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Vikas Rohilla

Vikas Rohilla is a professional writer. He writes his blogs and articles on Technology.

Introducing innovation in the finance sector on a global scale. The Benefits Of Treating Wastewater. Alpha Utility: Ways to ensure sustainable development. In a generation where everything seems to fast and rampant, we often fail to discern the need of the hour.

Alpha Utility: Ways to ensure sustainable development

We are preoccupied with work and our ‘social’ life, that issues concerning the environment and nature don’t really cross our minds unless we are told or read it somewhere. With the current lifestyle that is prevailing in developed and third world countries, it sometimes gets disheartening to see how we are lagging behind and should step up in ‘saving up the environment’ game. Coming across news related to drought and water shortage supply, definitely demands us to make some wise decisions so that the coming generation doesn’t suffer. Going forth with making informed social and economic decisions to maintain the balance in the ecosystem and following sustainable development, let us look at the ways to achieve sustainable development- • The right technology: In our everyday life, we use multiple technological items.

Understanding the working dynamics of wastewater treatment plants. Alpha Utilities — Waste water treatment in a nutshell. PROJECT FINANCE AND ITS FUNCTIONING. Project finance is basically a loan structure, which relies primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment of the loan, while the project’s assets, rights and interests are held as secondary security or collateral.


It basically provides financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services based upon a limited recourse or non-recourse financial structure. The private equity and debt which is used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow that is generated by the project itself. The private sector especially is attracted towards project finance, as it has big companies that can fund major projects off balance sheet. Understanding Wastewater Management. World is facing a major water crisis, and this fact is not new to people.

Understanding Wastewater Management

Various have gone to the extent of predicting that the Third World War will be fought over scarcity of water. Across the globe, especially in the developing nations, factories and plants dump untreated chemical wastage into lakes and rivers furthermore polluting the freshwater sources. Huge volume of wastewater then gets released directly into rivers, streams and ocean itself, which is not only polluting the water but turning as poison for aquatic life. SAFETY MEASURES TO BE TAKEN IN A WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Alpha Utlities. Importance of waste water management by Vikas Rohilla. Understanding wastewater management - Home of Service. Blog Post Wastewater management is a major concern for most countries as it is majorly responsible for the shortage of water globally.

Understanding wastewater management - Home of Service

Wastewater treatment companies in Middle East is also realizing the gravity of this critical issue. Across the world, huge volumes of wastewater is pumped into natural water bodies like rivers, streams, and oceans on the daily basis. Wastewater Management and Its Increasing Importance – Medium. Waste water management has become a necessity in today’s world due to the rapidly decreasing water availability and accessibility, which poses a serious threat to the environment and the earth as a whole.

Wastewater Management and Its Increasing Importance – Medium

The advancement in technology calls for us to adopt methods in which we can conserve and treat waste water, much of which is going to support us in the present as well as the subsequent generations in our quest for sustainable development. Technological advancements have created circumstances that enable us to preserve our water resources and manage our waste efficiently. Wastewater management eliminates wastage of water, which has been rendered unfit for consumption, by converting it into water that is either fit for consumption or can be used to recharge the water cycle. Domestically, water from sinks, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers are the main elements of wastewater. In addition to this, Industrial waste forms a major chunk of wastewater which can’t be used. BENEFITS OF DISTRICT COOLING. District cooling is a modern and efficient way of providing cold water to a residential complex or an office area, using a centralized production and distribution system of underground pipes.


This is a very environment and user friendly method as it uses only one system to provide services to a large number of people. This process is even more helpful for those who reside in places where the temperature is always high and people require chilled water for everyday tasks. It is not a very tedious task and people can get in touch with companies that provide such services, to get it installed in their locality or office area.

One can contact a company like Alpha Utilities Development Services, who are known for providing district cooling services. Why waste water treatment is the answer to water crisis. Alpha Utilities — THE GROWING NEED OF WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT. How is new innovative technology transforming the finance sector globally? – Alpha Utlities. Innovative technology is putting quite a pressure on traditional banking system these days.

How is new innovative technology transforming the finance sector globally? – Alpha Utlities

According to market surveyors and researchers, it is going to bring several changes in banking, insurance, and asset management in near future. Blockchain technology and mobile payment systems are a compelling alternative for customers who are tired of the loopholes present in the traditional banking system. Emerging markets are especially interested in these developing alternative payment systems. Alpha Utility: Modern Replaces Traditional - The Rise in Usage of E-Billing. “The great growling engine of change - TECHNOLOGY” Technological advancements are at its peak.

Alpha Utility: Modern Replaces Traditional - The Rise in Usage of E-Billing

With 21st century enterprise kicking in with all its might, there are various developments enhancing system software, company set-ups, healthcare, lifestyle and more. It is penetrating deeper into various processes that were either longer or against nature. One of these processes is e-billing. Gone are the days when people used to roam with bags and purses vomiting of bills of phone, ATM, credit card, food and what not! This initiative was taken by private sector but now even government sector organisations are also pledging to go eco-friendly and taking up measures that help them to contribute to a safer and healthier eco-system.

How is waste water treated for use? Water is the most basic element for the survival of human being, without it there is no life.

How is waste water treated for use?

Even in the space exploration scientists use water as an element to search for life. Few steps every person should take to curb environmental pollution. Best options for financing projects. Whether it is a small business project or a big industrial project, it needs funds to begin and sustain operation.

