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Explore Startups Timelines. Pretty Streets : walk in the city through beautiful streets. François-A. GLAUDET sur Twitter : "#pitch day @slpparis finals. #ehealth with @Valwin_ @Hi_Camille_ #startup #entrepreneurship @slpfellows. S, Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights. It hits every entrepreneur, at some point -- that dreaded lying awake at night.

s, Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is a prime inconvenience, mostly because entrepreneurs like to be well-rested sorts so as to attack the day with gusto, come morning. Assuming that the issue hasn't developed because of downing too many espressos, people lie awake at night for four reasons: They are so full of excitement and ideas that they can’t sleep. They're thinking of all the things they need to do. Or a pressing business problem (perhaps involving personnel or cash flow) has triggered fear and anxiety. 10 startups to watch in 2015. Facebook agreed to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion.

10 startups to watch in 2015

Uber raised more than $1 billion at an $18 billion-plus valuation, then reportedly went out to raise even more. Snapchat is rumored to be valued at $10 billion. Tout l'écosystème des startups music-tech en France. MIDEM - The destination for music business connections and knowledge. Paris, Tuesday 17 December 2013 – Midemlab, the international pitching competition for ground-breaking startups and app developers, today announces the 30 finalists whose ideas will drive the music industry forward in this new era of growth.

MIDEM - The destination for music business connections and knowledge

Austin TOP 10. Looking for the 'Next Big Thing'? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups. Inside 13 Fantastic Startup Office Spaces in Amsterdam. 26 September '12, 04:24pm Follow.

Inside 13 Fantastic Startup Office Spaces in Amsterdam

Home on sneakpeeq. Zaarly. Live from your mobile! Goal-oriented self-blackmailing service. Kaniti, nouvelle application de social commerce. Mode, design, déco, auto, produits high-tech... chaque produit disponible dans la nouvelle application mobile de social commerce Kaniti, est géolocalisé et associé automatiquement à ses points de vente.

Kaniti, nouvelle application de social commerce

Des milliers de photos accueillent ainsi les utilisateurs de l'application mobile, qui peuvent en un clic trouver le produit qu'ils recherchent. Le catalogue de produits disponible est quotidiennement mis à jour, et enrichi par la communauté d'utilisateurs de Kaniti. Les 5 bonnes raisons d’intégrer Pinterest à votre stratégie social media. Jeunes Talents Start-up 2012 : SFR présente les dix sociétés sélectionnées. Web Based Countdown Timer. If you are looking for a neat countdown tool that doesn’t lead you through annoying options just to set up a simple countdown then is the one you need. Web Based Countdown Timer

It is a simple and elegant web based countdown timer that lets you create multiple countdowns and also share it with friends so that they too are aware of the time left to that big occasion. Enter the name of the event or occasion in the box on the homepage, select the date and time, and hit “start countdown”. Votre assistant bons plans. Readings. Raven for Mac - The Smart Browser. Le monde serait tel que nous le connaissons aujourd'hui si Steve Jobs n'avait pas existé. Highlight web with - best marker, highlighter, annotator! GroupZap — Welcome. 500 Startups, une recette du succès pour les startups de demain ? Sky Balloon — a software studio. Welcome to Gloople, the home of social shopping. Yokto - embed videos from multiple sources into one player - TNW Apps.

It’s now four years since YouTube opened its API, making it infinitely easier for people the world over to integrate video into their websites.

Yokto - embed videos from multiple sources into one player - TNW Apps

A simple copy and paste of the YouTube iFrame embed code, and basic blogs can be transformed into video repositories. The same applies to other video-hosting websites such as Vimeo and Daily Motion too, which have also opened their APIs. But why only embed one video, from one video host into one player? Yokto ( is a free tool that lets you collect and embed video from multiple sources and embed them all in a single player on your website. The platform has just soft launched into beta, and it’s currently working to optimize the platform, but on our initial tinkerings, it’s a very simple, useful and effective tool to use.

Crowdsourced Paid Search Advertising & SEM Specialists. 13 Gmail Plugins You Should Try Right Now - TNW Apps. There is no denying the power of Gmail.

13 Gmail Plugins You Should Try Right Now - TNW Apps

And armed with a handful of extensions and add-on services, you can really turn Gmail into the ultimate emailing powerhouse. From enhancing and tidying your contacts list, to implementing an elaborate productivity system in your inbox, almost anything’s possible. You just need to know how. And because of Gmail’s popularity, the list continues to grow, diversify, giving users countless new ways to make the service even more useful. Here’s a look at some of the tools you can use to enhance your Gmail experience. Setup Profile. is a stylish way to share your desktop with the world - TNW Apps. There are a bunch of sites out there that let you share things like the home screen of your iPhone and your choice of apps, but there hasn’t been a stylish equivalent that lets you show off your desktop. is a stylish way to share your desktop with the world - TNW Apps

That’s where comes in. It’s a clean, great looking site that lets you upload a screenshot of your desktop, fill out some information about yourself and your setup and share it via Twitter or URL. couches this simple functionality in a simple interface that’s very easy on the eyes. 10 usages et outils qui rendent la vie plus facile. Adictiz, l'agence de conception de jeux pour Facebook - Facebook Startup Day. 15 Middle East startups you should know about - TNW Middle East. The startup landscape in the Middle East may be quieter than much of the rest of the world, but don’t let that deceive you.

15 Middle East startups you should know about - TNW Middle East

Behind the scenes, there are countless talented developers working on services, applications and websites, some of which not only cater to a Middle Eastern audience, but to the entire world. From sites built on the Groupon model, to video sharing sites, to browser extensions, there is no stone that has been left unturned. NEXT Elevator. Startup Weekend Paris. 10 Helpful Tools to Increase Productivity. Start-Up 100. Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Engine. Find. Compare. Decide.

50 Startup Logos from 2010. Startups have flourished in 2010. The last 12 months have yielded some fantastic success stories. Patchlife - Sign up and refresh your memory. Your friends' hottest topics - Forgot your password? Flow: Task Management and Online Collaboration for Teams. Le repertoire web 2.0 des applications web. Pleebi : Services et Application Web2.0.