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Ville de fleurs was born out of passion to rustic and handmade products - started with natural skincare and moving to interior design accessories, handmade by artisans around the world.

Why are Hand Creams Necessary ? Our hands do maximum work and we hardly take proper care.

Why are Hand Creams Necessary ?

Because of daily duties; exposure to chemicals, excessive water, and harsh weather are the main factors of harm to the hands. Water has a natural tendency to dry the skin, so even something as simple as a washing vessel or clothes without wearing gloves can affect more damage than good. Hands can be dry, rough, cracked, and get pain. This issue can be for men and women equally. The skin on our palms is distinctly different from the skin on the back of our hands. Normally, hand creams are different from those lotions and cream which are used on the body, as the hands need a distinct type of care. Simply adding hand cream to your daily habit can entirely change the quality of your hands, so the sooner you start using hand cream, the sooner you will see results. Why should one go for Organic Hand Creams? Your skin absorbs a huge part of the hand cream we apply to it. Golden Pumpkin Face & Décolletage Elixir – Ville De Fleurs.

What Are Vegan Skincare Products ? How Is It Beneficial ? Taking care of your skin is very vital because your skin is a significant barrier against the infections that we may have.

What Are Vegan Skincare Products ? How Is It Beneficial ?

Maintaining your skin moist, soft, and glowing, you need a proper skincare routine. There are many products available in the market but if you love your planet and life around you, go for a Vegan Skin Care product. Day by day, most cosmetics companies are abandoning animal testing and turn to a cruelty-free process for cosmetics. No one likes little rodents to suffer for the sake of eyeliner! From big names to small, companies prefer to abridge the damage they were doing to animals, the earth, and the people. If the product is vegan, that says that none of the ingredients are formulated with an animal. Well, excluding animal products from your skincare means excluding a lot of additives and problems that can come along with them. There is no doubt that vegan ingredients are effective enough to figure out your skincare problems without any toxic effects.

Organic Rose Petals Hydrating Spritzer – Ville De Fleurs. Organic Rose Petals Hydrating Spritzer - Old Fashioned Organic Rose Water -Facial Toner, Body Mist, Eco Friendly gift __________________________________ Beautiful Rose scented Hydrator steam distilled from Rose Petals.

Organic Rose Petals Hydrating Spritzer – Ville De Fleurs

Soothing, calming, refreshing, reviving, hydrating, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, helpful for inflammation and reducing the visibility of broken capillaries , helping with reddened and inflamed skin. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive. Great for travellers & hard workers craving for natural positive stimulation & for healing emotional scars. __________________________________ USE: Spritz from distance across face, neck, body, hair as often as desired. Allow to air dry. For external use only. All Ville De Fleurs products are registered on the PETA cruelty free products list. Surprise Him On Valentine’s By Gifting Skin Care Product. Valentine’s day is a special day to express love.

Surprise Him On Valentine’s By Gifting Skin Care Product

The couple exchanges their feeling by giving gifts, flowers, and many more things. A woman has a special space in their heart for her man. You always care and pamper him in different ways. On the occasion of valentine, you want that your man feels special. If you want to give some meaningful Valentine's Day Gift then you can choose the option of a skin care product. Awesome Skin Care Gifts For Her To Surprise Her On Valentine. Valentine's day is a special occasion for couples.

Awesome Skin Care Gifts For Her To Surprise Her On Valentine

There is a trend to exchange flowers and gifts between a couple on valentine's day which falls on 14th February. In the form of a gift, a person can share their emotions and feelings which they are not able to share my words. Women love gifts and men are happy in pampering their women by giving gifts. Beauty Sleep Lavender & Hops Pillow Spray – Ville De Fleurs.

RAW Lavish Beauty Face Cream – Ville De Fleurs. ----------- LAVISH BEAUTY Face CREAM --------- 100% RAW LAVISH BEAUTY face CREAM made of 16 ingredients with wonderful & elegant scent of Rose & Neroli to replenish, moisturise and repair dry,tired & damaged skin needed TLC.

RAW Lavish Beauty Face Cream – Ville De Fleurs

Great Anti Aging cream to help repair damaged skin and protect it from future damage, lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, whilst protecting from free radical damage with potent antioxidants. Boost regeneration of skin cells. Concrete Candle Chocolate macaroon – Ville De Fleurs. Concrete Light No 12 - Chocolate Macaroons- Eco Soy Minimalist Candle This candles was created by collaboration with Pasinga - super talented concrete artist and another Etsy seller that I met at Etsy event and fell in love with her work.

Concrete Candle Chocolate macaroon – Ville De Fleurs

Nearly 5 months later after hard work this candle was born with mouthwatering scent of luxurious melted chocolate macaroons. So relax, burn the candle, imagine yourself in Parisian cafe, Italian trattoria or just cosy in your own home enjoying spiced macaroons smothered in chocolate powder! This scent is almost good enough to eat !

Valentine Gift – Ville De Fleurs. Top Vegan Skincare Items For Your Sensitive Skin. Vegan Skin Care products mean products that are not manufactured using an animal or an animal byproduct.

Top Vegan Skincare Items For Your Sensitive Skin

Means Vegan Skin Products are not using things such as beeswax, honey, collagen, lanolin, albumen, cholesterol, keratin, and so on. Instead of these products they use fruit waxes, nut kinds of butter, or oils. Vegan skin care products are chemical-free so if your skin is sensitive then also you can use it. You can check the product is vegan or not by checking the ingredients list or by finding if there is a Certified Vegan logo on it or not. Handmade Unisex Organic Sheep Wool Slippers Lucky Dip – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana Allport's answer to What are unique ideas to decorate candles during Christmas? - Quora. The Best And Effective Moisturizer For Dry Skin. If you want to maintain your dry or oily skin's healthy cells and reduce skin problems such as acne then moisturize your skin every day.

