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Iridium go. Sunday 27th April 2014 12am GMT +3hrs Sunday 27th April 2014 3am GMT.

Earth wind map. Iridium GO! promet de vous connecter – presque – n’importe où. We read in the news Global satellite company aims at the consumer market with Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! promet de vous connecter – presque – n’importe où

: pack it for camping or world travel (¹). In all public places where you can connect wirelessly to the Internet today, Wi-Fi is not yet ubiquitous. And if you are a boater, backpacker, pilot, camper or someone who spends a lot of time in nature, the chance to connect to cyberspace in some remote locations is almost impossible. It is not just data. Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications, says that the cellular industry covers only about 10% of the Earth surface, with even less coverage in the skies. Matt Desch argues that Iridium GO! "The first device we've created with much more consumer appeal It is not likely to go on a mass market, however, probably not a device likely to cost somewhere around 800$ and subscriptions that may vary 10 to 100$ monthly, depending on usage.

Desch considering scenarios in which consumers may rent Iridium GO! Desch also said that Iridium GO! Meteo Consult. METEO MARINE. COGOW. Skymate. Librairie Maritime. Meteoserver. NOAA. Pilot Charts - Iceweasel. Les Pilot Charts sont des cartes contenant des données statistiques mensuelles comme par ex. la force et direction du vent et la hauteur des vagues.

Pilot Charts - Iceweasel

Celles-ci sont utiles pour préparer un voyage et prévoir une traversée à la meilleure époque possible. Cependant bien que compilées sur un grand nombre d'années et parfois plus de 100 ans, il faut se rappeler que ces données sont seulement des moyennes ou des statistiques. Il est donc vivement recommandé de consulter les bulletins récents et cartes de météo marine pour avoir une meilleure idée des conditions à prévoir. Extrait de la Pilot Chart Atlantique Nord pour le mois de Décembre Source : NGA - Atlas of Pilot Charts Note: Les liens pour l'Atlantique Sud et le Pacifique Nord fonctionneront une fois seulement que ces Pilot charts auront été numérisées.

Pilot Charts Atlantique Nord (pdf) : Synopsis | Jan | Fev | Mar | Avr | Mai | Jun | Jui | Aou | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec Pilot Charts Atlantique Sud (pdf) : Pilot Charts Pacifique Nord (pdf) : Les courbes Météo du jours. PassageWeather. Grib files. Custom grib data-files are available from Saildocs.

grib files

These are extracted on a per-request basis from global computer models and can cover any requested area. The resulting file can be anywhere from 1K bytes to megabytes depending on the amount of data requested. Reasonable-sized files can be sent via low-speed data links such as radio email. Important note: Grib files are computer-generated forecast files from a NCEP/NOAA computer, which are sent without review, and are offered on an as-is basis. There is no assurance that the data is available, accurate or correct. Viewing grib files: =================== A simple grib-viewer is available as part of Viewfax, Airmail's fax and image viewer. Requesting a grib file: ======================= Saildocs is an automated system and the format for a grib request must be followed exactly.

The format for a basic grib-file request is: gfs:lat0,lat1,lon0,lon1|dlat,dlon|VTs|Params send gfs:40N,60N,140W,120W This example is around 2K bytes.