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Philippines, Vietnam Affirm United Front on S. China Sea. The presidents of the Philippines and Vietnam are showing a more united front on the disputed South China Sea issue on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit, where the topic is officially not up for discussion. The two countries elevated their relations to a “strategic partnership” with a signed joint statement Tuesday. The agreement is aimed at boosting their ties on defense, trade and maritime cooperation. Philippine President Benigno Aquino welcomed “the active engagement and cooperation” between their militaries. “As seafaring peoples, we look to initiatives that will enhance our capacities to better respond to challenges and situations in our common seas,” he said. The Philippines expects more “goodwill visits” from Vietnam’s navy. The Philippines and Vietnam have overlapping claims in the South China Sea, which China says it has “indisputable sovereignty” over.

Bangladesh Upholds Death Sentences for War Crimes. Video Obama Unveils SE Asia Maritime Plan Despite not being on the official agenda at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit this week, maritime disputes in the South China Sea took center stage Tuesday in the Philippines when President Barack Obama pledged to help Asia-Pacific allies boost their maritime security. VOA White House correspondent Mary Alice Salinas reports from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Manila. Paris Attack Intensifies European Migrant Debate The discovery that one of the suicide bombers who attacked Paris last Friday was carrying a Syrian passport – and had apparently arrived on the shores of Greece last month -- has intensified the already heated debate over the migrant influx into Europe.

As Henry Ridgwell reports from London, the attacks have spurred rightist parties in Europe to renew calls for pulling out of the EU migrant re-settlement deal. Terrorism Key US Election Issue in Wake of Paris Attacks China Turns Up Charm Ahead of APEC. Myanmar Military Continues Attacks Against Ethnic Rebels. Myanmar's military is continuing its renewed campaign against several ethnic rebel groups, highlighted by aerial assaults in Shan State. Major Sai La of the Shan State Army (SSA) told VOA Burmese that government troops backed by artillery and airstrikes attacked in Mong Hsu Township. He said that the assaults began in the afternoon. “Four helicopters and two jet fighters were involved in today’s attack," he said. No official casualty figures were made available for the latest clashes, but a rebel spokesman claimed at least five bodies of government soldiers were discovered along with some small arms and ammunition on Monday.

Myanmar’s military claimed last week that its troops tried to secure the region following hostile activities by the rebels. Meanwhile, another ethnic rebel group, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), also reported that fighting broke out in recent days in territories under its control in northern Shan State. Nai Kun Enn reported from Thailand. Asia | News | The Independent. Vietnam | Economist - World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance. Vietnam Activists Urge Leaders to Cancel Visit by China's Xi. More than 100 Vietnamese activists have written an open letter to government authorities urging them to rescind a reported plan to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to Hanoi.

They said the move would be “a necessary diplomatic response to assert our position against a neighbor that has oppressed and looked down upon the Vietnamese people.” Social activist La Viet Dung, one of the signatories, said China’s aggressiveness with regard to South China Sea reclamation projects led him to sign the letter. “The Chinese always claim the Spratlys and Paracels belong to them," he said. "They did reclamation works and built artificial islands, and hit Vietnamese fishermen in the disputed waters. Hanoi and Beijing have not announced the exact date of Xi’s visit, but confirmed that he had accepted an invitation from Vietnamese leaders. Meanwhile, on social networks, many users have replaced their profile photos with an edited image of the Chinese leader with words saying: “Go away!

No response. Vietnam War veteran to receive military's highest decoration for daring rescue of 8 soldiers. The daring rescue was something off of a movie screen – the type of war flick where one thinks "That was cool, but there's no way it ends like that in real life. " On May 15, 1967, northwest of Duc Pho Airfield in Vietnam's central highlands, orders came in for Charles "Chuck" Kettles, commander of the 176th Assault Helicopter Company's first platoon, to evacuate 44 soldiers pinned down by the North Vietnamese Army in a battle that wasn't going well for the Americans. Eight choppers landed, the soldiers scrambled aboard, and the helicopters were airborne with minutes - mission accomplished. So everyone thought. As the helicopters lifted to 2,000 feet and pointed toward Duc Pho, word came over the radio that eight men remained on the ground.

