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15 Travel Essentials To Always Pack On Your Carry-Ons. Latest Gadgets To Pawn And How Much They’re Worth. Designer Spotlight: Ron Arad. Ron Arad is a familiar figure in the art and design world.

Designer Spotlight: Ron Arad

He launched his illustrious career in 1981 with the creation of an unusual piece of furniture called the Rover chair. It was a fusion of two ready-made items or “found objects”—a car seat and a structural tubing frame. Rover Chair (Source: Dezeen) How to Avoid Losing Candidates to Other Job Offers. Talent sourcing is like entering a battlefield.

How to Avoid Losing Candidates to Other Job Offers

You don’t just hunt for the best candidate. You’re in competition with other recruiters too. It’s a big corporate world out there, and it’s not a surprise that several recruiters are looking for the same expert and skill set as you. Handing out that job offer does not guarantee you with a new hire. Plane Tickets: Practical Tips To Booking Yourself Cheap Flights. 10 Budget Travel Destinations to Discover During ‘Ber’ Months. Make or Break: What You Need To Know About The NEW Google Phone. Travel this Holiday? 7 Important To-Dos When You’re A Tourist. 8 Inspiring Miriam Moments That Filipinos Are Thankful For. Get a Pocket-friendly Experience To These Local BER-Month Festivals. Secret Hacks To Book Star Rated Hotels On A Budget. How A Broken Heart Can Lead You To Success. A Back to Basics Guide To Earn Your First Credit Card.

7 Phones You Can Buy As An Alternative To Your Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Friendly Credit Card Alternatives That Financially Savvy Filipinos Could Use. Six Brilliant D.I.Y. Project Ideas That You Could Do And Sell Over The Holidays. How To Tell If You Are Going Broke After The Holidays. 10 Clever Tips to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays. Revolution Joins FIAC 2016 with Jean Nouvel’s Collectible Home.

True to its vision of democratizing high design and architecture, Revolution Precrafted continues partnering with world-famous architects, artists, and designers to develop designer precrafted properties.

Revolution Joins FIAC 2016 with Jean Nouvel’s Collectible Home

It’s been a work in progress for the entire team to showcase one of its most valuable collectible homes, including the works of Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Prize-winning architect for his work on over 200 projects. Nouvel is exclusively collaborating with Revolution Precrafted to produce a collectible modular precrafted home, which will be showcased during the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (FIAC) by the Louvre from October 18 – 28, 2016. Jean Nouvel’s precrafted home for Revolution Jean Nouvel. Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bill? Here’s What to Do Next. When In Abroad: Filipino Balikbayans Share Practical Money Saving Stories Away From Home. 5 Key Performance Indicators for Successful Recruitment Teams [with Infographic] Every business needs key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their success rate.

5 Key Performance Indicators for Successful Recruitment Teams [with Infographic]

It’s a value that can be measured to pin down how effectively a business is reaching the objectives it set out. While the business, as a whole, has its own KPIs, all departments and employees within the business also need KPIs to measure effectivity. 15 Songs for Hugot Christmas Playlist. The 10 Best Things That Come After A Difficult Breakup. 6 Reasons Your Top Employees Are Leaving You. Nothing hurts more for an employer than to receive a resignation letter, especially when it’s from a top employee.

6 Reasons Your Top Employees Are Leaving You

Yes, people come and go, and companies can’t expect their employees to stay with them forever (or at least until they retire). But, letting go of top performers is a big loss, not to mention the fact that you’ve invested a lot of time in grooming them. A vacant post is also costly in terms of productivity loss and hiring a new one. According to the Philippine Statistic Authority, 79 per 1,000 employees either quit their jobs or got laid off in the fourth quarter of 2015. Pawnina Shares: Calling it Quits With Your Business Partner (The Right Way) How The Golden Rules Of Investment Can Teach You To Prepare For A HeartBreak. How to Survive Holiday Sale Shopping (Without Going Broke)

Pawnina Shares: The 7 Wonderful Perks You Can Enjoy With Good Credit History. The Relationship-like Stages You Experience On A First Credit Card Affair. How To Avoid Holiday Sale Blunders That Scare Potential Customers Away. Trick or Treat: Halloween Promo Tricks To Treat Your Business To An Increase In Revenue. Pawnina Shares: Halloween Promo Tactics Your Business Can Pick-up From Watching Horror Movies Alone. What The World Will Be Like If Holiday Sales Didn’t Exist? A Hero Reminder: Your Safety Plan To Get Prepared For Every Storm. 1000+ Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier. In a perfect world, we want to breeze through our daily lives and accomplish tasks at work or home without sweating it.

1000+ Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Unfortunately, we can’t have it all our way. Here, we’ve compiled ultimate life hacks—handy tips—to make life that bit easier. Organising an itinerary, packing your things, and even coordinating transportation and accommodation, is enough to make anyone go crazy. Top Skills Recruiters Must Have in 2017 [Infographic] Technology, increased demand, and competition bring new challenges and opportunities in the recruitment landscape.

Top Skills Recruiters Must Have in 2017 [Infographic]

Recruitment trends are not the only ones changing. Business needs and job hunters do too. In 2015, about 90% of recruitment professionals said that candidates mainly drove recruiting. This shift in the hiring landscape means that headhunters need to update their skills to keep up with the growing and changing demands from both employers and employees. Technical Recruiting 101: A Guide for Technical Recruiters. Information technology (IT) is a technical field that requires a certain skill set.

Technical Recruiting 101: A Guide for Technical Recruiters

A candidate’s CV may seem like a suitable fit for an open position, but a general recruiter from any recruitment firm often don’t have a good judgment on the list of technical skills for the job at hand. That’s why technical recruiters lend their industry knowledge to help companies address this gap to build a highly skilled workforce. Just like in general recruitments, tech recruiters face different challenges like finding, attracting, and evaluating IT talents. A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Startup Company in the Philippines.

A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Startup Company in the Philippines [with Infographics] Posted on October 28, 2016 The Philippine startup industry is booming and being nurtured.

A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Startup Company in the Philippines

By 2020, the country aims for 500 startups valued at $2 billion. To help achieve this, the Investment and Capital Corporation of the Philippines (ICCP) is making funds available for early-stage startups. Not Home For The Holidays? Turning The Holiday Homesickness Frown Upside Down. Around the World: How OFWs Can Spend The Holidays Away From Home. 5 Investment Lessons from OFWs-Turned- Entrepreneurs. Spooky Personality Profile: Which Type Of Monster Are You? [Infographic] How To Keep Your Dead Investments Alive? (Earning With Cash) 7 Scary Habits That Are Damaging Your Finances.

The Battle For The Best: Microsoft Surface Studio Versus Apple MacBook Pro 2016. 10 Alarming Signs Your Business Could Be Dying. 7 Scary Habits That Are Damaging Your Finances. How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Millennials. A lot of studies have been conducted to understand the new breed of workers dominating today’s workforce—the millennials.

How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Millennials

Often, it is not flattering how they are being described. Millennials come off as juvenile and self-indulgent compared to their diligent, older counterparts or the Baby Boomers. It can be quite unfair to say that millennials are not capable of doing great things in the corporate arena. 5 Business Benefits of Designer Prefab Homes. The growing demand for prefab homes is causing a shift in the real estate scene. By 2020, global shipments of prefab homes are expected to reach 1.1 million units. This increased popularity can be rooted in its benefits—energy efficiency, transportability, design options, and world-class elegance.

But modern prefab homes are not just stylish, functional, and livable to the core.