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Frida Kahlo en 40 fotografías. Twitter 4535 4535 facebook 310K 310K pinterest 128 128 google plus 355 Share355 linked in 20 20 email 22 22 stumbleupon 30 Share30 meneame 78 Share78 tumblr 0 Share0 Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón, nació en Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, un 6 de julio de 1907.

Frida Kahlo en 40 fotografías

Tuvo carrera ambivalente de pintora en la que los autorretratos fueron su principal forma de expresión. A pesar de que en vida tuvo muy pocas exposiciones y vendió sólo un cuadro, actualmente es considerada una de las pintoras mexicanas más revolucionarias de todos los tiempos. Con la maestría de su fina pincelada, Frida retrató en muchos lienzos sus unidas cejas negras y su escaso bigote. En alguna ocasión, la pintora mexicana dijo sobre su obra “Me pinto a mí misma, porque soy a quien mejor conozco”.

Kahlo murió muy joven. Estas 40 fotografías de la artista mexicana fueron tomadas entre 1930 y 1940 por Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Leo Matiz, Julien Levy, Lola Alvarez Bravo y otros fotógrafos y amigos de Frida. Take Online Courses. Earn College Credit. Research Schools, Degrees & Careers. W R I T E W O R L D. Rorschach Inkblot Test. The Rorschach Inkblot Test is a projective psychological test consisting of 10 inkblots printed on cards (five in black and white, five in color) created in 1921 with the publication of Psychodiagnostik by Hermann Rorschach.

Rorschach Inkblot Test

During the 1940s and 1950s, the test was synonymous with clinical psychology. Throughout much of the 20th century, the Rorschach inkblot test was a commonly used and interpreted psychological test. What Are Fractals, And Why Should I Care? Verlan. Verlan (French pronunciation: ​[vɛʁlɑ̃]) is an argot in the French language, featuring inversion of syllables in a word, and is common in slang and youth language.


It rests on a long French tradition of transposing syllables of individual words to create slang words. [citation needed] The name verlan is an example: it is derived from inverting the sounds of the syllables in l'envers ("the inverse," pronounced lan-ver). General characteristics and structure[edit] Word formation[edit] Words in verlan are formed by switching the order in which syllables from the original word are pronounced. Test Your Geography Knowledge. Greece, A History of Ancient Greece, Greek Genius. Greece, A History of Ancient Greece, Greek Genius. Greece, A History of Ancient Greece, Greek Genius. Sushi Fish - How To Buy Fish - Tips To Prepare Sushi Seafood. Layers Magazine « The How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe. List of plants used in herbalism. Industrial utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants. Medicinal aromatic plants belong to a big plant group with a great interest due to its pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional application.

Industrial utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants

In addition, they are also an alternative to traditional crop with species in high demand at the current international market. It is expected to provide basic knowledge and skills related to production and chemical features of essences and extracts from local plants in Iberian Peninsula. Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. French - English Language Partners - Online Language Exchange. Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind.

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40 websites that will make you cleverer right now

But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place. – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science. – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. – Blog/site dedicated to all things manly, great for learning life skills and good insights. – Randomly selects an educational video for you to watch. Crash Course! The 21 Convention. Subscribe Now : Length Videos : Training :

The 21 Convention

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The Vigilant Citizen » Discover the hidden symbolism in music videos, movies and famous landmarks around the world. Europe: A Natural History. A stunning four-part series, charting the dramatic events which have shaped the ever-changing landscapes and wildlife of Europe.

Europe: A Natural History

Genesis. An epic three billion year story begins, with the unraveling of clues as to how Europe's stunning landscapes and wildlife were created. Witness Oxford roamed by dinosaurs, the Jura vineyards of France swallowed under tropical seas, St Petersburg buried under desert sands and the mightiest event of all, the birth of the Mediterranean. International Human Development Indicators - UNDP. Photos. How-To Help and Videos - For Dummies. Thenaturaltv's channel. Upload Subscription preferences.

thenaturaltv's channel

Time Management: Stones, Pebbles, Sand. One day, an old professor of the School of Public Management in France, was invited to lecture on the topic of “Efficient Time Management” in front of a group of 15 executive managers representing the largest, most successful companies in America.

Time Management: Stones, Pebbles, Sand

The lecture was one in a series of 5 lectures conducted in one day, and the old professor was given 1 hr to lecture. Standing in front of this group of elite managers, who were willing to write down every word that would come out of the famous professor’s mouth, the professor slowly met eyes with each manager, one by one, and finally said, “we are going to conduct an experiment”. From under the table that stood between the professor and the listeners, the professor pulled out a big glass jar and gently placed it in front of him. The Psychology of Entrepreneurship.