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7 atalhos úteis que usam a tecla 'Windows' Se você está entre as pessoas que arrancaram a tecla Windows do teclado por pura irritação, temos uma má notícia: ela é uma tecla bem útil.

7 atalhos úteis que usam a tecla 'Windows'

Embora a Microsoft não faça exatamente um trabalho maravilhoso em explicar para que ela serve, a verdade é que a tecla pode facilitar algumas tarefas cotidianas de quem usa bastante o PC. Abaixo, mostramos sete atalhos de teclado bem interessantes que você pode usar com essa tecla. Eles funcionam com praticamente todas as versões do Windows que têm suporte para ela. Os GIFs ajudam a ilustrar as utilidades que esses recursos podem ter. Confira: 1. Como ler o arquivo windowsupdate log. Importante: essa seção, método ou tarefa contém etapas que informam sobre como modificar o registro.

Como ler o arquivo windowsupdate log

No entanto, sérios problemas poderão ocorrer caso você modifique o registro incorretamente. Melhores desinstaladores para remover programas do seu PC. Ao desinstalar programas e aplicativos, o Painel de Controle do Windows nem sempre remove todos os componentes do arquivo — o que seria necessário para que o sistema operacional fique realmente limpo.

Melhores desinstaladores para remover programas do seu PC

Neste casos, a melhor atitude é valer-se de um desinstalador de programas que limpa todos os rastros. Para ajudá-lo a escolher qual o melhor para a sua necessidade, veja abaixo uma lista com sete ótimas opções, cada um com características próprias. Use a ferramenta Verificador de Arquivos do Sistema para reparar arquivos de sistema ausentes ou corrompidos. How To Use SFC Scannow to Repair Windows System Files. The sfc scannow option is one of several specific switches available in the sfc command, the Command Prompt command used to run System File Checker.

How To Use SFC Scannow to Repair Windows System Files

While there are plenty of different things you can do with the command, sfc /scannow is the most common way that the sfc command is used. Sfc /scannow will inspect all of the important Windows files on your computer, including Windows DLL files. If System File Checker finds an issue with any of these protected files, it will replace it. Sfc. CHKDSK. Esta documentação foi arquivada e não está sendo atualizada.


CHKDSK [<Volume> [[<Path>] <FileName>]] [/f] [/v] [/r] [/x] [/ i] [/c] [/ l [: <Size>]] [/b] Não é possível executar o CHKDSK porque o volume está em uso por outro processo. Você gostaria de agendar este volume para ser verificado da próxima vez que o sistema for reiniciado? (Y/N) 10 unidades de alocação perdidas encontradas em 3 cadeias. 10 cool things you can do with Windows PowerShell. If PowerShell's learning curve has kept you from embracing it for daily use, "cool" might not be a word you'd associate with it.

10 cool things you can do with Windows PowerShell

But PowerShell is here to stay. It's a core part of Exchange 2007, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008, and it has immense power worth tapping into. Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, on the same hardware? So, are you one of those long-time Windows users who lived through the Vista fiasco and then upgraded to Windows 7 as soon as it was apparent that it was far superior to the previous version?

Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, on the same hardware?

Then, when you saw Windows 8 coming, you vowed to never again get caught with an experimental operating system and decided to stick it out with Windows 7? If so, chances are you're glad that you did so. Pro tip: How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in VirtualBox. Greg Shultz walks you through the steps of installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview in an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine.

Pro tip: How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in VirtualBox

Do you want to take a closer look at the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but you don't want to disrupt your current computing environment with what is essentially an incomplete and potentially unstable operating system? If, so you're in luck, because you can do so quite easily and without any fear by installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview in an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine. In this article, I'll show you how. Get the Technical Preview To get the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which is available as an ISO file, all you need is a Microsoft Account and an internet connection.

Windows. Quick Tip: Take fast screenshots with Windows 8 shortcut. Capturing and saving a screenshot in Windows 8 can be as simple as a basic keyboard shortcut.

Quick Tip: Take fast screenshots with Windows 8 shortcut

In my job as an editor at TechRepublic, I have to create screenshot images just about every day. Before Windows 7 that generally required a several step process: one step to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, one step to paste it into Paint or similar application, and one last step to save it to a hard drive. When Windows 7 came along there was the Snipping Tool, which did not really reduce the number of steps, it just sort of rearranged them slightly: Start the Snipping Tool, pick what you wanted an image of, snip it, and then save it to a hard drive.

