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Pregnancy. Learning about Planning Pregnancy, Stages and various aspects of Pregnancy,to finally landing into Motherhood can be a memorable and beautiful experience.Let’s explore few ways to discover it.


Immunization- Mother and Child. Immunization is a process wherein a person’s natural immune systemis triggered to protect the person from a particular infection in the future.

Immunization- Mother and Child

Immunization is a process wherein a person’s natural immune system is triggered to protect the person from a particular infection in the future. This is done by giving the person a vaccine, which contains disease-causing germs that are either dead or too weak to cause any disease. These vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies that protect the body from disease-causing germs. Early Signs Of Pregnancy To Watch Out For. Entering the world of parenthood is a very special and conscious decision for any parent.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy To Watch Out For

If you are trying to conceive, you are likely to be on a high alert for any signs or changes in your body that might confirm your pregnancy. Although, one can never be sure unless you undergo a pregnancy test. But what are the signs that tip you off about the cute little bun in the oven? Before we dwell into the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy, it is essential to realise that each pregnancy is different from the other. Blood Cancer: Types & Prevention. Blood cancer is among the most familiar cancers and has three main types.

Blood Cancer: Types & Prevention

It varies depending on their origin and the area of the body which they affect, regardless, they all lie in the same category. It all starts in the bone marrow where the blood is generated & thus impacts the creation and function of the blood cells. In most blood cancers, the development process of normal blood cells is disrupted by the uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell. While there is little that can be done as a preventive measure to resist blood cancer but avoiding known risk factors may help. Let’s understand what are the types of blood cancer & various ways which can be adopted to lessen the chance of getting affected by taking some precautionary measures.

How to Lose Weight: Drop that Fat in 6 Weeks. Early Pregnancy Symptoms. Although the only way to be sure that you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test, there are early symptoms that might point to the possibility.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The avalanche of changes that the mother goes through throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding can change their bodies in amazing ways. Pregnancy. Few Important Basics about Corona Virus that One Must Know. Coronavirus outbreak has taken hold of several major countries across the globe.

Few Important Basics about Corona Virus that One Must Know

Amidst all this, various healthcare experts including the World Health Organization are releasing notifications and updates to keep the public informed at all times. The latest development in vaccination and the process being finally getting started in the UK has been the only silver lining in the entire situation but we aren’t out of danger entirely. The Significance of Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life. Safe Drinking Water. As per the World Health Organization, safe drinking water is that which doesn’t cause any health issues even after long periods of consumption.

Safe Drinking Water

How much water does a person need? The United Nations estimates that every person needs 20 to 50 liters of clean water every day for drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene. Some of the common causes which can cause water contamination are as follows: Sewage and Waste Water: Sewage, garbage and liquid waste of households, agricultural lands and factories are dumped into water bodies. Blood Cancer Symptoms You Must Know. Do you search on google about random symptoms you come across every time you get sick?

Blood Cancer Symptoms You Must Know

Or are you too scared to go to a doctor and know if you have Leukemia? Blood cancer is real and is not to be taken lightly. Many have lost their lives because of it. But going over the internet to find out whether you have the disease or not is absurd. Always go to a doctor if you want to make sure you have or are free from the disease. Anaemia This happens when your body doesn't make enough red blood cells, it’s symptoms include. 5 Do’ for a woman to have a smooth pregnancy  Pregnancy is a bitter-sweet journey for every mother.

5 Do’ for a woman to have a smooth pregnancy 

It is an emotional roller coaster that brings a lot of changes in a mother’s world. Not only does her body go through physical alterations but psychological changes too. But no matter what a mother goes through she wishes the best for her baby and tries to do everything in her power to keep the child healthy. But sometimes we have no control over certain medical circumstances which might cause great difficulty to both the mother and child, so here are some tips every mother should put into practice for a safe pregnancy. 1. Combating the second wave of COVID-19: Why sanitization is important? Coronavirus pandemic has grappled the entire globe.

Combating the second wave of COVID-19: Why sanitization is important?

What originated in Wuhan (China) in December 2019 has affected millions of people around the globe and second wave of virus has already infiltrated half of the countries. Effect and Treatment of Alcohol Addiction. Having an occasional drink is considered normal social behaviour. But, some people can get addicted to the use of alcohol. This problem can happen in men as well as women. Anyone whose life is negatively affected by alcohol on a consistent basis is considered to have an alcohol use disorder. What happens when we drink alcohol? Alcohol acts as a depressant of our central nervous system (CNS) and it slows down the body, both mentally as well as physically. Diet To Follow for Proper Functioning of Thyroid Gland. The butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of our neck is known as the thyroid gland. It has two side lobes that are connected by the isthmus in the middle. The brownish-red color gland contains many blood vessels that include important nerves required for voice quality.

