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MSc International Migration and Public Policy - Taught Programmes 2016. About the MSc programmes The International Migration and Public Policy (IMPP) programme is jointly run by academics from the Departments of Government, Sociology and the European Institute.

MSc International Migration and Public Policy - Taught Programmes 2016

The teaching is interdisciplinary and also involves academic staff from several other LSE departments, including the Department of Geography, the Department of International Relations, the Department of International Development, the Department of Social Policy and the Department of Law. It brings together some of the unique resources of these departments into one interdisciplinary programme on global migration, international mobility and public policy.

The programme also has close ties with the LSE Migration Studies Unit, the focal point for migration research at LSE. Key features of the IMPP degree are: Programme details Students will take courses to the value of three units and a dissertation as shown. Compulsory courses (* half unit) Graduate destinations. MSc in Latin American Studies. Citymapper - The Ultimate Transport App. Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bushwick shares a border with Ridgewood, Queens, to the northeast, and is bound by the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg to the northwest; East New York and the cemeteries of Highland Park to the southeast; Brownsville to the south; and Bedford-Stuyvesant to the southwest.[5] It is served by ZIP codes 11206, 11207, 11221, and 11237.[6] Bushwick was once an independent town and has undergone various territorial changes throughout its history.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Boundaries[edit] A community board district map of Brooklyn, highlighting the location of Bushwick in red The industrial area north of Flushing Avenue, east of Bushwick Avenue, and south of Grand Street is also sometimes included in Bushwick, occasionally with the modifier "Industrial Bushwick".[7][8] Statistics[edit] Demographics[edit] Puerto Rican flags wave above a side street in Bushwick. Bushwick is 69.9% Hispanic, 16.8% Black, 8% White, 1.8% Asian, and 3.4% other. Housing[edit] Diggz - Find your perfect roommate in NYC. Find a roommate online: 12 websites that'll do the heavy lifting for you. [This story has been updated with new information for 2015.]

Find a roommate online: 12 websites that'll do the heavy lifting for you

For many, finding someone to split the cost of a New York City-sized rent can be a fundamental part of the moving-to-NYC equation, especially if you make less than $96,000 and/or you're just starting out. New to the roommate rodeo as it's played here in NYC? Read our 6-Step Guide to Renting a NYC Apartment with Roommates. Then read our updated list of websites that would like to help you find a match below.

(Bonus: If you find a roommate who's already got an apartment and needs you to take a vacant spot, you'll likely avoid paying that dreaded 12 to 15 percent broker fee). 1. This NYC start-up is the newest kid on the block (it launched in January 2015). You fill out a questionnaire with information on your sleep schedules, your cleanliness preferences and more, and the site finds you a match. 2. Founded last year, Diggz is another roommate matching site for the five boroughs, Jersey City and Hoboken. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Top 10 London speakeasies and hidden bars: From The Nightjar to Evans and Peel Detective Agency.

It’s no surprise that the entire population of London is currently cramming into the obvious beer gardens and rooftops amid the heat wave.

Top 10 London speakeasies and hidden bars: From The Nightjar to Evans and Peel Detective Agency

However, joining the sweltering masses for sunburn and cider isn’t for everyone. Metro would like to offer some respite to those seeking a much needed pint or exotic cocktail without the hassle of being elbow deep in sweaty, thirsty punters. Something a bit special, something a bit secret. For you, we raise a glass as we reveal the top 10 speakeasies and hidden bars, as rated by drinkers on reviews and recommendations website, Yelp. 10. Classic is the order of the day in this quintessentially British establishment. 9.

Perhaps not the most top secret of all watering holes, but still very much a spot that deserves to be tried. 8. With a traditional, prohibition theme running through its core, Hoxton’s Nightjar may offer a well-known setting, however this is offset completely with the creativity displayed in their cocktails. 7. Here are the real best things to do in New York City, according to locals. It Girls' 25 Best Spots in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Shanghai. Last night, Magic Mike XXL star Channing Tatum was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and although he stayed fully clothed, he definitely did not disappoint.

It Girls' 25 Best Spots in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Shanghai

During the segment, Fallon and Tatum acted out scenes that were written by children about a character named Magic Mike. Tatum has been a kind of signature guest on The Tonight Show as well as his previous post on Late Night. If Johnny Carson had Bob Hope and Dave Letterman had Regis Philbin, it’s possible that we may be looking at the next famous late-night duo. After all, every celebrity shoots for the viral stars, but no one has a track record quite like Tatum. In June 2012, he was the first-ever male guest to appear on the fan-favorite segment, the teen girl talk show, “Ew.” Those aren’t just vanity muscles! Tatum was also the first male guest to play one of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite games, Box of Lies. All that’s left is a Magic Mike–themed lip-sync battle—and we’re pretty sure Tatum will have that one in the bag.