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Raise your tech IQ: Listen to these five podcasts. If you work in tech, you've got a lot of great choices for podcasts that can keep you well-informed, including some new ones you may not have heard of.

Raise your tech IQ: Listen to these five podcasts

Podcasts are enjoying a resurgence in the wake of the Serial phenomenon, but the tech world has been at the forefront of podcasting long before it went mainstream. If you work in tech, you have plenty of great content to choose from. Since the tech industry changes faster than any other, it puts tremendous pressure on tech professionals to stay current and keep an eye on what's next. Many techies listen to podcasts during their commutes, workouts, chores, or even while doing mindless tasks at work. How the 'PayPal Mafia' redefined success in Silicon Valley - Feature. The "PayPal Mafia" is no mafia at all.

How the 'PayPal Mafia' redefined success in Silicon Valley - Feature

It's a diaspora. "Basically, we were kicked out of our homeland and they burned down our temple. So, we were scattered to the four corners of the globe, and we had to make new homes. " That's how David Sacks, former COO of PayPal and current CEO of Yammer, described it. The ominous "they" in this story is eBay, and eBay is partly responsible for both the success of PayPal and why the founders walked away from it. It's a pretty rare occurrence that a startup will make it from inception to exit. Despite astronomical odds, this is what happened when PayPal sold to eBay in the summer of 2002 and the PayPal team members went on to found some of the most important startups — and make some of the most strategic investments — of all time. The PayPal Mafia — a term that's used with affection and awe in Silicon Valley — is defined as the Mountain View PayPal team either pre-IPO or pre-acquisition, depending on which founding member you ask. Five free cataloging applications.

A Resource for IT Professionals. Why desktop 3D printing still sucks Why desktop 3D printing still sucks 3D printing is an amazing technology, but the usefulness of desktop printers has been incredibly overhyped.

A Resource for IT Professionals

10 dumb things users do that can mess up their computers. Users find plenty of ways to run into trouble, from gunking up their system with shareware to leaving it exposed to attackers to forgetting about using surge protectors.

10 dumb things users do that can mess up their computers

Share this list with your own users so they can sidestep preventable problems like these. We all do dumb things now and then, and computer users are no exception. Inadvertently pressing the wrong key combination or innocently clicking OK in the wrong dialog box can change important settings that alter a computer's behavior or even crash the system. Nervous newbies are often fearful that one wrong move might break the computer forever. Luckily, short of taking a sledge hammer to the box, the consequences aren't usually quite that dire. Note: This article is also available as an article and as a PDF download. #1: Plug into the wall without surge protection Here's one that actually can physically destroy your computer equipment, as well as the data it holds.

Understanding and selecting authentication methods. If you are serious about computer/network security, then you must have a solid understanding of authentication methods.

Understanding and selecting authentication methods

Quick Tip: Change Microsoft live to a local account in Windows 8.1. Since the Windows 8.1 update, I have been asked many times how to change a Microsoft live account into a local account without losing data.

Quick Tip: Change Microsoft live to a local account in Windows 8.1

Here is how you do it. When I wrote Quick Tip: Change to a local account in Windows 8.1, I was concentrating on the problem presented during the free upgrade process from Windows 8 to 8.1 where you seemingly had no choice but to choose the Microsoft account login option. In my scenario, I was starting Windows 8.1 from scratch and did not have any pre-existing apps or data to worry about. After writing that Quick Tip, I received numerous emails asking for information on how to switch to a local account without losing all the previously installed apps and associated data. This is possible and relatively easy. 10 things you have to know to be computer literate. Many of your users are coasting along without adequate computer knowledge.

10 things you have to know to be computer literate

Help them close the gap by sharing this list of essential skills. It is tempting to think that because you have used a computer for a long time, you are "computer literate" or "computer savvy," but this is not the case. Here are 10 skills you absolutely must know to be considered computer literate. If you already know these, you should be helping others learn them as well! 1: Search engines Using a search engine is more than typing in the address, putting a couple of keywords into the big text box, clicking Search, and choosing the first result. Three methods for transferring files to and from your Android tablet. If your Android tablet doesn't have a USB port, you can still easily transfer your files to and from a PC.

Three methods for transferring files to and from your Android tablet

Jack Wallen explains three ways this can be done. Transferring files to and from your tablet can sometimes be difficult, especially if it doesn't include a standard USB port. Sure, emailing files back and forth works, but many users need to have a more consistent, reliable, and easier means to transfer files to and from their Android tablet. Let's dive in and examine a few methods for transferring files without a USB port.

None of these methods are especially challenging, but they can require the installation of software and, in one case, necessitate that you share out folders on your PC (so you'll need the ability to do that). IT Innovation Report 2015: Top companies, key tech drivers, and biggest roadblocks. The industrial Internet of Things: Setting the context, seeing the value. 10 things that define a true professional. You may be a brilliant developer, a highly skilled net admin, or a crackerjack DBA -- but if you're unprofessional, your career is likely to fall short.

10 things that define a true professional

Alan Norton offers some attributes to strive for. The term professional is thrown around quite a bit these days, perhaps too much. I do it myself. TechRepublic - A Resource for IT Professionals. Five trustworthy password recovery tools. In a bad situation, you may have to use a specialized tool to recover a password.

Five trustworthy password recovery tools

Here are five reliable apps you can turn to. Many people take a dim view of password recovery tools for ethical reasons -- understandably so. You have a tool that can, in some cases, crack passwords on machines. But in certain situations, these tools wind up being the last ditch effort that can save you from having to go as far as reinstalling the operating system. Imagine losing your Windows Server administrator password and not having the means to retrieve it.