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The Vintage Optical Shop

The Vintage Optical Shop is a leading provider of Vintage Eyeglasses in the United States. Through their online store, they offer a genuine range of retro style eye frames for both men and women. Their range includes vintage cat eye glasses & sunglasses, retro Windsor glasses and much more. Visit their website to checkout their range.

BE MORE FASHION ORIENTED WITH VINTAGE EYEGLASS FRAMES FOR MEN. The styles of men’s vintage fashion frames can be dated back to a different era altogether.


Men with stylish and fashionable eye-wear never go out of style. You may find vintage frames with the styles similar to the 18th century; there are also the ‘20s, the ‘30’s and the ‘80s men’s vintage frames to raise the panache factor. Being varied in shape does not make them any less suitable for certain face-shapes – which is what makes them a highly popular fashion item to own. But with fashionistas and designers reviving the style quotient regularly, these vintage eyeglasses have gone under immense transformation and has gained colossal popularity. Let’s see how. VINTAGE CAT EYE SUNGLASSES- PROTECT YOUR EYE WITH A STYLE. Sunglasses are the perfect enhancements for your look, gelling up well with the quirkiness of your entire costume and weather.


There are thousands of trends in sunglasses. The one which we will talk about in this blog is the super amazing and super sexy cat-eye. Imagine that you’re slowly sliding your cat-eye sunglasses down your nose, reading a cocktail menu in front of you! Wow, that makes a super sexy look for the onlookers. To add more charm to your entire look, it is essential to mention that these vintage cat-eye sunglasses are the best lockdown for UV rays as well. Vintage Eyeglasses – A Classy Accessory for Men. Vintage eyeglasses for men come in many different styles.

Vintage Eyeglasses – A Classy Accessory for Men

Men have donned different types of eyeglasses and sunglasses in the past that helped them achieve a certain type of look. Each pair of eyeglasses defined a personality and stood with its design and quality. This is why vintage eyeglasses are still in demand today. The handcrafted eyeglasses of the past are far more special and unique than the factory-produced eyeglasses of today. There are different types of designs that you can choose from. You can also choose different base materials such as tortoiseshell, wooden, metal or horn-rimmed eyeglasses. Pince-nez is one of the classy designs that is totally unique in concept and design, unlike any other type of eyeglasses. Money Saving Deal-Best Source to Buy Vintage Eyeglasses. Vintage products make their own unique statement, particularly the understated charm of vintage wearable.

Money Saving Deal-Best Source to Buy Vintage Eyeglasses

Most people envision visiting flea markets and small antique stores to buy vintage products. While such trips can be exciting, it is not a universal opinion for having a great time. Create a Classical Look with Vintage Cat eye Sunglasses. When it comes to sunglasses for women, the cat eye frames might be the most popular design they choose, regardless of age.

Create a Classical Look with Vintage Cat eye Sunglasses

The cat eye eyeglasses and sunglasses gained popularity in the 1950’s with the trend rising till the 1970’s. These frames received their cult status when Audrey Hepburn sported a pair in her iconic role as Holly Golightly in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Because of the rising demand of cat eye glasses, designers kept experimenting with different design variations, sometimes using metal accents and rhinestones to add some extra glamor. The craze for cat eye frames cooled down slightly after the 1970’s and other designs soon started ruling the fashion scene. Fashion Up with John Lennon Style Retro Round Eyeglasses in 2017. John Lennon is remembered for his music as well as his unique sense of style.

Fashion Up with John Lennon Style Retro Round Eyeglasses in 2017

When wearing eyeglasses was not a part of the popular culture, he made the round-wire “granny” glasses fashionable. These round wire glasses and sunglasses became a part of his public image until his death. These glasses have never really gone out of style, thanks to John Lennon, and are still one of the most sought-after retro frames for eyeglasses. You can also fashion up with John Lennon’s style retro round eyeglasses in 2017. If you want to buy a retro style frame for your eyeglasses, you must first consider your face shape. Pinup Couture: Vintage Glasses As The Perfect Photo Prop! / The Vintage Optical Shop. This entry was posted on May 24, 2016 by vintage.

Pinup Couture: Vintage Glasses As The Perfect Photo Prop! / The Vintage Optical Shop

Whether you wear glasses daily or just as an accessory now and then, there's no denying that a great pair of glasses can really make an outfit! For any vintage lovin' girl, this rings doubly true as vintage glasses are perhaps the easiest way to lend a huge dose of vintage allure to any look. Fabulous for pinups and retro dolls alike, glasses are a perfect accessory for any retro styled photo shoot – a point that we'll prove today today with our favorite sassy and spectacled ladies!

