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MINK. Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation With Sunscreen. Do you realize how important health is from the inside out AND the outside in?

Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation With Sunscreen

Scratch Mommy Skincare has got you covered! Check out my 100% organic body butters, lotions, lip lotions, sunscreens, bug solutions, and more HERE. Thanks for visiting! 3.25.14 UPDATE: Due to reader and customer demand, I have posted pictures of this foundation being applied. Be sure to look at the end of this post for the link!!! I know that you are probably on a journey to rid your home of toxic products. Awesome. I have played around with this product for quite some time now. I was never happy with the end product. Finally, I believe that I have created the most perfect, healthy, non-toxic, organic, effective smooth finish face foundation. …AND, it contains sunscreen!!! Dark & Medium Colors Since you are likely a lot like me in your green-living ways, you have probably dabbled in skincare products yourself: lotion, salve, deodorant, etc.

I hadn’t looked at the ingredients until recently. LUXE & LOYALTY. From Prep Work to Post-Processing: An In-Depth Star Photography Tutorial. As a photographer, there is nothing more intriguing to me than the unknown.

From Prep Work to Post-Processing: An In-Depth Star Photography Tutorial

What’s out there and where will it lead me on my next adventure under the stars? Upon taking my first photo of the stars, I came to realize it wasn’t even close to replicating what was in the skies above me. Nothing man-made will ever be perfect. There are always improvements to be made in the never-ending journey to replicate what nature has been producing for billions of years. With practice, however, I was able to break down the physics behind capturing high quality star shots and start to produce some nice results.

Before the Shoot Any time I’m planning an adventure to take some star photos, there are a few tasks that must be done beforehand in order to increase my chances of success: 1) The first thing I always do is check the weather and the moon phase. Keep in mind that you can still get some great star shots when the moon is out. During the Shoot. 5 Ways to Naturally Even Out Skin Tone. Melasma is the term often used for hyperpigmentation of the skin.

5 Ways to Naturally Even Out Skin Tone

People from all ethnic backgrounds can suffer from melasma during different times of their lives and for different reasons. Ultraviolet exposure, inflammation, hormonal changes, drugs, acne, skin diseases and a genetic predisposition can all cause an increase in the melanin in the skin, causing dark pigmented blotches on the skin. Freckles and brown spots can appear anywhere on the body, and mostly on women but 10 percent of men can suffer from melasma, as well. Bleaching creams and treatments slow the formation of melanin in the skin, defend the skin against darkening or worsening of the condition by the sun, and remove the darkened cells.

Using a high SPF sunblock that contains vitamin C and E is your first line of defense in treating your melasma, and getting the bright, even skin you desire. TLC Style "50 All Natural Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself" Homemade Natural Beauty Products - 7 Ingredients and 20+ recipes. The Beauty Gypsy - Where ancient beauty secrets meet modern science.

Homemade Facial Masks Recipes for All Types of Faces. I've tried to mark the facial mask recipes with the type of skin it is for, I hope this will help you decide which ones to make.

Homemade Facial Masks Recipes for All Types of Faces

Be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before using the homemade facial masks you have created. You can test out a face mask by using it as directed on the back of your ear first. Natural Skin Care Recipes For All Of Your Skin's Needs! Natural Skin Care Recipes Making your own natural skin care recipes is not only fun, but it allows you to have full control over everything you put on your skin.

Natural Skin Care Recipes For All Of Your Skin's Needs!

You can prepare these recipes ahead of time for your regular skin care routine, or just as a special treat for your skin every so often. A fun idea is getting a group of friends together and having each person bring one of the homemade skin treatments of their choice. That way everybody gets to try a variety of different recipes and also have a relaxing, luxurious evening. Healthy Skin. (TIP: To return to this shortcut list, click the Back button on your browser.)

Healthy Skin

What is skin needling and dermarolling? Why skin needling and dermarolling can be effective An overview of the needling/dermarolling healing process over a 12-month period Needling depths matter The advantages of skin needling and dermarolling How to needle and dermaroll safely […] What it does: Calms down inflammation. 21 All-natural DIY Beauty Products You’ll Love … To me there’s nothing better than DIY beauty products, especially when they’re all natural!

21 All-natural DIY Beauty Products You’ll Love …

I love making my own beauty products and treatments because they’re fun, cheap, good for you and good for the earth. Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database. The Secret to All-Natural Beauty Is in Your Kitchen - Beauty Style. Consider this food for thought: Great skin is as much about what you put in your body as what you put on it.

The Secret to All-Natural Beauty Is in Your Kitchen - Beauty Style

But what if the same food you put in your body for healthy hair and skin could do the same good on your outside too? Celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera says if you want to get gorgeous, hit the fridge. Inspired by her global travels, the founder of Global Goddess Beauty shares her top 4 all-natural beauty secrets from women around the globe. Go bananas for healthy hairIf your hair is starting to show signs of damage from heat styling or color treatments, try this Hawaiian secret for super-shiny tresses: Use a fork to mash one banana in a bowl, then slather the mixture from root to tip.

Leave the treatment on for 15 minutes, then wash with shampoo. Smooth skin with this sweetenerTake a cue from fresh-faced Polish women, who apply honey on their faces as an intensive moisturizer. Go with garlic for stronger nailsAdd chopped garlic to a bottle of clear nail polish. My Top 5 Beauty Tips! Feel Your Face Pulsate. Directions for use: Mix AZTEC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY with equal parts of apple cider vinegar* or water.

Feel Your Face Pulsate

It is best to use a glass, pottery, or wooden bowl. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste - add more clay or liquid as needed. Apply 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer of clay to the face or other areas and let it dry. Drying times vary, but times are generally 5 minutes for delicate skin and 15- 20 minutes for normal skin. You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation. Remove clay by washing with warm water. Now you can enjoy the benefits of clay in your own home. . * Use only 100% apple cider vinegar. A Guide to Natural Skin Care - Having an Organic Cleansing Routine. If you’re like most people, and we’re betting you are, you likely apply multiple products to your skin every single day in an attempt to reduce wrinkles, get rid of acne, moisturize, eliminate dark circles, and in general make yourself youthfully beautiful.

A Guide to Natural Skin Care - Having an Organic Cleansing Routine

Ecolife's natural facial skin care section will go through and highlight the common chemicals found in facial care products and provide you with simple, natural solutions from homemade recipes to which products you should be purchasing. We hope this will help you in your search to natural, organic beauty. It is very important to know that most, if not all, conventional facial care products contain harsh chemicals that should never be applied to your skin; if you want to maintain a healthy life that is. The fact is that the average person applies more than 126 ingredients to their skin daily - from cosmetics to face wash to makeup removers to masks.[1] References 1 Why This Matters. 3 Why This Matters. Tutorials. We get a lot of emails asking how to use brushes correctly so I hope this helps you out a little! A brow brush is designed to be stiff and angled for a reason.

And we use the slanted edge to shade and the tip of the edge to outline. Put those components together and a brow brush is quite frankly a thing of perfection! Here’s how to use it properly: READ MORE… Last week we explored four different ways to wear Spring’s biggest Cobalt blue trend. NikkieTutorials: Makeup Has No Limits.