While Microsoft Windows 8 still has the Snipping Tool, it also has a new keyboard shortcut for capturing screenshots. If you click the keyboard combination of the Windows Key + Print Screen, Windows 8 will capture the current screenshot and save it automatically in the Pictures Library. Sign in to Windows 8: Microsoft account versus Local account. Should we use a Local account to sign into Windows 8 or should we use a Microsoft account?

Sign in to Windows 8: Microsoft account versus Local account

Neither choice is wrong; Greg Shultz explains. Windows 7 : uptime, last user logged in time and date, last rebooted.

Computer Slowdown

Windows XP. Windows 7. Processess. Sorting - How to sort the tasklist in the command prompt? FGA: The Windows NT 6 boot process. You've come to this page because you've asked a question similar to the following: What is the Windows NT version 6.x boot process ? This is the Frequently Given Answer to such questions. (It is not the DOS-Windows boot process.) It covers both the Windows NT 6.0 ("Windows Vista" and "Windows Server 2008") boot process and the Windows NT 6.1 ("Windows 7" and "Windows Server 2008 R2") boot process, which are, as the 6.x version numbering implies, largely the same.

FGA: The EFI boot process. You've come to this page because you've asked a question similar to the following: What is the boot process employed by EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) machine firmware? This is the Frequently Given Answer to such questions. Bootstrapping on EFI involves a boot manager that is built in to the firmware. EFI systems do not rely upon bootstrap programs stored in boot records (VBRs or MBRs) at all. The firmware knows how to read a partition table and understands the FAT filesystem format. Impressora compartilhada na rede replicada para todos os usuários. Make proxy settings per-machine (rather than per user) The 32 Totally Essential (and Free) Apps for Every New PC. You have to admit, Windows is a pretty barebones operating system, feature-wise. After a fresh install of XP or Vista (perhaps following a Clean Start), you're faced with a barren Start Menu and an empty desktop that's beaming with limitless potential.

The problem is that it's up to you to hunt and download those applications that you really need in your day-to-day computing experience. And chances are, it's often difficult to find good software that's also free. That's where this guide comes in. We've put together a list of what we think are the most essential PC apps for every Maximum PC reader. And at the end of the feature, we'll even show you how to install these apps in one fell swoop with a special configuration file we've created.

Free Ways to Synchronize Folders Between Computers. I've taken a look at the Dropbox website and signed up for the Beta. It looks great in principle, but since it's not yet available to the public. I can't actually comment on using it. In the meantime, here's my feedback on the apps that I currently use. Foldershare The good:- I've been using Foldershare for a while now, and it has performed really well. I like the fact that (once everything is set up) you can just leave it running in the background. Windows Firewall Registry Keys. Windows Server content from Windows IT Pro. Everyone has probably heard that Windows Server 2012 will add around 2,300 new Windows PowerShell commands.

Today, however, PowerShell still works with just a subset of the Windows Server management functions. One area that it doesn't directly touch is the ability to configure Windows Server networking and firewall functions, for which you need to use the venerable netsh commands. Even with the advent of PowerShell, netsh has continued to evolve, and it's particularly useful for configuring Windows Server Core. Related: Network Configuration Tasks with Netsh. Command Prompt or CMD Tricks for Windows 8 / 7. If you have been a Windows user for long time, I am sure you must have used Command Prompt. Even today, the CMD helps in performing many advanced administrative functions, and in troubleshooting Windows related issues. We have earlier, already covered some basic Command Prompt Tips.

Netsh. Configure Network Interfaces, Windows Firewall, Routing & remote access. Syntax NETSH [Context] [sub-Context] command Key The contexts and commands available vary by platform, the list below is for Windows 2008. Use interactive mode/help (described below) to check the commands available on your machine. = add - Add a configuration entry to a list of entries. netsh add helper In interactive mode, switch context by typing any context name: advfirewall, bridge, firewall, http, interface, ipsec.. etc list commands with ? Exit interactive mode with Quit or Exit. To view help for any command, type the command, followed by a space and ? For run Netsh against a remote machine, both File and Printer sharing must be enabled and the Remote Registry service must be running on the remote machine.

