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Police crackdown on Occupy Oakland. Icelandic People Said No. "Occupy Movement" Could Focus on Speculation and Food Prices. Chris Hedges arrested with others at Goldman Sachs headquarters. Oakland PD sends second vet to ICU. Can Bank Transfer Day strengthen? Bulldozer Removes Abandoned Property at Occupy SLC Eviction - November 12 2011 - YouTube.flv. Hundreds in Vancouver Protest and Demand Arrest of Dick Cheney !! : Parental Advisory. Boston Electrician wants Glass-Steagall Reinstituted. Activists Plan Big Protest in Washington D.C. - Ray McGovern Reports 1/2. An Open Message to the 99% (Occupy Wall Street) OCCUPY WALL STREET'S LATEST VIDEO-THE NUMBERS ARE GROWING! DBickford 360-773-1318. The Deadliest Place in the World for a Journalist. OCCUPY HEARTS & MINDS: The Spirit of Liberty - a SGT micro-doc. I just got back home from Occupy the Fed Dallas/Occupy Dallas. with pics. I just got back home from the Occupy the Fed Dallas protest.

I just got back home from Occupy the Fed Dallas/Occupy Dallas. with pics

Turnout was more than a few hundred people from what I saw (I arrived a little after 5 but I heard people were out there for hours before). Quite the variety of people there. Most signes were End the Fed related/anti-bank, along with Anonymous (the Guy Fawkes masks to), Ron Paul, and more anti-government. Alex Jones was on the mega phone, doing interviews, and shaking almost everybodys hand there. One of the funniest things I heard him shout was.... "You know why the police brought out the gang unit??? I wasnt able to catch all of his speeches, but they should be up on youtube pretty soon. Unfortunantly, OccupyDallas didnt really show up.

The police again were very respectful. That was pretty much the jist of things earlier today. Oh yea, there were quite a few beautiful women there to. (Pics were taken on my phone, could have been better but its better than nothing) Tea Party to Obama: STOP POLICING THE WORLD! #OccupyWallStreet Expands to South Florida - October 7, 2011.

The Battle For Brooklyn: Eminent Domain Abuse Gone Wild. Patrick Henningsen: Qaddafi Gone, Syria is Now Next 1/2. OccupyNYC. NYC Police Evict #OWS - Trashing Tents + Setting Off Tear Gas. The Human Cost of Africa's Odious Debt. Occupyfox. Occupy Wall Street EXPLODES! Bankers Fund Arrests, spreads to LA, DALLAS, BOSTON- Mirror. Group Meditation At Occupy WallStreet - Incredible!

OCCUPY WALL STREET - NYPD To Investigate Misuse Of Pepper Spray; Spirit Of Revolution In The Air. 10 1 2011 Brooklyn Bridge Step by Step Account of NYPD Entrapment.MIRROR. #OccupyLA ...#OccupyTogether... #OccupyEverything - It's Catching On - Protest Corporate Greed. Wall Street Executive Leads Protest March to Trump Building. NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM NOV 11, 2011. Banks put Americans on the hook for trillions: Restore Glass-Steagall. Fed Protests Nationwide. NYPD Gone Wild. #OccupyWallStreet - 'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors' Occupy Wall Street on Brooklyn Bridge, 700 protesters arrested. Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse cnn news breaking. Brooklyn Bridge shut down: RT's Occupy Wall Street footage. Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters on Brooklyn Bridge.

Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED. INSANE! Cops fire Tear Gas at Protesters at Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland. Police Use Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, Flash Bangs on Occupy Oakland Protesters. NYC - Calling All Moms, All Unemployed, JOIN NOW. Oklahoma's largest quake buckles highway-Cause? FRACKING FOR OIL AND GAS! Eye Witnesses Talk About Todays NYPD Violence. The Voice of Today's Youth, #OccupyWallStreet Needs Us All! Broadcast Yourself. Poetry & Mace, The Protest Blues by War on Error. We All Want To Help One Another Speech #OccupyWallStreet LiveStream. NYPD Arrest Black Law Student from Minnesota, Tighten Cuffs. No homes or jobs for US vets. Occupy Tulsa arrests, police pepper-sprayed protesters. Marines protect Oakland Solidarity March in NYC. Ex Marine Could Be First Death At Wall Street Protest 2011. - Streaming Video of #OWS Protests Around the Globe. Oakland General Strike clashes: Masked youths smashing windows.

Half Million March in Israel חצי מיליון מוחים בישראל. LUKE RICHARDSON Arrested, Live STREAM TEAM being taken down by NYPD. 911 1st RESPONDER Joins the Protest! Live Stream Media Coordinator Arrested for NO Reason! Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 60 + Arrested - Nets & Pepper Spray Used. LINK: See Day 9 Coverage of Occupy Wall Street HERE 7:57 PM - Occupy Wall Street marchers have started off for One Police Plaza.

Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 60 + Arrested - Nets & Pepper Spray Used.

NYPD are following with arrest net. Lady Liberty Wrapped in American Flag Talks to NYPD by Global Revolution 7:30 PM - Dark now. Above Lady Liberty (name unknown) wrapped in an American Flag and Betsy Ross wig makes impassioned appeal to NYPD officers, "We're fighting for you pension, we'er fighting for your social security, we're fighting for you children and your children's children. LINK: Don't Stop Now: 13 Things You Can Do NOW to Support OWS 7:00 PM - General Assembly decides half of Liberty Plaza protesters to remain and keep the occupation. ACTION ITEM: You can help the 100 Arrested Today.

NYPD Bans UMBRELLAS on Liberty Square. Oakland Police tear gas Occupy Oakland. It's The Federal Reserve Stupid! - Alex Jones & Paul Watson Report 1/3. Occupy Wall Street - a revolution? Broadcast Yourself. Occupy Wall Street. 38000 Of us, We've Got Your Back! TWU NYC to OccupyWallStreet. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest spreads to Los Angeles  Internal NYPD Rift Over Aggressive Tactics Used Against Peaceful #OccupyWallStreet Protesters? The site says that they “received unconfirmed reports that over one hundred blue-collar police refused to come into work in solidarity with our movement.”

Internal NYPD Rift Over Aggressive Tactics Used Against Peaceful #OccupyWallStreet Protesters?

This is a potentially huge story. We’re looking into this to verify. This report featured in the Boston Review gives a first-hand account of several cases of police brutality, which occurred during Saturday’s march. As the report states, blue-collar officers were shocked by the aggressive tactics white-collar officers used. Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street ProtestsBy Jeanne Mansfield, Boston Review My boyfriend Frank and I are heading toward Liberty Square to check out what’s going on at the Occupy Wall Street protest, when we stumble upon the afternoon march toward Union Square. All in all, it starts out as a pretty good time. As we circle Union Square, about twenty NYPD officers haul out orange plastic nets (the kind used to fence off construction sites) and close off the road, diverting the crowd. Today's March September 30th. NYPD Plaza Occupation 1. Occupy Wall Street: Is there a unified message? Thousands of Portlanders Protect Occupy Portland before Eviction.

Occupy Wall Street Declares Goldman Sachs Guilty.