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Visionary Art

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PlantTeachers. Welcome to PlantTeachers and Visionary Convergence online art gallery.


May you be inspired, feel connection, take flight and enjoy as these medicine works emanate their healing elements in your direction. Anderson Debernardi9 images Anderson Debernardi is one of the founding students of the Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting, which was established in 1988 in the city of Pucallpa by Pablo Amaringo and Luis Eduardo Luna. See more at Anderson's website. David “Slocum” Hewson9 images See more about David "Slocum" Hewson here. Luis Tamani5 images. Debernardi Vision — The Ayahuasca Visions of Anderson Debernardi. Dennis Konstantin. Artworks – symbolika. » Paintings Official Paul Laffoley Website. Evolution Of The Spirit by Jim Figora - Evolution Of The Spirit Painting - Evolution Of The Spirit Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale.

Electric love Hyper-Lapse. Michael Divine - Ten Thousand Visions. Symbolika. Next index [Image] | Symbolika Symbolika is a visionary illustrator who explores the fractal, geometrical and spiritual nature of the psychedelic experience provided by the spirit molecule, DMT.


Portraying the ineffable visions of Ayahuasca alongside beautiful sacred geometry, Symbolika is among today's best visual seers. Filed under blog, art, psychedelic [Audio] | Kaya Project - Firedance London based duo The Kaya Project's album 'Fire Dance' is an uplifting, spiritual and energetic take on the archaic music of the ancient eastern cultures that... blog, music, spiritual [Video] | CYMATICS: Science Vs. Nigel Stanford shows the science behind music and vibration in his music video, Cymatics.

Mark Perceval-Maxwell. Wes Wilson - Home. A Rainbow Full of Sound: The Psychedelic Poster Art of San Francisco. Tune in, turn on, drop out and flash back to San Francisco in the 1960s.

A Rainbow Full of Sound: The Psychedelic Poster Art of San Francisco

Visionary Art from the Amazon Jungle. Although similar techniques have been achieved in the digital realm, Luis Tamani Amasifuen’s works are all hand painted.

Visionary Art from the Amazon Jungle

From the jungle of Pucallpa, Peru, Amasifuen creates beautiful paintings from his shamanistic visions. A graduate of the Escuela Superior de Formacion Artistica Eduardo Meza Saravia, his works are rich in vibrant colors and fractal details with a mythical, spiritual vibe and a theme of rainforest protection and conservation. His works were exhibited at Festival Amo Amazonia in Trapoto 2010.

See more of his visionary pieces on his Facebook. See Also Amazing New Visionary Art by Geoglyphiks Interview of Luis (In Spanish). The incredible paintings of Rob Gonsalves. Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures. Luke Brown ( ART ) ART GALLERY. "Terence McKenna Tribute Poster 02" by FreemanDan-com. Available to buy on… New version of the Terence McKenna tribute poster.

"Terence McKenna Tribute Poster 02" by FreemanDan-com

All Products terence mckenna, dmt, lsd, mushrooms, psilocybin, elves, gnomes, dmt elves, machine elves, mckenna, psychedelic, abstract, portrait, spirits, visions Register your email address to be first in line desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait. Artainment - Visionary Artists Music Video Art Showcase - Visionary Artist Directory. - Psychedelic Art Gallery. Boom 2014: Museum Of Visionary Art « Scratchbook. Begeben wir uns in das Museum Of Visionary Art; die Kunstausstellung psychedelischer Bilder.

Boom 2014: Museum Of Visionary Art « Scratchbook

Das Museum ist ein begehbarer Drache… Noch während des Festivals sind Künstler am Malen. Eines der stärksten Bilder, deshalb hab ich’s auch in voller Auflösung hochgeladen. Schaut es euch genau an und achtet auf die Geschichte, die es erzählt: Und noch so ein Highlight: Weiter: Boom 2014: The Deep Dynamics Behind Falling in Love. Visionary Art. By Alex Grey.

Visionary Art

The artist's mission is to make the soul perceptible. Our scientific, materialist culture trains us to develop the eyes of outer perception. Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight. To find the visionary realm, we use the intuitive inner eye: The eye of contemplation; the eye of the soul. All the inspiring ideas we have as artists originate here. Where Art, Myth, and Dream Interfuse... Andrew Annenberg. Home - SOLIPSIST. Andrew Thomas Huang. 15 digital visionary artists that you NEED to know. Author’s note : This is not a comprehensive list of inspiring digital artists.

15 digital visionary artists that you NEED to know

It is a selection of some of those who are inspiring me right now. 15. Android Jones We will start the list of with one the more profound artists in the visionary culture. Android Jones is a trendsetter when it comes to unique ways of utilizing digital tools to create incredibly detailed pareidolic masterpieces 14.

Mark Lee is constantly dreaming up futuristic devices, modeling them using 3d software and then having them printed with a 3d printer. 13. Aussie Cameron Gray’s blurs the boundaries between the light and dark in the digital art that he creates. 12. Isaac Mills aka Mugwort Artemisia is a young lad from British Columbia. 11. Another artist from British Columbia, Justin Totemical is inspired by hip hop and street culture as well as the ancient knowledge of the ancestors.