Best options for financing projects

Project financing is a funding method to finance long term BOT (build, operate and transfer) projects primarily for the revenues from a project to be set off against the repayment of principle and security for investment. Project financing is generally a good option for big complex projects managed by infrastructure and industrial development companies like Alpha utilities ltd which is a utility project development and operation company. Some of the best project and business financing options are: Factoring: It is a method where a company gets cash up-front by selling its receivables at a discount. It is common among companies that either have a poor credit or has to fill large orders before payment. Loans: Banks are the most attractive source of capital financing for large projects. Private investment: negotiations with the bank may not always work out.

Water Pollution—understanding its cause and effects - [node:field_title_reedit] Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and unsafe or unsuitable to use. This can be done through the introduction of a contaminant into a natural environment, but the contaminant doesn't need to be tangible. We can see pollution like; Noise Pollution Noise pollution has harmful effects on both our body and mind. The safe intensity level of sound, as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) is 45 dB. One of the best ways of reducing noise pollution is through making green belt around the residential areas, around airport and on the sides of the road where the vehicles and trains run.

Alpha Utilities — Water preservation through waste water management. Why Wastewater Management is the Need for 21st Century? – Alpha Utlities. “The wars of the twenty first century will be fought over water.” – Ismail Serageldin The quote itself highlights the issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The problem of water scarcity is not a new tune to ears – this problem has been pertaining in the society for quite a long time and many people have lost their lives due to droughts. How to make money from wastewater treatment - Home of Service. Blog Post There are two ways to make money from wastewater treatment: one is by setting up a plant and another by getting a job in the water treatment industry. Pollution is an undeniable threat to the health of all living organisms on earth caused by human ignorance. Large manufacturing plants, ignorant use of resources, other pollutants like plastic bags are deteriorating the water streams that contain a tiny proportion of drinkable water out of the 71% water that covers earth’s surface.

IMPORTANCE OF WASTE WATER MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. In today’s world, water management and conservation techniques have become inevitable due to the rapidly decreasing water availability, which poses a serious threat to the earth. We need to think about the present as well as the subsequent generations, thus we need to adopt ways in which we can conserve and treat water. Advancements in technology have created conditions that enable us to conserve our water resources and manage our waste efficiently. Waste water treatment plant enables the conservation of water, which has been rendered unfit for consumption; it consists of human waste, food scarps, oils and chemicals which contribute to polluting water resources, so that they can’t be consumed further.

Domestically, water from sinks, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers are the main elements of wastewater. Alpha Utility: Solving the water crisis with waste water treatment. Water crisis has been a persistent problem in many parts of the world due to ignorant usage, pollution and natural causes mostly in countries on or around equator. ADVANTAGES OF E-BILLING SERVICES. Electronic bills, also known as ‘E-bills’ are a secure, convenient and environment friendly way of delivering many of the bills you pay.

Gone are those days, where purses and wallets used to explode with tons of bills and receipts from restaurants, parking lots and most importantly ATM’s, more and more customers are choosing to have their bills delivered electronically these days, as there are so many benefits and advantages of e-billing. WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND ITS BENEFITS. IMPORTANCE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN TODAY’S WORLD. Sustainable Development has many definitions, but only one definite meaning. The development that satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generations is known as Sustainable Development.

A few years ago, The Unites Nations Panel on Global sustainability wrote that “Sustainable development is not a destination, but a dynamic process of adaptation, learning and action. It is about recognizing, understanding and acting on interconnections above all, those between the economy, society and the natural environment.” Benefits of using an E-billing System – Alpha Utlities. In today’s digital world, most of the business activities are internet fuelled. These online business processes are not only quick but also cost effective. Alpha Utilities — Understanding the secondary treatment of... Exploring the concept of development. Alpha Utility: STEPS TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. In today’s world people are so occupied with work and other issues that nobody has the time to even plan their next week in advance , let alone thinking about the coming years.

Alpha Utilities — STEPS INVOLVED IN WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT. Wastewater treatment — why it is so important? DISTRICT COOLING AND ITS BENEFITS – Alpha Utlities. Alpha Utility: The Growing Importance Of Wastewater Management. Wastewater treatment: Clean environment, clear vicinity (with image) · vikasrohilla. Advantages of district cooling by Vikas Rohilla. WHY IT IS CRITICAL FOR OUR GENERATION TO UNDERSTAND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Alpha Utilities — Project finance: Catalyst to success. Why is E-Billing the Way Forward? – Alpha Utlities. Alpha Utility: Why use an e-billing system. Alpha Utilities — Benefits of e-billing. Why is project finance the way to go for ensuring success? Reasons Why District Cooling is Good for Environment. Why is Wastewater Treatment Essential? – Alpha Utlities.

How wastewater treatment companies are saving the environment by Vikas Rohilla. Industries must adopt wastewater management techniques. How to ensure safety at Wastewater Treatment Plants. Alpha Utility: Why wastewater management is the need of the hour. Alpha Utility - Top 6 elements of effective utility management. Safety Tips for Wastewater Treatment Plants. Alpha Utilities — Benefits of district cooling. Wastewater treatment- services and moral obligations – Alpha Utlities. Alpha Utilities: Home of environmental friendly solutions. Project Finance Companies in UAE. Wastewater Treatment Companies in UAE.