Vintage sass is overflowing in both of these prime examples of how sexy a pair of glasses can really be! Featuring both clear glasses and sunglasses, what most people don't realize is that our frames are in such great shape that they can easily be transformed into sunglasses at your local optometrist. A great addition for any outfit, our first pick is in a bright baby blue so it shines bright and bold. 3 Benefits of Buying Vintage Frames! / The Vintage Optical Shop. This entry was posted on May 31, 2016 by vintage.

3 Benefits of Buying Vintage Frames! / The Vintage Optical Shop

 Now the perfect accessory, glasses have moved out of the shadows becoming an iconic part of fashion history. They’re so much so that we can’t think of a better way to show off your personality or style than with an amazing pair of specs. And, while the optometrist offers undeniable expertise in the health and wellness of your eyes, we find that getting an original and unique pair of glasses isn’t easy when buying new. That’s why we want to share our top 3 benefits to buying new, old stock glasses so you see why going vintage can be a wonderful and fashionably inspired decision!

First on our list is the undeniable fact that buying vintage is a huge plus for the environment! Next on our list of benefits, there’s no denying that vintage glasses have a unique factor all their own. Bummer!) Originally made for a population that needed what they purchased to last, vintage eyewear is just as durable as it is fashionable. Dapper Dudes: Men’s Eyewear / The Vintage Optical Shop. This entry was posted on June 8, 2016 by vintage.

Dapper Dudes: Men’s Eyewear / The Vintage Optical Shop

Rugged yet distinguished, men’s glasses have been lending gentlemen a dapper look for well over a century. Donned by Hollywood’s leading men of the past and present, there’s no doubt that a pair of glasses can really make the man. The Vintage Optical Shop: VINTAGE CAT EYE GLASSES - STYLISH AND FUN TO WEAR. A style made famous by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cat-eye glasses have been making quite a fierce comeback in the fashion circles all around the globe.


The style conscious generation of today can be easily seen sporting these vintage eye glasses with pride, and fashion bloggers just aren’t running out of tips and ideas on how to stylize these gorgeous eyewear pieces. If you are looking to bring a bit of Hollywood drama into your wardrobe, vintage cat eye glasses are a stylish and fun accessory to wear with just about every clothing ensemble. Mesmerizing Looks For those who don’t know them, Cat-eye style glasses are characterized by slanted tips at the top edge of the frame. Usually made of plastic and preferred in darker hues, this design takes inspiration from the fierce, slightly curious stare of a feline animal, bringing together boldness and elegance in a simple yet sophisticated design. Amazing styles. How to Purchase the Right Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses Online? - The Vintage Optical Shop. Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” sported a pair of cat eye sunglasses making them a fashion trend overnight.

Cat eye sunglasses have been popular amongst women ever since. One of the major reasons for their popularity is their shape that gives a feminine yet edgy appearance to the wearer. A perfect pair of vintage cat sunglasses is simple to find in theory. However, it can be a bit tough to find a pair of sunglasses that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to your eyewear needs.

The Vintage Optical Shop: Vintage Eyeglasses - How to Identify Genuine Retro Glasses? Anyone can be fashionable and follow the latest trends these days. However, fashion nowadays is mass-produced with everyone sporting similar things. If you want to look unique and fashion-forward, you should consider going back in time to find the items that will give you a unique look. Eyewear is one of the main things that can transform your look. And a pair of vintage eyeglasses will make you stand out from the crowd. Vintage eyeglasses are really popular these days especially because the designs are so different from those available in the market today. Many retro glasses are usually more affordable and have better quality too than what you get in the market. . • Base Material. Get The Look: Vintage Celebrity Specs. This entry was posted on May 10, 2016 by vintage. There's no doubt - celebrities in the past sure had style!

With Hollywood stars emerging as the major power of style and appeal in the 1950's and 60's, they set the stage for almost all the trends and styles of the era. Luckily for us, this period in time had wonderful taste that we still can't get enough of! In today's post, we want to share some of our favorite bespectacled celebrities from the past and show you how to get their timeless looks. Blog - The Vintage Optical Shop. Genuine Vintage Eyeglass Frames at The Vintage Optical Shop.

Wide Range of Vintage Round Eyeglasses at The Vintage Optical Shop. Retro Pince Nez Reading Glasses only at The Vintage Optical Shop. Genuine Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses The Vintage Optical Shop. Antique Eyeglasses - The Vintage Optical Shop.