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Kapture Mobile CRM. How to measure the ROI of your customer service? If you are a part of an established business, determining and maximizing the ROI is the guiding light towards making the right business decisions.

How to measure the ROI of your customer service?

The logic goes that a particular activity that generates the highest ROI should have the highest priority. In this sense, the sales and marketing departments are considered as the most valuable parts for most businesses. Usually, the customer service doesn’t figure in the primary ROI-generating activities. First of all, can you even comprehensively calculate the ROI of the customer service? There are a number of underlying problems associated with this challenge. Let me explain! Let’s first consider the sales. It’s the overall expense versus overall sales. Now let’s take the case of marketing. For an e-commerce venture, it’s the cost of goods sold versus the overall marketing expenditure. In either of these cases, you can calculate the ROI by a simple mathematical formula. Measuring the ROI of Customer Service Increasing the customer retention. Marketing CRM Software. Three Email marketing best practices to prevent ending-up in the spam and promotions Folder.

Undisputedly, most marketers consider email marketing as the most potent and useful tool in their toolkit.

Three Email marketing best practices to prevent ending-up in the spam and promotions Folder

An email subscriber list could provide you with a steady stream of traffic, customer recognition and high value leads. But recently the email service providers like Gmail and Microsoft have increasingly limited the marketer’s ability to reach the audience through email marketing. This is done through stringent filters that divert non-specific emails to spam and promotions folder. Needless to say, this greatly limits your ability to sell through emails, the one-medium that gives direct access to your potential customers. Sales Management Software. CRM Software For Realtors. Distribution CRM Software. What's the impact of customer support at influencing buying decisions? Today’s brands don’t command much recognizability where impulse purchase dominates the buying roster.This means that purchase rates have flat-lined or dipped for businesses that fail to innovate or make themselves look appealing.

What's the impact of customer support at influencing buying decisions?

The present day customers are well-versed in utilizing their umpteen options. Customers frequently shift from one app to another, seeking their own best offers and discounts.This stands true for influencing buying decisions across the segments. This includes FMCG, Real estate, Hospitality etc. Additionally, they also depend onword of mouth publicity. Free CRM Trial. Psychographic segmentation in B2B Industry. What’s, how’s and why’s?

Real estate management software. Free CRM Trial. Create a better KPI Tracking System with Your Sales CRM Software. Operational CRM Software App. Free CRM Solutions. Service CRM. Marketing CRM Software. Marketing Channels. 5 Applications Of Mobile CRM to Achieve 5X Sales Results. Whether you are at office or shopping or bed, how often you don’t have your mobile phone beyond your arm’s reach?

5 Applications Of Mobile CRM to Achieve 5X Sales Results

I bet that you could mostly palm your mobile phone by the flick of your wrist. The mobile phone has become an indispensible part of the 21st century’s lifestyle. But if you are even remotely associated with sales, this now becomes one of your work responsibilities; Today, the sales pro’s use mobile phone as a primary means of professional communications. Sales professionals frequently travel, attend events and client meetings or even participate in business conferences. At all these times, you have mobile as a means of connection with your fellow team members and clients. This means that mobile phone takes a significant role in your professional life. Now, let’s consider a real life situation. How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business. India’s startup ecosystem continues to increase at a rapid pace.

How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business

Now we have nearly 19,000 technology-enabled startup companies, according to Economic-survey 2015-2016. However, despite the innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects, many businesses struggle to survive the competition, and many are eventually forced to shut down. Accepting the challenges, many companies are now using Customer Relationship management software and getting wonderful benefits out of it. As per the latest survey by Trackvia, successful implementation of CRM software can boost sales revenue by 41% for per salesperson and can enhance customer retention by up to 27%.

Office-based CRM systems are powerful tools for small businesses, but once you get outside the office, you will be completely disconnected from the affluence of your CRM tools. Free CRM for 30 days. Best Sales CRM. CRM Software Application. Four Major Criterions to meet your Customer's Service Expectations. The term satisfaction is closely related to expectation.