The Best And Effective Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Moisturizer protects your skin from extreme dryness or oiliness. If your skin becomes dry you can see cracks in it. French Market Basket Short Handles – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana Allport's answer to What are some of the best Christmas decorations? - Quora. Unique Ideas To Decorate Candle During The Christmas. Decoration during Christmas is a necessary process.

Unique Ideas To Decorate Candle During The Christmas

Most people prefer to start decorating their home after Thanksgiving. There are many ways to decor your home during Christmas. You can use bells, reindeer, candles, candy canes, garland, stockings, wreaths, snow globes, and many other things to decor your home for Christmas. Your home will light up during Christmas with candles. Unique And Amazing Christmas Decorations Items – Ville De Fleurs. When there is a time of Christmas we want that our house looks the more beautiful. We need many things to decor our home. If you want to host a Christmas party, then you have to put more effort into decorating your home. The type of decorating item is based on the theme in which you want to decorate your home.

Tatiana Allport's answer to How do you decorate Christmas garlands? - Quora. Best Gorgeous Garland To Decor Your Home At Christmas. Garlands are important to give your home a perfect look during festival days. It will give a complete look to your home inside as well as outside. Garlands are adding a seasonal look and small assents to your house. You can put garlands in different areas of the house. There are varieties of garlands available such as Natural Christmas Garland, Dried Hops Garland, and so on. You can put garland on a console table, hutch, or entryway table where there is a flat top. Following is a list of Gorgeous Garlands for Decoration of Your Home Kiln-Dried Hops Garland : In kiln-dried hops garland there is no plastic and used as totally Christmas garland. Tatiana Allport's answer to What are the best scented candles for men? - Quora.

Gift for men – Ville De Fleurs. Travel set essentials : Refresh aftershave spritzer and moisturising and soothing Golden Pumpkin & Sandalwood After Shave Balm in a travel bag. Nine carefully selected botanicals were chosen to create this gentle astringent after shave toner to refresh & revive skin and mind. Great in the morning or when a wake up call needed. Ideal for exhausted travellers or drivers in a long journeys. Uplifting & toning , regenerate the skin, soothes itching of dermatitis & rashes,calming mind & body, mentally stimulating & cooling, aids concentration, a strong antioxidant and a classic astringent skin toner. Mandle Candle for Man – Ville De Fleurs.

Mandle Soy Candle for Man - Vice No 1 Black Coffee and Tobacco A luxury treat for Man Cave. Superb gift for cyclist. Cycling Gifts For Men. Or any Man. Like all my friends agreed men do love candles, just some will never admit it. Tatiana Allport's answer to What are some popular Christmas decorations? A Night at the Ritz scented soy candle – Ville De Fleurs. A Night at the Ritz Soy Candle ________________ Inspired by the romance of years gone by, A Night at The Ritz sweeps you across a busy dancefloor, accompanied by the tinkle of piano keys and waiters holding glasses of sparkling Kir Royal aloft on silver trays. The luxurious and unforgettable scent of A Night at The Ritz comprises top notes of cassis, raspberry and sweet cherry, heart notes of raspberry leaf, fig and orris and base notes of coconut, sandalwood and cedarwood, all encased in a black glass holder with a beautifully handmade pewter plaque and a linen and cotton wick.

Ville de Fleurs’ soy candles are all hand made from 100% compostable plant material in small batches, and are lovingly packaged in recycled black tissue paper and nestled in hand crafted gift boxes. They are non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly and, as soy candle wax residue can be removed with hot soapy water, the chic glass container is reusable. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. dimensions: Tatiana Allport's answer to What is the best eye cream for men?

Unique And Beautiful Decorating Ideas For Christmas – Ville De Fleurs. Christmas is a festival celebrated with full enjoyment for ten days. Christmas Gifts – Ville De Fleurs. Natural Christmas Garland Kiln Dried Hops – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana Allport's answer to What are some gift ideas for women? Victorian Christmas 3 wicks Soy Candle – Ville De Fleurs. Victorian Christmas 3 wicks Soy Candle with Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon.

Best Gift Ideas To Surprise Women On Christmas – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana Allport's answer to How do you decorate your house for Christmas? Kiln Dried Hop Bine, hop garland appox 3m ( 10 feet) - Christmas garla – Ville De Fleurs. Freshly kiln dried magnificent Dried Hop Vine Garlands from Kent. Tatiana Allport's answer to Which is the best liquid soap? Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Men. Christmas is the festival celebrated from 25th December to 5th January in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate Christmas by decorating their home, garden area, and the Christmas tree. They visit friends, neighbours, or family members and give gifts to each other.

Mostly, people exchange gifts on the first day of Christmas or the last day of Christmas. Rose Flower Power Pink Himalayan Bath Salts with red rose and petals - – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana Allport's answer to What is the best hand cream for rough, working hands? Tatiana Allport's answer to What are some of the best skincare tips? Buy Handmade Wool Rugs and Cushions Online. Eco friendly, thick and warm rugs and cushions, handmade from recycled wool on a wooden loom and felted in the mountain river. Tips To Remember During Skincare For The Best Skin – Ville De Fleurs. Skincare is the process of doing things to improve your skin conditions.

Your skin reflects you to the outside world. Differentiate Vegan, Natural And Organic Beauty Products – Ville De Fleurs. Things You Should Know About Vegan Skin Care – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana's answer to What are the best vegan skin care moisturizers? Seagrass Storage Baskets – Ville De Fleurs. Tatiana's answer to Are vegan products better for your skin?

Organic Vegan Skincare – Ville De Fleurs.