Without hesitation or a second thought, Kettles, who had only one man aboard his UH-1D, turned around and swooped back into the mostly evacuated battlefield, providing dozens of North Vietnamese guns a large, easy, sitting target. "That's war. " Vietnam veteran makes emotional journey to return belongings of soldier he shot and killed to family. Updated After years of searching, an Australian Vietnam veteran has tracked down the family of a Vietnamese soldier he shot and killed, to return belongings taken from the dead body. West Australian man Ian Williamson never chose to go to war. When he was just 20 years old he was called up to serve his country and went on to spend eight months in Vietnam. There he fought in Operation Overlord, a two-week battle in Phuoc Tuy 35 kilometres south-east of Saigon. Now Mr Williamson, with the support of his daughter Amanda, herself a lieutenant colonel in the Australian Army, has returned to Vietnam to put the past to rest and to confront a four-decade-old burden that has sat on his shoulders since June 13, 1971.

On that day in 1971, the then-Private Williamson took a Vietnamese soldier's life, in a moment that saved his own but has shadowed his thoughts every day since. "I saw movement in the trees in front of me about 30 metres away," he told 7.30. Two-year search for soldier's family. Vietnam war's 'napalm girl' Kim Phuc has laser treatment to heal wounds | US news. In the photograph that made Kim Phuc a living symbol of the Vietnam war, her burns aren’t visible – only her agony as she runs wailing toward the camera, her arms flung away from her body, naked because she has ripped off her burning clothes. More than 40 years later she can hide the scars beneath long sleeves, but that betrays the pain she has endured since that errant napalm strike in 1972. Now she has a new chance to heal – a prospect she once thought possible only in a life after death.

“So many years I thought that I have no more scars, no more pain when I’m in heaven. But now – heaven on earth for me!” Phuc says upon her arrival in Miami to see a dermatologist who specialises in laser treatments for burn patients. Even more important to Phuc, Waibel says the treatments also will relieve the deep aches and pains that plague her to this day. “He’s the beginning and the end,” Phuc says of the man she calls “Uncle Ut.” Ut remembers the girl screaming in Vietnamese, “Too hot! China and Vietnam pledge good ties and maritime peace. Image copyright AP China and Vietnam have pledged to be "good neighbours" and agreed to maintain peace in the South China Sea. It comes at the end of a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the first of its kind for a decade. The two sides agreed to avoid any acts that complicate their dispute in the sea where they have competing claims.

Relations with Vietnam and other neighbours have been strained by China's moves to assert control by reclaiming land on disputed reefs. China's placement of an oil rig in waters contested by Vietnam last year sparked angry anti-Beijing protests across the country. In a speech to Vietnam's National Assembly on Friday Mr Xi said the two countries were good socialist neighbours which should be able to survive any disruptions in relations. "We are willing to carry on with the good tradition of learning from each other, supporting each other, working together for the development of our two countries' socialism and the happiness of our people," he said. Vietnam wants friendly relations with both US and China. HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnam's defense minister says his country wants good and friendly relations with both the United States and China, and will not favor one over the other. The Friday edition of TuoI Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted Gen.

Phung Quang Thanh telling a group of lawmakers that Vietnam wants to have peace and stability so the country can develop. "Relations with China and the United States are very important to our security," Thanh was quoted as saying. "If (we) have good and friendly relations with both countries, we will then maintain a balance position, maintain independence and self-reliance. Thanh also told the National Assembly members Thursday that Vietnam wants to resolve disputes in the South China Sea through peaceful means. Relations between Vietnam and China plunged to their lowest point in years following the parking of a Chinese oil rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea last year. Politics & GovernmentForeign PolicyPhung Quang ThanhHANOI, VietnamChina. Vietnam News | Politics, Business, Economy, Society, Life, Sports - VietNam News. Vietnam latest news - Thanh Nien Daily.

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