Four Major Criterions to meet your Customer's Service Expectations

Relatively speaking, you only need to exceed your present expectations to achieve customer satisfaction. For better or worse, the recent years have seen customer expectation steeply climbing high. Yet, it’s more important than ever for businesses to impress and satisfy their customers. 89% of marketers think customer experience will become the main differentiator in 2017. Sometimes it’s really difficult to understand what customers want and how to get them satisfied. Each individual has unique preference, but being a customer, all people want a single thing – quality service. 5 Golden Rules for Increasing Sales. Sales tech has developed considerably over the past decade.

5 Golden Rules for Increasing Sales

Cutting-edge tools, increasing market demands and innovative marketing polices bring forth tremendous competition. At present it t is moving faster than ever. Just in a blink, new competitors appear, products similar to your business are released, and before you even know it, it’s a race to the bottom. Mobile sales App Implementation: Improve your existing sales processes and team dynamics. We live in an era where ‘finger-snap slick decisions’ isn’t limited to being just a sing-song expression.

Mobile sales App Implementation: Improve your existing sales processes and team dynamics

If presented with the right options, both the buyer and seller are quick to take instant decisions. The businesses that successfully leverage this existing market conditions are well on their way to achieve great sales wins. Otherwise, you will be stuck with playing the catch-up game or may actually get sidelined by your competitor. A mobile app can significantly simplify and amplify the dynamics of your sales operations. It also helps you accelerate the entire train of multiple ongoing activities. How Augmenting Sales Funnel with CRM Software Increases your revenue by 60%? Predicting the direction and success of your sales is always a challenge.

How Augmenting Sales Funnel with CRM Software Increases your revenue by 60%?

Sales funnel could significantly improve your ability to predict the direction and success of your entire sales activities. Sales funnel categorically places each customer based on his perspective or chances of landing a purchase. As these are created based on direct customer interactions, they are typically precise and have a high probability of succession. Limitations of a Sales Funnel or Why Use CRM with Sales Funnel? How can you boost your sales team’s productivity with CRM analytic tools? A sales team is responsible for identifying prospective customers and securing a relationship with them.

How can you boost your sales team’s productivity with CRM analytic tools?

With that in mind, and when applied in the modern context of extreme competitive conditions, this usually means that they need to obtain a full view of the customer – right from who they are, what their surroundings comprise, and how they interact with it. The reason for this radical shift from the more traditional methods of sales is due to the advent of a customer’s market, where businesses are rushing to steal customers away from their competitors by building the right business image and working hard to retain them. Lead to Sales Conversion: Reasons why sales leads are shying away from your business. Marketing Process | Marketing Leads | Sales Leads | Customer acquisition Arguably, these are four most critically important links in your customer acquisition process. It starts from the initial prospect point of contact to the actual customer acquisition.

The four broadly classified steps combine to form the ‘lead to sales conversion’ pipeline. The prospect needs to get converted into a customer in the first place. Otherwise, you would be losing out on the future revenue opportunities such as customer retention and product up-selling. Stirred not Shaken: How to accelerate your sales funnel movement efficiently. How long does it take for your company to recognize an individual or an organization that could be interested in your products? How long does it take for your company to engage with that lead and understand their requirements, and identify if they are likely to purchase the product?

Finally, how long does it take for your company to sit down with a prospect and end up with a new customer? The answers to all these questions have tremendous value for a company to determine the average length of their sales process, right from lead identification to sales conversion. An effective way of visualizing that data for a clearer sales perspective is by representing it in the form of a sales funnel using a sales software.

How CRM Sales Funnel Unifies and Strategizes your Sales Efforts? How to create efficient and simple Sales Funnel CRM? Efficiency and simplicity are the two wings that have to be flapped together, such that, it takes the business to a great height. The reason to incorporate creativity and be simple, at the same time, is because it is very necessary to make a Sales Funnel CRM! Sales Funnel is the pictorial representation of Leads, prospects, customers, service and deals in the form of a funnel, which is used to get a streamline movement.