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Why ASO (App Store Optimization) Important For Your Mobile App? Do you want to develop and launch a mobile app?

Why ASO (App Store Optimization) Important For Your Mobile App?

What are the Challenges of Wearable App Development? Wearables are the trending technology, you can see on most of the wrists these days.

What are the Challenges of Wearable App Development?

They are small, they are useful, fancy, and extremely trendy. The concept is not very new but it keeps on bringing new things. They have combined technology and fashion and helped users to improve their health. This technology is on a constant rise and for good results. Wearable Statistics According to Statista, take a look at the data of wearable devices and technology globally. Why Should Start-ups Invest in Developing an Android App? - 360 Degree Technosoft. Today, every business or service demands going digital.

Why Should Start-ups Invest in Developing an Android App? - 360 Degree Technosoft

The reason being, in the present, it has become a requisite part of human lives. One has to make a business or service available online, so it can be accessed instantly, in a virtual setup. This millennial generation demands the whole package, ease, quality, and swift serving. To tend this need of today’s customer, channelizing the digital transformation of getting connected to customers, maintaining customer relationships, and developing into successful businesses, start-ups need to adapt their digital transformation and social presence at the right time and in a right manner. How is Mobile Apps Transforming Entertainment Industry. Let’s begin with one simple question; do you still switch the TV on to get the match updates?

How is Mobile Apps Transforming Entertainment Industry

I think it’s your phone and the entertainment app you see for that. That’s the change we have seen in recent years. From news updates to live streaming, entertainment apps have everything a user needs. The user just needs to sit back, relax, and stream whatever they desire. Chatbotsjournal. What comes to mind when you think, mixed reality?


Is it a form of interaction between computers and humans or is it some mixture of actualities? What is a mixed reality? Simply put, mixed reality is merging the physical and the digital world. A mixture of computer processing, environmental, and human input that creates true mixed reality experiences. Any movement or change in the physical world can transform or impact the digital world, giving application experiences as output.

Without environmental input, these experiences cannot blend between the physical and digital realms. Mixed reality is the mixing of real and virtual worlds producing visualizations, where their objects can co-exist and interact in real-time using immersive technology. How mixed reality reaches you? Mixed reality overlays images or videos over a screen showing reality mainly through a mobile camera, smart glasses, or headsets. Step by Step Guide on Travel App Development - 360 Blog. Bored from routine life?

Step by Step Guide on Travel App Development - 360 Blog

Need a break? What is the first thing that came to your mind to take a break and relax? Definitely, going on a trip. Am I right? Travel has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Most of the people turn to apps to plan their travel. Factors Affecting Cost Of iPhone App Development. Everything You Need to Know About Android 11 - 360 Blog. Google rolled out a new update on Android 11.

Everything You Need to Know About Android 11 - 360 Blog

After announcing back in February and having a Beta roll out in June, finally, the newer version for Android smartphones and tablets is here. Now, whether it has big surprises in store or just the normal ones, we can know once we start revealing the features. There are some Aww features while some just minor updates in the version. As usual, the update is available for some specific devices and not for all the devices for now. How to Make Your Android App Secure? Security is one of the most important concerns for every mobile app.

How to Make Your Android App Secure?

Mobile apps allow everyone to do literally anything online. This definitely hypes the demand for apps and more people are inclined to using it. The apps provide a feature of making payment which needs utmost security. Cost to Make a Music Streaming App Like Spotify - 360 Blog. Music, something that completes our life.

Cost to Make a Music Streaming App Like Spotify - 360 Blog

Take two seconds and think what would life be without it? Boring, uninteresting, sad and you are welcome to add more words if you have. Well, just imagine there won’t be any clubs, no beats to dance on, wonder what we would be singing on birthdays? Keynotes of Apple Event 2020: All Apple Have in-Store for its Users. One of the biggest events has passed but this event was a bit different from all the previous ones that we have witnessed.

Keynotes of Apple Event 2020: All Apple Have in-Store for its Users

Of course, the first-ever virtual event is the major change Other than that, the major change here every September we hear about the new iPhones. Well, not this year. This year the new iPhones will arrive in October. Well, there are other eye-popping launches we will discover this year to keep the users engaged. The event majorly focuses on the “Time flies” announcement; Apple has Apple watches in store. Let’s get started to explore them one by one. Apple Watch Series 6 Apple gives your health on your wrist. It also allows checking a blood oxygen level which is a key indicator of overall fitness.

With the ECG app, the new Apple app can generate an ECG similar to the original ECG. Top 7 Benefits of Android App Development. Android is an open-source programming language with a wide user base. Know Latest Mobile App Design Trends to Make an Efficient App. You often hear about how the UI for mobile app has been assembled or the UX design of an app being prepared. However, you wonder what exactly are UI or UX. Are they the same? Let’s have a look. Though these terms seem similar and confusing as they are used together frequently. They both have very different functions and values. Basically, any interaction that the user has with this app falls under the mobile UI design segment.

Now, UX stands for User Experience’. Don Norman, a cognitive scientist, is credited with coining the term “user experience” in the late 1990s. Why is Android Better Platform than iOS for Startups and SMEs? Android is one of the popular mobile app development platforms with the highest number of apps. There are almost 2.8 Million android apps in the Google Play Store which definitely means people are downloading it, using it, and hence makes more sense even more sense developing it. This is why more and more startups and SMEs are choosing Android application development over iOS. People prefer iOS because they think it is safe and secure. Well, it doesn’t mean the same is not the case with Android.

There are plenty of other reasons why startups and enterprises should choose Android over iOS. Generate Easy Revenue There are plenty of ways through which an app can generate revenue. Feature Sets Android app developers offer customized development to the business owners. Release Cycle. Why Should You Pick React-Native for your Next Application?

Mobile App Development