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Wiki / Jobs. You can select what type of results 80legs generates for you.

Wiki / Jobs

Available options are: Unique and total count - 80legs outputs the # of unique matches and total # of matches for your content selection strings (i.e., keywords or regular expressions)Boolean array - 80legs outputs the two numbers above plus a 1 or 0 for each string, depending on whether or not that string was foundCount array - 80legs outputs the unique and total count plus the total count for each stringCode results - If you select to analyze content using code, result type will default to this option. OutWit - Harvest The Web.

Web Macros Free Beta. "Record and Play" Your Web Automation Solutions Need to automate a task on the internet?

Web Macros Free Beta

Just click record and Web Macros will do the rest. Industrial Strength Automation ... Simply put, Web Macros is automated site navigation that can be produced rapidly by anyone who can use a web browser. DEiXTo - Web Content Extraction Tool. ScrapeBox – Harvest, Check, Ping, Post. Konstanz Information Miner. Web-Harvest Project Home Page. Data Extraction Screenshots. Features. Ready for Mission Critical Applications Simple to Use You can be up and running with Spinn3r in less than an hour. Scraping · chriso/node.io Wiki. Node.io includes a robust framework for scraping data from the web.

Scraping · chriso/node.io Wiki

The primary methods for scraping data are get and getHtml, although there are methods for making any type of request, modifying headers, etc. See the API for a full list of methods. A note before you start scraping. Download Free Trial - WebSundew 4.1 Standard, Professional or Enterprise Edition. Refine, reuse and request data.