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Vinay Hari offers career consultation to students for higher eduction. He is an expert professional in the field of overseas education and has helped numerous students for grooming their career.

Get Franchise Opportunity with the Career Consultants in Chandigarh - Vinay Hari. दोस्तों यदि आपको अपना खुद का काम करके ढेर सारे पैसे कमाने का मौका मिले , वह भी कम खर्चे में , तो आप ऐसा चाहोगे या नहीं ?

Get Franchise Opportunity with the Career Consultants in Chandigarh - Vinay Hari

आप चाहोगे ना? ऐसा बिल्कुल हो सकता है , आप भी व्यापार में सफलता पा सकते हैं | और सबसे अच्छा व्यापार वह होता है , जिसमें आप पैसे कमाते हुए लोगों के सपनों को पूरा करते हो | वीज़ा का व्यापार भी ऐसा ही है | लोग चाहते हैं कि वह विदेश जाके रोज़गार करें , उन्हें सही राह देकर पहुँचा देने में बहुत ही खुशी मिलती है | इम्मिग्रेशन का व्यापार करना बहुत ही अच्छी बात है | लेकिन आज के समय में किसी नए व्यक्ति के लिए अपना खुद का इम्मिग्रेशन वाला काम करना बहुत ही कठिन है | पंजाब में हज़ारो एजेंट हैं , अकेले जलंधर बस स्टेंड के पास 250 से अधिक प्रमाणित एजेंट हैं , जिनमें से बहुत सारे टीवी , रेडियो और अख़बारों में विज्ञापन दे रहे हैं | अब चंडीगढ़ 17 सेक्टर मार्केट में कोई नयी दुकान खुलती है तो इम्मिग्रेशन वाले की ब्रांच खुलती है | बड़े शहर क्या , अब तो कादियां जैसे कस्बों में भी वीज़े वाले खुलने लगे हैं | कम्पटीशन बहुत ज़्यादा हो गया है आज | यह एक चीज़ बिल्कुल ना करें

Reasons Why You should Contact Study Abroad Consultants for Canada - Vinay Hari - An Education Consultant. Vinay Hari: All You Need to Know Applying For Canada Students Visa? Many people often think about the future.

Vinay Hari: All You Need to Know Applying For Canada Students Visa?

Everyone has a goal and a destination to reach. Also, we all work hard to make our future bright, but the most important part of making the future bright is the present. Remember, your decision today will affect your future, especially when you decide about your future- therefore, decide wisely! Luckily, there are a lot of options available in countries like the US, Canada, and New Zealand, especially if you are thinking about studying out of India. Reasons to Seek Out the Best Education Consultant to Study Abroad. Reasons to Find the Best Education Consultant to Study Abroad Are you planning to study abroad?

Reasons to Seek Out the Best Education Consultant to Study Abroad

Yes! Well, just remember that the path is not as simple as it appears. Studying abroad has several seen and concealed hurdles such as selecting the right college, financial aids, visa endorsements, preparing for IELTS/ PTE and much more. Canada Student Visa on Des Pardes Live. Friends, Check out my new TV show, where I have given important points on Canada Student Visa including:

Canada Student Visa on Des Pardes Live

Tips for a Successful USA Study Visa by Vinay Hari. When you invest in the best, you only get the best in return.

Tips for a Successful USA Study Visa by Vinay Hari

This is the case with USA Education System, considered the best in the world. Apple is the world’s best brand. It is product of USA. McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. are the world’s leading fast food chains. They are the by-product of USA. कनाडा की पढ़ाई बहुत फायदेमंद है दोस्तों , आप कनाडा में पढ़ाई करके अपार सफलता पा सकते हैं |

कनाडा की पढ़ाई बहुत फायदेमंद है

IELTS में सफलता पाएं - घर बैठे - बैठे दोस्तों ,

IELTS में सफलता पाएं - घर बैठे - बैठे

6 लाख ₹ में कनाडा जाए - पैसे वीज़ा लगने के बाद. दोस्तों ,

6 लाख ₹ में कनाडा जाए - पैसे वीज़ा लगने के बाद

100% पैसे वीज़ा लगने के बाद - Vinay Hari Education Consultant. दोस्तों ,

100% पैसे वीज़ा लगने के बाद - Vinay Hari Education Consultant

Know About the Changing Phase of Immigration With Vinay Hari. Immigration has now become a hot topic on a global scale.

Know About the Changing Phase of Immigration With Vinay Hari

The entire immigration industry is either very lenient or extremely strict. Health Insurance for Canadian Student Visa – Vinay Hari. All the immigrants who wish to study in Canada are supposed to have a health insurance for sure. No one plans of getting sick while studying abroad. But precautions are always better than cure. Therefore it is recommended to have a health insurance backup for a secured healthy future.

The medical healthcare coverage given to immigrant students depends on the institution. If they do not provide you will a medical insurance, you need to arrange for a private insurance. There are mainly two kinds of health insurances – Provincial health care – This health care service covers the basic medical needs of the individual and also takes care of the emergency cases. Private healthcare – A few medical situation that are not covered in the provincial health care service, need a private insurance. Contact Vinay Hari to Get your Visa and Pay Fee After Approval.

दोस्तों , आप चाहते हैं कि आपको विदेशी वीज़ा मिले , बाहर जाएं और अच्छी ज़िन्दगी जियें ? USA Study Visa Consultants in Chandigrah - Vinay Hari. Why the World Today is Wrong About Immigration – Vinay Hari. Since the beginning of life, humans have explored different shore in search of a better life. If I’m not wrong, current immigration scenario is a sophisticated form of exploration in the search of better life. Like ancient times when immigration was driven by the availability of resources like food and water, today it is driven on the terms of a better standard of life and better job opportunities.

