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Photography and Photoshop Guides and Tutorials. - Trick Photography. Ansel Adams in the National Parks (Book Review) Ansel Adams doesn’t need an introduction. Even non-photographers know about his awesomeness. He wasn’t just a master at making amazing images though–he also played a very large role in the preservation of the American wilderness. Well, about a month ago a new book was published with a few hundred of his photographs that were taken in the national parks of the United States. I finally got a chance to look through the book, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

What the book is about The book contains over 200 hundred photographs, and many of them have never been published before. Throughout the book, there are also a few quotes, stories, and excellent commentary about some of Ansel Adams’ techniques. At the end of the book, there’s a couple of excellent essays about Adams’ passion for the American wilderness, and his dedication to preserving that wilderness. My thoughts on the book Well, this book of photos by Ansel Adams is perfect for that. Buy the Book on Amazon! P.S. Examples. Learn by Example in my new eBook! Today, I’m happy to announce that my new eBook, Examples, is now available. It’s a collection of 23 of my images and the stories of how those images were made.

The idea was inspired by my firm belief that the best way to learn something is by example. As Albert Einstein put it, “Learning by example isn’t the best way to learn. It’s the only way to learn.” I remember countless times back in school when I was struggling to understand something, but as soon as the teacher gave us an example or stepped through a problem detail by detail, I finally began to understand. Examples help us pull concepts together and see how those concepts apply to actual problems. For each image, you’ll learn about: Each image and story is presented on the same page, so with the table of contents and everything, the book is a total of 30 pages. Preview of the eBook Download the free preview (8-page PDF) What other readers have said about the book “Steve Berardi’s new e-book is really terrific. Now accepting bitcoin! 4 Types of Lighting and How to Shoot in Them. Aloha Lavina is an Asia based photographer whose photographs have appeared in CNNGo (USA), Canon PhotoYou Magazine (Singapore), Seventeen magazine (USA), Estamos!

(Ecuador), The Korea Times (South Korea), and several books. You can see her work at her website and follow her on her blog. By alohal on in Shooting Light is the main ingredient in the mix of elements that make an image. Content, composition, technique will all pale if the light isn’t “right.” Back Lighting Back lighting happens when the light source is behind the subject. Rim light on a Balinese dancer. In cases of really bright light behind the subject, like in this shot of colorful spools of thread in by a window, the patterns created by the light and shadow make for an interesting picture. Back light creates interesting shadows. Front lighting When the light is right in front of the subject, it is easier photograph, but if the light is directly in front of the subject, it may result in a “flat” photo.

Light from Above. Да израстнеш през 90-те ... или ... историята на едно вълшебно детство. Online portfolio, Photography website templates for Photographers, Artists, Designers and all creative professionals.


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