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Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck. 10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit. Over time certain conventions and best practices have been developed to help improve the general usability of websites during their design and build.

10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

This roundup of ten usability crimes highlights some of the most common mistakes or overlooked areas in web design and provides an alternative solution to help enhance the usability of your website. Crime 1: Form labels that aren’t associated to form input fields Using the ‘for’ attribute allows the user to click the label to select the appropriate input fields within a form.

This is especially important for checkboxes and radio fields to give a larger clickable area, but it’s good practice all round. Crime 2: A logo that doesn’t link to the homepage. / Highlighting Rich Experiences on the Web. 15 sites web developers and designers should know - ColorCombos When designing a website, one of the firsts (and most important) steps of the process is to choose a color scheme.

15 sites web developers and designers should know -

Color Combos allow you to browse thousand of different colors combinations for getting inspired for your upcomming design. Color schemes can be browsed by colors. Visit LIpsum. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.