Also, several hormones are secreted from the thyroid gland that control various bodily functions like our metabolism, growth, body temperature, etc. Also, brain development in infants is highly dependent on the thyroid gland. To ensure proper secretion of the thyroid gland, necessary steps should be taken like selecting a healthy diet wisely.

However, to avoid such situations mentioned below are 4 foods that we should consume to facilitate proper secretion of the thyroid gland and it keeps weight issues at bay: 1. Iodine is an essential mineral required for proper secretion of the thyroid gland. 2. Safe Drinking Water. Fitness Journal for Lockdown. Feel younger, live longer. It’s no slogan- but the reality check taught by the unprecedented pandemic. With our lives confined within four walls, and anxiety due to covid-19, it’s been extremely difficult to strive for mental and physical health as well. Back then, things were drastically different when people could move outside and easily do physical activity. The days were not so lethargic. But still fitness was hardly a concern.

Pregnancy. 5 Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Women Should be Aware of. Just like pregnancy can be a blessing for many women, it can be a little annoying too because of all the changes your body is going through. Pregnancy invites various hormonal imbalances that cause irritation and stress. You do not have to get alarmed because of these issues as they are quite common and do not cause any harm to you or your unborn baby. Safe Drinking Water.

Famhealth. Skin care is a method which improves the integrity of the skin, improves the skin appearance and resolves the skin problems. A well balanced diet, refraining from sun exposure and moisturizing the skin improves the skin texture. Modern skin care methods include use of cosmetics, botulinum, exfoliation, fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, and retinol therapy. Skin care is recommended daily to deal with oily and dry skin. Health Issues Pregnant Women Should Watch Out For. Pregnancy. Precautionary measures one can take during these tested times  With the air quality of most of the metropolitan cities moving up and down at its own whim and fancy, we have not much to bank upon but our own caution and care. Safe Drinking Water. Issues and symptoms women must not overlook to lead a healthy life!

Women are guilty of putting their health issues at the backseat as they are often busy fulfilling the duties and daily chores of their family. Pneumonia. Signs that indicate you require immediate medical attention. The months remarking weather change in India take a serious toll on the health of people who have low immunity, or are allergic to the shift.

Also, due to the ongoing fear of Covid-19, people are in much more panic this year than they were ever before. Immunization- Mother and Child. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while quarantining? By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma In these wretched days of quarantining, it is quite natural for one to feel physically and mentally exhausted even while doing nothing. Multivitamins and Nutritional Supplements. Famhealth. Your Guide to Eating Healthy. Famhealth. Common symptoms and causes related to PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder, which is very common among women that are of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have irregular period or periods that last for days above the average number. Heart Health. A healthy human heart beats about 2.5 billion times over theaverage lifetime.

5 Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Women Should be Aware of. Famhealth. Famhealth. Tests that help in detection of cancer. Medical information & Health Advice that you can trust. Radiation therapy: What patients must do after they undergo it? 5 Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms Women Should be Aware of. Tests that help in detection of cancer. Pneumonia: Everything you need to know about it. Why visiting ENT specialist during Monsoon is important? BUILDING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR BETTER IMMUNITY. Why visiting ENT specialist during Monsoon is important? Pneumonia: Everything you need to know about it. Tips To Stay healthy During Pregnancy. Fitness Journal for Lockdown. Pneumonia: Everything you need to know about it. Everything You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss. Building a healthy lifestyle for better immunity. How to keep your immunity strong in these testing times? Parenting in Pandemic: How To Take Care of Your Newborn During Lockdown.

Easy Tips To Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy. Healthy Breakfast Foods to Include In Your Diet. How to pick the right medical institute when suffering from blood cancer. How maternity health sector can be improved in our country. How to keep your immunity strong in these testing times? Pneumonia Symptoms To Watch Out for And The Treatment Options. Everything You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss. Caregiving for the Elderly during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Best Weight Loss Tips Post Pregnancy by Ankita Sehgal. COVID19 - Your guide to social distancing, quarantine and isolation. Pneumonia and Coronavirus: The Relation Between the Two.