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munka könyvelés - the pomodoro technique

munka könyvelés - the pomodoro technique A free desktop and web application to help you get what you need done. Pronto! focus booster is a pomodoro timer of simple and elegant design, a digital tool to enhance your focus and concentration. focus booster has been designed based on the principles of the pomodoro technique and features: a sleek and unobtrusive designcolor changes as time goes by for quick, peripheral updatesalarm/buzzer sounds for completed sessionscustomizeable time and sound settingssession counter It's quick to start up and works efficiently in the background without consuming computer resources, or your focus.
Your life is unique – so it’s no surprise that after just a little while, your Things looks like no one else’s. Do you want to write a song, plan the next big project, improve the house, or write a thesis? Whatever it is, you can customize Things to make it perfect for your needs. Every project you add to Things automatically shows up in the sidebar so you can access it at any time. And you can hide projects you’re currently not working on by putting them in Someday - this keeps your sidebar clean and lets you focus on the things that are relevant now. Add Areas to the sidebar so you can group projects and to-dos together: "Family", "Work", "Hobby", "Health", or whatever makes sense to you. Things - task management on the Mac

Things - task management on the Mac