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ClimateScienceWatch. ClimateScienceWatch. R-Squared Energy Blog. Astronomy Picture of the Day. The Cost of Energy. At breakfast this morning, my wife reminded me that we picked up our Nissan Leaf exactly one year ago.

The Cost of Energy

Since I was looking for time to write a summary of our first year in EV-land, this looks like as good an excuse as any. The ultra-short answer: We love the car and we’re very happy with the overall price/performance. The longer answer, is, well, longer. Life with a Leaf took very little adjustment. We drive it when we want, and we plug it in over night. The objection I hear from people who have never so much as touched an EV — “But you have to plug it in all the time!”

The driving and ownership experience is great. I would change a few very minor things in my car, though. And yes, more battery range would be nice. My one regret There is one aspect of our Leaf experience I regret, and that’s getting it on only a two-year lease instead of the three year option. I’m equally sure that we’ll be leasing and not buying the next EV.

Looking forward: EVs in general Frankly, I can’t wait. A Man With A Ph.D. The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media. NERC - Climate change challenge summary. Summary of the debate Introduction The Natural Environment Research Council's Chief Executive, Professor Alan Thorpe, challenged climate change sceptics to an online public debate in December 2006. Alan said, "If you don't believe the science then please tell us why, or if you are confused about it, then ask a question. In either case we will do our best to respond. " Climate Central. Fermi Paradox. It’s Getting Hot In Here. Naptime is over. Climate Denial Crock of the Week « Greenfyre’s. The collected videos of Peter Sinclair’s excellent series “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” : MYTH: “They” started calling it “climate change” to hide the cooling Global Warming?

Or Climate Change? MYTH: Stolen CRU emails “prove” (Insert lie/fable) Unwinding “Hide the Decline” Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack: The Wrap Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack – Part 2 Smacking the Hack Attack – Part 1 MYTH: Fighting climate change hurts the poor ”Denial was a River in Africa” MYTH: The Medieval Warm Period proves climate change is natural (and the “Hockey Stick” is broken Myth) “What the Ice Cores Tell Us” ”The Medieval Warming Crock” MYTH: The EPA censored scientist Alan Carlin “Creepy at the EPA” MYTH: Arctic &/or Antarctic ice is recovering Watts Up with Sea Ice?

Polar Ice Update: Arctic Perennial Ice and Methane “Ice Area vs Volume”: Debunking the “Ice is back to 1979 levels” idiocy (see also here) Climate Dilemma. Deltoid. NOAA Climate Services. Global Warming Wiki: Climate Change - Global Warming Guides. Science of Climate Images and indepth reports from the yahoo global warming special.

Global Warming Wiki: Climate Change - Global Warming Guides

The Warming of the Earth A beginner's guide to understanding the issue of global warming "Whereas in the past human impacts were local, reversible, and escapable through migration, they are now typically, global, irreversible, and inescapable. " - Paul Stop Climate Global Warming Special from NY Times, Issues in. State of the Nation. Rabett Run. Logical Science. Global Warming Art. Front page - John Feeney. Greenfyre’s. Pew Center on Global Climate Change: The Pew Center o.

ClimateScienceWatch. ClimateSight. Wunder Blog. It's a bit of a slow weather day, so I thought I'd share with you today a few of the more interesting inquiries I've gotten during my 20 years working with Weather Underground. I responded to all of the emails, but not the phone calls. Enjoy! Jeff Masters Notes from a phone message taken by my business partner, Jeff Ferguson on May 3, 2002:It turns out that there is a person in Texas who uses our Nexrad radar imagery to locate people. He ... State of the Nation. Climate Feedback.

Sid Perkins In the coming decades, the world’s coral reefs will suffer a variety of indignities, from global threats such as warming seas and ocean acidification to local and regional problems such as overfishing and nutrient-rich runoff.

Climate Feedback

If carbon dioxide emissions remain high until the end of the century, reef coverage may drop by 50 percent or more even if local threats are addressed aggressively, a new study suggests. Despite this bad news, another study provides a glimmer of hope for long-suffering reefs: In some cases, the coral ecosystems that rise to replace ones blighted by climate change may actually be more resistant to disease. In a paper to be published in Global Change Biology, Kenneth Anthony, a marine ecologist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and his colleagues modeled how reefs of branching corals of the genus Acropora would fare under various levels of climate change and fishing. Earth Sky, A clear voice for science: The World's Top Scientists.