The reason behind such high intellect and inter cultural diversity is due to immigration. Amalgamation of different ideas and theories and philosophy has led to extraordinary aptitude we hold today. A noteworthy deterioration could be the way that we people ended up being racist to other hues. Immigration is a two way street where the benefit is share by both, the immigrant’s country as well as the country they are immigrating. Pay 100% Fees After Receiving Your VISA - Vinay Hari. Vinay Hari - An Australian Study Visa Consultant in India.

5 Important Tips for US Visa Application – Vinay Hari. People who wish to come and stay in the US need to apply for visa first, either temporary or permanent. Those who wish to stay permanently get an immigration visa and those who wish to stay for a shorter period of time get a non-immigration visa. The application procedure is a little complicated and demanding with intensive paper work and sometimes time taking as well. Know the Types of Student Accommodation in Canada and USA. If you are looking forward to study in places like Canada and USA, you will also need to search for accommodations and decide where you want to stay. However simple it may seem, deciding where to live is a very crucial choice. One should research all the options thoroughly and take a suitable decision. Here are a few options for accommodation that may help you. Dormitory – Many institutions provide accommodation in the campus itself.

In some cases it may be near the campus as well. Canada: $3,000 – $7,500 CDN per school year.USA: $4,500 to $9,500 per school year Off Campus Renting – Some institutions have groups like “off campus housing society” which can help you find accommodations off campus. Tips to get Permanent Residence while on Study Permit. Canada has become a hub for international immigration. Each year millions of people apply for permanent residency and citizenship.

But only a few get the opportunity to call Canada their home. Difference between International and Indian Educational System. With a rich history of knowledge, we Indian boast a lot about our Educational system. But many immigrants who settle abroad, and get the change to study in both environments, consider the international education system more practical and unforceful. Examining the differences between our educational systems with rest of the developed nations like USA/UK/Australia/Canada, I have a listed a few obvious tips India needs to improve on. 1. The education system in India lacks creativity. 10 Tips to Settle in Canada – Vinay Hari. Canada is one of the most progressive nations today. With the exponential increase in immigration rates, the immigrants must keep certain things in mind while settling down in Canada. As we all know the theory of “survival of the fittest”, here are a few points from our end to help you be mentally and physically prepared for the big step.

Easy Settlement Tips for enduring Canada – Say no to currency comparison – Many people start comparing the expenses in Canada with their home land. Please remember why you migrated on first place. So keep all these points in mind, and settle in Canada to make your big dreams come true. All the very best! Last Minute Hitches that May Get Your Canadian Study Visa Cancelled – Vinay Hari. Studying abroad is a dream one can pursue with strong determination and a lot of caution. Applying for your dream university, selecting courses, writing a statement of purpose and counting on scholarships are the initial to-do-list of every student who follows this dream. How to Apply for Scholarships in Foreign Universities – Vinay Hari. Getting scholarship is one of the most effective ways of studying abroad. Students who are meritorious and bright can effortlessly avail such opportunities.

But scholarship requires certain steps to be followed. The competition is tough and certainly you don’t want your application to be rejected. So here is a step wise process for you to get a scholarship in a foreign university/college. Why New Zealand is the best place to Study Abroad? There are many reasons for choosing a country for your higher education. But without actually living there and studying one cannot justify their choice. New Zealand recently has become a popular hub for higher education.It has a low population density and is the second most peaceful nation in the world according to the Global Peace Index. With a point based immigration system, settlement there depends on how well you score based on your key profile details (like age, language proficiency, education, experience, skills). Here are five points which will make you try this new destination for further education.

Many students choose New Zealand for education because of its friendly people, cultural variety and quality of education. The student life in New Zealand is very enjoyable. New Zealand is home to some of the most attractive sceneries in the world and according to research, New Zealand has an extremely unique biodiversity, with a lack of killer, giant insects. 6 Steps to Choose an International University for Masters – Vinay Hari. Journey from an International Student to a Permanent Resident. According to the latest survey there has been an exponential increase in the enrollments of International students in Canadian Universities. This increment has accredited the perception of Canada as one of the most student friendly place. Why are Skill Tests in English Required for International Students? – Vinay Hari. English now days is the official language across the globe. It is the most commonly used second language in many countries these days.

Vinay Hari: Basic Adjustments faced by International students in USA. Being an international student has its own advantages. You witness the rich cultural diversity and rituals of different places. USA is very much like India, having a diverse culture and mixed weather throughout the states. The first step for getting Canada Study Visa – Vinay Hari. Let your F1 VISA gain momentum: Tips for studying in USA! Vinay Hari: How to Choose the Top University to Study in Canada. Brief Information about USA Student Visa for Indian Students – Vinay Hari. Best Education Opportunities for Students in USA for Better Career. Know About Study Visa Process for Canada – Vinay Hari – Medium.

Canada Study Visa Consultancy and Immigration Services by Vinay Hari. Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Applying For Study Visa. Vinay Hari - New Zealand Student Visa and Immigration Consultant. Planning for Overseas Education? Get Consultation from Vinay Hari First by Vinay Hari. Study In Overseas: Better Place to Make Your Career Vital – Vinay Hari. List of Necessary Documents for USA Student Visa. Apply and Get Approved For Canada Visa without Much Hassle. Vinay Hari - Career Consultant and Overseas Education Expert in India.