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I love working with Story League because they're good at creating brilliant content, podcast, and videos. You may visit them at

What are some great copywriting hacks? – Story League. Could A Copywriter Ever Be Replaced By An AI Robot? – Story League. How to write a content strategy – Story League. 6 Steps to Guide Your Video Creation Projects – Story League. How to write a content strategy for your new blog – Story League. Why is Copywriting Important? – Story League. What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting? – Story League. A complete guide to copywriting – Story League. Video Creation Services Melbourne – Story League. Blog - How to Use Storytelling to Build Your Audience - These days, people depend heavily on the internet and on social media to find brands that they can trust, follow, and support long term.

How to Use Storytelling to Build Your Audience -

Because of this, businesses seek to use various social media platforms to gain more traction. Popular websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram are being used by most brands to showcase who they are and what they do. Not using these platforms to increase your customer base is outdated; it would also make your business’ presence practically invisible compared to the rest, especially now that inter-industry competition is only getting tougher by the day. How to Humanise a Brand Through Storytelling - Building your brand means building customer trust.

How to Humanise a Brand Through Storytelling -

This is a vital concept to remember when creating your brand. People turn to brands that they trust. And when they trust your brand, you’ll have a lot of loyal customers who won’t only buy your products and services but will also recommend you to their peers. Many brands nowadays roll out lofty and egotistical click-baits and content in an attempt to gain customers, but more often than not, this method is counterproductive— if not even downright repelling. While eventually, your business should be able to tell its success story, it isn’t exactly the best way to introduce your brand. In this day and age, branding isn’t only about pitting product against product; it has also become a competition of creativity. Businesses have found more and more ways to be creative with their brands, and it’s noticeable that the more creative they get, the more ‘human’ their brands become.

The answer is simple: Humans trust other humans the most. 1. 2. 3. Content Framework - To understand you and your industry and the calibre of the content being uploaded in your marketplace, we need to do the research.

Content Framework -

This happens in five phases: Story identification: We’ll ask the questions, and you give us your responses. The questions will form the basis of our work. The Power of Telling a Story - You’re in a conference room.

The Power of Telling a Story -

The speaker is in front with a PowerPoint presentation, bombarding you with buzzwords and numbers. They’re supposed to make sense, but as the next stale slide plays, you realise that you’ve already forgotten the last. A bunch of those details are probably at the back of your head, but you can’t seem to remember them only a few minutes later. Now think about the last story you read. A week later, a friend asked you to summarise it and you found yourself recalling the story with ease. This disparity is because stories are far more memorable than another data point. This makes storytelling powerful in delivering any message. As social beings, we evolved to share our knowledge with our surrounding community to increase our chances of survival.

Before written language, information had to be passed around through word of mouth from one individual to another. Simple: You add structure. About - How to Tell a Great Story - Storytelling is essential in driving your business to success.

How to Tell a Great Story -

In our previous blog, “The Power of Telling a Story”, we said that storytelling is a powerful tool in delivering any message to your audience. It draws them in, keeps them listening, and leaves them with a lesson that they can carry with them for a lifetime. But of course, not all stories will have that impact on their audience. Storytelling is a form of art. A good story is one that will immerse its audience into its world, in the world of a hero that they could empathise with. While there is no definite way to tell a successful story, there have been structures and techniques made through the years that have proven to be effective. One of the most reliable plot structures that have been used through the years is found in mythologist Joseph Campbell’s book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” In telling a story as an entrepreneur, the same formula can be used. 1.

The mindset to more sales - What’s your brand and how does it reflect who you employ?

The mindset to more sales -

If you don’t understand who you are as a business it’s impossible to know what traits a potential employee must have to accurately and confidently promote your business. In this podcast, we chat with Matt Baker of Calpier who help large and small companies hire the right people, develop individuals and build high performance teams by predicting job performance. Copywriting services Melbourne - One of the most effective ways to market your business is through consistent copywriting – articles, blogs, ebooks, landing or sales pages, social media posts, electronic direct mail or email lead generation and website copy.

Copywriting services Melbourne -

But with 5000 blogs posted online every minute, the market has become saturated. And it would seem that crass, self-indulgent copywriting dominates the digital media landscape now. We know you’ve seen it before in obnoxious statements such as: “Buy my online program to discover how I generated $10 million worth of sales in 90 days.” Podcasts - Videos - Copywriting - "We love working with Story League.

Copywriting -

They’re professionals at creating brilliant content and it’s allowed us to focus on core business. " Sabino Choi - Director + Reg.Architect, YSC Architects "Story League create high-quality content that engages my ideal customers. Their work has even been published in a prominent online publication for me. Story League.