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Envisioningtech.pdf. Les tendances du WebMarketing Last trends USA. Les programmes transmédia s'apprêtent à débarquer. Top 100 Internet Trends of 2010 - From Deceptive Chalk Art to Robot Fitness Coaches (COUNTDOWN) Briefing 2011. Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011. So here we are in a new decade, and the technologies that are now available to us continue to engage (and enthrall) in fascinating ways.

Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011

The rise and collision of several trends—social, mobile, touch computing, geo, cloud—keep spitting out new products and technologies which keep propelling us forward. Below I highlight seven technologies that are ready to tip into the mainstream 2011. Before I get into my predictions, let’s see how I did last year, when I wrote “Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010.” Shaping the Future: 7 Predictions for the Creative Community. At the start of every year, it’s fun to think about what’s next.

Shaping the Future: 7 Predictions for the Creative Community

However, for the creative professional community, considering the future is not just a casual exercise. It’s a necessity. The creative industries are rapidly changing, as is the way we manage our own creative careers. Do you rely on the web for inspiration, feedback, or any other part of your creative process? Do you rely on online networks or websites as a source of new customers, clients, or collaborations?

Top 100 Trends in 2010 - From 2010 Trend Reports + Pro to Holiday Portrait Fails (COUNTDOWN) Online Marketing Trends – 7 Top Influential Marketing Trend Websites. 15 Marketing & Social Media Trends To Watch In 2011. JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2011. Le coup de vieux des Bobos, place aux Hipsters. Social Commerce, Six Killer Ideas for 2011. Social Media has become a proven success for most companies.

Social Commerce, Six Killer Ideas for 2011

Social Media has allowed for better insights into current and potential customers and has helped brands connect with a wider base of customers. As the art of reputation and conversation management are becoming more broadly mastered by brands, we are finding that marketers are upping their expectations. Leaders are now turning their focus to Social Commerce. Their goal is to find measurable sales opportunities via Social Media platforms: This blog will focus on 6 areas of Social Commerce (with a focus on Facebook) to tap into in 2011: