experience in your chosen profession whilst living and working in one of the worlds most advanced nations you will train with a British organisation and gain valuable experience.

Student Internships in UK

Vira International has 4 decades of experience in placing students and professionals with International Companies globally. We work with Students (Currently pursuing a Degree or a Diploma) as well as fresh graduates (Must start Internship within 12 months of graduating) to assist them in matching their CV’s for internship opportunities with suitable companies where they can train, in their chosen professional field. The Tier 5 of the point Based System, allows students to gain professional training for a maximum period of 12 months. Participating in this program will have many great advantages; You will Expand your knowledge and skills. We will arrange everything for you Professional Resume & Interview set up and preparation. 1. Immigration Consultancies – Helping With the Complete Process. When you have decided to immigrate to London, you will require applying for a visa along with various other services.

Immigration Consultancies – Helping With the Complete Process

To complete the process, one can avail the services of immigration consultants London who are specialized in complete application process of immigration to UK. With the services of consultancies in hand, you can easily understand about the complete process in a hassle free way and continue with the application process of your immigration. With the consultancies at your service, you will be able to understand the importance of language proficiency and will be able to prepare for the same, as you need to clear a test. As immigration to London is a tough task, the consultancies would help you in getting all your educational certificates and credentials certified by authorized personals. Starting from filling up the visa application process to getting your visa cleared is the task that is done by immigration consultants at affordable rates.

Like this: Like Loading... Getting An Internship Abroad. Most of the jobs abroad look fascinating and people want to work in these places to gain more experience, to be more independent, work in a new culturally rich background so that they can create a robust CV which allows them to apply for better jobs.

Getting An Internship Abroad

There are many consultancy companies that specialize in sending students abroad to work in great work environments. Of all the job opportunities, the hospitality industry is booming and there are many companies in the UK that recruit foreign students. Most of the companies show the students how to apply for a British Passport as well as guide them through the Sponsor License program. There are many consultancy services that send recruits to these companies for foreign internships. Apply tier 1 entrepreneur visa for UK – Vira International. Internship in United State. Why host an intern USA?

Internship in United State

Globally recognized branded Hotels have an International client base. A team of multi national and multi cultural staff members can add immense value to the company and its team of permanent employees. Getting The Best Staffing Solutions. Are you in need of a set of staffs that range from chefs to managers to help you build your hotel or company?

Getting The Best Staffing Solutions

You can get staffing services from third party mediators who supply you with a good and professional batch of students. Since UK is one of the most popular destinations where students want to learn, there are many hospitality consultants in UK who provide top notch services. These consultants will help your organization build by providing you with the best possible foreign professionals to aid your business. Best Hospitality & Immigration Consultants London. Vira International has become a leader in providing Global Staffing Solutions within the Hospitality sector and we have built our reputation from providing staff recruitment services to Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn and Compass Group.

Best Hospitality & Immigration Consultants London

Our eating habits have changed dramatically and an explosion of quality restaurants have become readily available offering world cuisine from the Red Hot Buffet Company, Wagamama, Las Iguanas, Turtle Bay, Cinnamon Club , Dishoom and Roti Chai Dining Room, all of which, we are proud to say are our clients. Sponsor License for UK - Chef Recruitment Agencies in UK. Find Tier 2 Sponsor for Chef.

Vira international is one of the UK’s leading immigration consultants and a trusted name with hundreds of UK companies who act as sponsors as well as thousands of migrants, who have over the years relied on our honest and straight forward advise.

Find Tier 2 Sponsor for Chef

Our OISC registered consultants can offer advice to sponsors looking to hire migrants, as well as migrants looking to work in the UK. Tier 2 General To apply under Tier 2 General category of the points based system. Skilled Workers will require Sponsorship from a company who is licensed to sponsor migrant. Vira International Ltd. has several experienced and trained Consultants who have been assisting clients in recruiting overseas workers from non EU Nationals and assisting with work permit applications and Entry clearance (application for Visa in Home country). Apply tier 1 entrepreneur visa for UK – Vira International. Apply for Citizenship & Permanent Residency in UK - Vira International. How to Apply for British Passport. Vira International Ltd. has several consultants that are registered with and authorised by the OISC to offer immigration advise in the UK.We currently act as representatives of and manage the sponsor management system (SMS) for over 150 UK companies.

How to Apply for British Passport

We offer honest advice and always act in best interest of our clients. It is our endeavour to ensure our clients are always compliant. Application for a License to be a Sponsor If you wish to employ a Non EEA national and provided the role is one that is suitable for sponsorship, you will need to be a licencedsponsor. Vira Internationalwill be happy to assist you in making an application for a License to be a sponsor under for Tier 2 General or Tier 2 ICT (Intra Company Transfer) of the points based system Please contact or

Vira International. Apply to ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) - Assistance Same Day. UK Tier 5 Internships. Apply for Citizenship UK. Recruitment In Harrow. Apply for Citizenship UK. Immigration in UK. Vira International Ltd. can provide OISC registered immigration advise in UK and will be happy to assist you in making an application for a License to be a sponsor under the point based immigration in UK for Tier 2 or Tier 4.

Immigration in UK

A company or education institute applying to be a sponsor: • Will need to allocate the required personnel Key Contact, The Authorising Officer (AO), Level 1 User, Level 2 User • Must keep the required records or documents, and make them available to officials of the Border and Immigration Agency on request. • Reporting Duties under the point based system will apply to all the Tier 2 and Tier 4 Sponsors • HR Systems and Compliance: Good human resource systems and compliance must be in place to allow the company and the Home Office to monitor and keep records of the sponsored migrants employed.