Windows 8 Tweaks, Tips and Tricks. Erros comuns da BDE e suas respectivas soluções. Durante o desenvolvimento de aplicações em Delphi, utilizando a BDE (Borland Database Engine) para se conectar com as bases de dados, é bastante comum a ocorrência de alguns erros relacionados à memória, principalmente em sistemas operacionais mais recentes como Windows Vista e Seven. Vejamos então os dois principais erros desse tipo e como solucioná-los. Shared memory conflict - $210D Traduzindo para português, trata-se de um erro de “conflito de compartilhamento de memória” e ocorre porque a BDE está tentando acessar um endereço da memória que já está sendo utilizado por outra aplicação ou pelo próprio sistema operacional. View or change the Office or Outlook Product Key - Environment variables. June 2015 Environment variables An environment variable is a dynamic value loaded into the memory that can be used by several processes operating simultaneously.

On most operating systems, the location of some libraries or of the main system executables may be different depending on the installation. It is therefore possible, from a given programme, to refer to a location based on the environment variables that define these data. In Windows In Windows, the environment variables are placed between the "%" character. Echo %NAME_OF_THE_VARIABLE% Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main environment variables on Windows systems: In Windows, the set command allows creation, modification and display of the environment variables.

To display a variable, the following command is used: Autoruns. Why does logon take so long? What are all those icons in the system tray? How do I stop programs from starting automatically? How do I get rid of that strange error that keeps cropping up during logon? You've probably heard these questions plenty of times, especially from Windows users who are working on new systems that came preloaded with applications or on older systems on which they've installed numerous programs over time.

This month, I'm taking a break from writing about the tools in the Systinternals PsTools suite to discuss a free tool that can answer those questions: Sysinternals Autoruns. [SOLVED] How to Pin to Start Menu/Task Bar for Default User. Also, here's an optimized version of your script (code is a little bit tidier and functions have been optimized to avoid calling the same function too many times). Last thing, I noticed that just removing the .lnk files removes the application from the start menu. How to Automatically Delete Files in Your Download Folder on a Schedule.

Whether you share your computer with other people or you use it for a lot of downloads, it is nice to be able to clear out the download folder without having to manually take care of it each week or month, which is when an automated deletion comes in handy. You can automate the cleanup of your download folder using a batch file that will delete files older than a certain amount of days. You can run this whenever you feel that you need to clean up your download folder or you can use the Task Scheduler to run it daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

How To Monitor File And Folder Changes in Windows. If someone else is using your computer or if you need to see what changes were made to your files and folders during a specific time, you can use Nirsoft’s handy FolderChangesView application. Nirsoft is a great freeware provider that produces amazing little tools for your PC, and the best part is that they never bundle crapware with their programs like so many other software vendors do. How to Find Your Lost Windows or Office Product Keys. O iniciar o computador em modo de segurança - Dicas e Tutoriais. O modo de segurança do Windows é uma forma de iniciar o programa em um modo de diagnóstico para realizar algumas alterações no sistema e identificar eventuais falhas e conflitos que não podem ser corrigidas no modo de execução normal.

Nesta dica, explicaremos como iniciar o Windows em modo de segurança. Change Your Forgotten Windows Password with the Linux System Rescue CD.

Windows Register

How to Quickly Transfer Your Files and Settings to a New PC (or Mac) 15 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know. AOMEI OneKey Recovery Creates a Custom Windows Recovery Partition. Chkdsk. Aprenda a usar o CHKDSK. Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit. How to Reset Your Windows Password. The complete list of Windows Logo keyboard shortcuts. Operating systems - Does Windows still rely on MS-DOS? What are the technical differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7? Windows 8 disk space usage vs Windows 7. How do I force excel (and other office products) to stop opening files in the same application?

Where do Start Menu\All Programs shortcuts reside? Command line - How can I find out when Windows was last restarted? What are the Windows system certificate stores? What utility can move my Windows boot partition over to another hard drive? How to delete files from a folder using a list of file names in windows? What is a safe way to move AppData\Local to a different drive?

Looking for MD5 utility that integrates to Windows. How do I detect my computer's RAM configuration? How can I tell which Domain controller I'm authenticated to? Change DNS with script. Burn in - What programs can I use to test my computer's hardware? How to avoid bit torrent to degrade my connection performance without limiting bandwidth usage? List Available Wireless Networks from Command Line. Force programs that do not specify proxy settings to use a proxy (ie: Steam) How do I change the user I am logged in with on a Network Share? What would happen if I take my hard drive out of my current PC and put it in a new PC? Taking a picture after entering wrong password. How to control RAM / swap usage. Rename - How do I remove the same part of a file name for many files in Windows 7? What means do I have to catch a Hacker that cracked in one of my computers? Is there a way to make VirtualBox use a specific monitor when going full-screen?

Is there a way to see all files and registry entries that an application installs? Convincingly "breaking" a system for a non technical user.